Justin bieber love me like mp3

Justin Bieber – Love Me Music Mp3 Song Play Online & Download in 128 kbps Bitrate from Songsist. This Song Added on 2020 July 21. Size of Song 3.36 MB. Direct Download Link of Justin Bieber Love M Runnin’ to the altar like a track star Can’t wait another second ‘Cause the way you hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me Feels so holy [Verse 2: Justin Bieber] I don’t do well with the drama And, no, I can’t stand it being fake (No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no) I don’t believe in nirvana But the way that we love in the night ... Descargar MP3 Justin Bieber Love Me Like You Do Lyrics Gratis. Por fin terminas de encontrar Justin Bieber Love Me Like You Do Lyrics.Pero por si fuera poco, te encuentras a un paso de descargar mp3 gratis de muy buena calidad como no existen en otras paginas. Aquí te ofrecemos la oportunidad de escuchar música online, y posteriormente bajarla sin problemas, evitando que tu computador, o ... Download Mp3 “Holy” Music by Justin Bieber ft. Chance The Rapper Canadian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Justin Bieber Release New Gospel Song Titled “Holy” ft. American Gospel Rapper Chance The Rapper Holy by Justin Bieber Is A Powerful Song That Will Uplift Your Spirit. 'Cause if you like the way you look that much. Oh, baby, you should go and love yourself. And if you think that I'm still holdin' on to somethin' You should go and love yourself . And when you told me that you hated my friends. The only problem was with you and not them. And every time you told me my opinion was wrong Hey y’all! Thrill your day with this amazing throwback song from Justin Bieber (JB), titled “Love Me“. “Love Me” is a song by Canadian recording artist, Justin Bieber.The track was written by Bruno Mars, Ari Levine, and Philip Lawrence, and produced by DJ Frank E. It was released exclusively to iTunes as the first promotional single from his debut studio release, My World, on October ... All of My Favorite Songs are added here. I hope you will like my songs. Search Here ? Recent Added Songs. Let Me Love You (Justin Bieber) Mp3 Song [128 KBPS] Sorry (Justin Bieber) Mp3 Song [128 KBPS] Love Me (Justin Bieber) Mp3 Song [128 KBPS] As Long As You Love Me (Justin Bieber) Mp3 Song [128 KBPS] Justin Bieber Love Me Sözleri. As long as you love me . As long as you love me . We're under pressure, Seven billion people in the world,tryna fit in. Keep it together . smile on your face,even though your heart is frowning. But hey now,you know girl,we both know it's a cruel world. But I will take my chances . As long as you love me . We ... Download songs dj snake feat justin bieber allow me like you fresh, Download the Latest Tracks and Have fun with to the fastest music on the internet, download high quality tracks, download the latest mp3 tracks free Download free of charge tunes dj snake task justin bieber allow me love you.Justin Bieber Allow Me Love You (lyrics Lyric Movie ...

What makes Michael Bublé unique

2020.04.05 10:18 PockASqueeno What makes Michael Bublé unique

Lately I’ve been hearing lots of critique about Michael. Which is fine; everyone has the right to their own opinion, and critique is great for all artists for the sake of their own improvement. Anyway, the biggest critique I’ve seen lately is that “I love Frank Sinatra’s music, but nobody sings Frank Sinatra as well as Frank Sinatra.”
This is fair. Generally speaking, the original musician performs their music better than anyone who covers the song. But to those who present this critique, I have two rebuttals:
  1. Yes, Frank Sinatra sang his music better than anyone else ever will. The beauty of (and need for) covers is that old recordings of the greats will always sound old, regardless of how well you digitally remaster them. If it came off an old, scratchy, vinyl record, it will never sound like a newly recorded mp3 or m4a file. As a DJ, high fidelity music is really important to me, and covers by talented singers like Mr. Bublé can provide this.
  2. Even more importantly, let’s talk about what makes him truly talented. Michael Bublé is absolutely legendary at taking an old song and making it a totally new song! My favorite song of his is his rendition of “My Funny Valentine.” This has always been a sweet, lovely jazz standard. What did he do with it? Turned it into an incredibly dramatic, 007-esque, action-packed song! Even though it’s still the same song with the same notes and words, you’d never guess they’re the same song if you didn’t know it ahead of time. Another great example is his version of “Help Me Make It Through the Night.” It’s a Willie Nelson, outlaw country classic, but Michael turned it into a Mexican mariachi! Who’d have thunk it? His magical way of transforming classic standards into a unique and creative new song is just as—if not more—impressive as his amazing voice.
  3. I will admit one thing to the “haters” though. Michael’s original songs are horribly bland and boring. “Home?” “Haven’t Met You Yet?” “Forever Now?” YAWN These songs could literally put me to sleep. If I wanted to hear more generic, uncreative, modern pop, I’d listen to Justin Bieber. My mom loves Michael’s originals, and I just don’t get the appeal. Yeah, his voice is nice and better than most pop singers, but just a nice voice isn’t enough to hook me on a song.
Any thoughts?
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2019.12.31 00:50 ManySleeplessNights Farewell to the 2010's

First post here. (Long post/vent ahead)
Idk if people will even care about this or read it through, so far all I've seen here are mostly memes, but I'll still put this here cos I needed to vent it out.
The decade passing is something you never really think about until it's time for it to happen. In a few hours here it will be the last day of 2019 and, looking back in retrospect, these 10 years were truly the most beautiful years in my life. As a kid I was really carefree, not worrying about homework, projects or social life or any of that. There was good music, good TV, good Youtubers on Youtube, good games (even though I was never allowed a video game console or phone when I was a kid), and a ton of good friends to share memories with (most of who I barely even talk to anymore since we've all drifted apart so much).
And as we slowly grew up, we never realized just how good a decade we were living in. Seeing how our entire generation was so interconnected by memes, music, favourite youtubers, movies etc in the course of ten years, and how in the blink of an eye everything we ever knew would be gone and we would be (probably not) mature adults and it would all be a memory, it kinda breaks my heart.
I found a video on Youtube that basically sums up the 2010's and I thought I'd share it with you all. I find it difficult to watch sometimes because the memories are a bit too much to handle and I get a lil choked up over it.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldSopRF66oQ Here it is.
In the little time we have left in this decade I just want to say goodbye to it and all the things that made it so memorable, made it the best one of my life so far.
Farewell to When you're gone by Avril Lavigne and Dynamite by Taio Cruz (idc if they were old they made my childhood). Farewell to California Girls, Teenage Dream and Firework by Katy Perry, farewell to Give me everything by Pitbull, farewell to DJ got us falling in love again by Usher (And the minecraft version of that too, hell same goes to ALL of the minecraft parodies that made my childhood), farewell to If I die young by The Band Perry, farewell to that one song that goes "monster how should I feel, creatures lie here looking through my window" over and over again, farewell to Sexy and I know it and Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, farewell to I gotta feeling by the Black eyed peas (idc if it's 2009 it made mychildhood), hell farewell to when people hated Justin Bieber cos he souned like a girl in Baby, farewell to Rolling in the deep, Hello, Someone like you, and Skyfall by Adele, farewell to Price tag and Domino by Jessie J, farewell to Starships by Nicki Minaj, farewell to Whistle and Good feeling and Wild Ones by Flo Rida, farewell to One More Night, Moves Like Jagger, Payphone and Sugar by Maroon 5, farewell to Diamonds, Only Girl and We found love by Rihanna, farewell to Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, farewell to Gangnam Style and Gentleman by PSY, farewell to Good time, fireflies, and Ocean Eyes by Owl City, hell farewell to Call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen, farewell to Party in the USA and Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, farewell to Everything has changed, We are never getting back together and even Shake it off by Taylor Swift ffs, farewell to The Fox by YVLIS, farewell to Immortals, My songs know what you did in the dark and Centuries by Fall out boy, farewell to Counting Stars, If I lose myself, and Love runs out by Onerepublic, farewell to Pompeii and The Things we lost in the fire by Bastille, farewell to Everything is Awesome by Tegan and Sara, farewell to Impossible by James Arthur, farewell to The Other Side and In my Head by Jason Derulo, farewell to Glad you Came by The Wanted, farewell to literally every Avicii song, farewell to Heart Attack by Demi Lovato, farewell to even basically all of One Direction's songs (idc if people think they suck, tbh I never really liked them either but their songs made everyone's childhoods), farewell to Get Lucky by Daft Punk, farewell to Happy by Pharrel Williams, farewell to Stay with me and The writing's on the wall by Sam Smith, farewell to Sky full of stars, Viva La Vida, Adventure of a Lifetime, Paradise and Something Just like This by Coldplay, farewell to On the floor by Jennifer Lopez, farewell to Die Young and Tik Tok (the only Tiktok I'll ever allow in my life and idc if it's 2009 it counts in my eyes) by Kesha, farewell to One Last Time by Ariana Grande, farewell to basically all of Clean Bandit, farewell to basically all of Sia and Ed Sheeran, farewell to The Lazy Song and Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, farewell to In the Night, Can't feel my face, and Starboy by the Weeknd, farewell to We Don't talk anymore and Attention by Charlie Puth, farewell to Solo Dance by Martin Jensen, farewell to Animals, Pizza, No Sleep and Virus by Martin Garrix, farewell to All Night by the Vamps, farewell to Don't you worry child by Sweish House Mafia and More than you Know by Axwell /\ Ingrosso, farewell to Work from Home by Fifth Harmony, farewell to All about that bass, Lips are moving and Better when I'm dancing by Meghan Trainor, farewell to Closer and Don't let me down by the Chainsmokers, farewell to literally every Alan Walker song (discovering his music was one of the highlights of this decade), farewell to Feel it still by Portugal the man, farewell to New Rules by Dua Lipa, farewell to Firestone by Kygo and Conrad Sewell, farewell to Don't call me up by Mabel, farewell to Lullaby by Sigala and Paloma Faith, farewell to Havana and Senorita by Camila Cabello, hell farewell to Despacito, farewell to basically all of Marshmello, farewell to Old town road by Lil Nas X, farewell to Someone you loved and Hold me while you wait by Lewis Capaldi, farewell to Sweet but Psycho and So am I by Ava Max.
And it's not just the music that made my childhood (as you can clearly see here), farewell to everything else that made the 2010's so enjoyable. Farewell to the DS. the 2DS, and the 3Ds (even though I never got one until I got a 2Ds at age 15), farewell to when the xbox one and PS4 were still new and foreign, farewell to the old memes of the internet (too many to list here or this list will be twice as long), farewell to waking up at 6 on a saturday morning to watch Cartoon Network, farewell to Spongebob, to iCarly, to Victorious, to Sam & Cat, to Shake it up, to ANT farm, to Good luck Charlie, to Jessie, to KC undercover, to Liv and Maddie, to Austin and Ally. Farewell to scary maze and the exorcist jumpscares. Farewell to 'but first let me take a selfie'. Farewell to Beyblade, to Bakugan, to the Pokemon TCG. Farewell to Furbies and those giant bouncy things you could sit on and bounce around on. Farewell to Avatar. Farewell to going to the corner store or newsagents after school on a friday after school to buy sweets, farewell to binging Minecraft youtubers like Stampy and PopularMMOs for hours on end, farewell to the glory days of Minecraft and videos teaching you how to make a Herobrine spawner, farewell to those big ice lollies that were just slush in a long thin bag, farewell to those lil bags that you threw down and they made a bang, farewell to FNAF and the endless theories and hype, hell farewell to even Undertale for having such a memorable impact on the internet, farewell to the entire new Star Wars trilogy regardless of opinions on it, farewell to all of phases 2-3 of Marvel, farewell to Into the Spiderverse, farewell to Interstellar and Inception, farewell to all of the old Diary of a Wimpy Kid films, farewell to the Wii, to Mario Kart Wii and how I used to always play as my Mii and pick the squid car, and how I used to always rage if somebody picked rainbow road and how we were all so bad at that racetrack, farewell to Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Only game I genuinely devoted time to) as well as Just Dance and the Michael Jackson version of it. Farewell to going to arcades in the cinemas after seeing a film or just going for the fun (farewell to the House of the Dead games, idk if anyone remembers them but I loved them despite the horrible voice acting), farewell to birthday parties and actually feeling happy (I still do feel happy on birthdays, but it's more melancholic), farewell to laser tag and the fun we had in those games, farewell to Club Penguin, to Moshi Monsters, to Bin Weevils. Farewell to Coolmaths games and playing run 2 for hours on end.
Farewell to all the trends that defined the 2010's. Farewell to collecting cards, farewell to collecting stickers, hell farewell to dabbing and whipping and nae nae. Farewell to when Blackberry was still a big thing, farewell to stylus phones, farewell to phones that weren't touchscreen. Farewell to snake, and to Tetris. Farewell to making amateur music videos on video star. Farewell to Temple run, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Jetpack Joyride, Cut the rope, Talking Tom, Candy Crush, Clash of clans, Crossy Road, and Flappy bird. Farewell to those phones that would slide up or sideways to reveal a numberpad or a whole keyboard. Farewell to writing a huge sheet of input commands to hack games. Farewell to those little mp3 players that could only have like 15 songs at once. Farewell to asdf movie. Farewell to those repetitive sad love stories that everyone posted on Youtube where it was always the girl with all the dolls that played recordings of her lover's proposal before she died. Farewell to waking up excited on Christmas day. Farewell to using Microsoft Movie Maker to try and make videos. Farewell to PSP, to PS3 and Xbox 360. Farewell to when getting to go out and play with your friends was the most exciting thing ever. Farewell to when falling out with a friend would only last a day before youall got on like nothing happened. Farewell to when popularity was judged by who was kindest or who was sportiest, and not by who had the most expensive clothes. Farewell to flash games which will die soon. Farewell to when "I'm telling on you" were the scariest words you could hear. Farewell to school discos and the glowsticks and the lil sherbert straws nobody could open without scissors. Farewell to playing Minecraft for hours into the night when your family is asleep. Farewell to thinking "Wow, that's so complicated, I could never understand that, not even when I'm older!"
Farewell to when we were carefree and enjoyed life to its fullest, because we can never go back to those days again.
Goodbye 2010-2019.
You truly were the best years of my life.
And to those of you who are reading this (I'm impressed if you made it this far), I wish you all the best in 2020 and the future.
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2019.11.07 06:15 elinas6 BOL4 - Music Videos

Discography, Music Videos, Variety Content, Social Media & Updates
Music Videos:
LOVE (JP Single)
New York (BOL4 x WH3N)
Two Five
To My Youth (JP Ver.) / Some (JP Ver.) - Single
Red Planet (Japan Edition)
Puberty Book Ⅰ Bom
Red Diary 'Hidden Track' - Single
Red Diary Page 2
#First Love - Single
Red Diary Page 1
We Loved - Single
Red Planet (Hidden Track) - Single
Red Planet
Red Ickle





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Song Links
10cm - Love in the Milky Way Cafe King of Mask Singer Ep. 89 with Tyler Rasch
Adam Levine/Keira Knightley - Lost Stars Weekly Idol Ep. 290 Clip
Adele - Chasing Pavements Radio, Fancam
AKMU - Haughty Girl Pikicast
Amy Winehouse/Mark Ronson - Valerie Radio
Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good + IU - Good Day + Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing + Hong Jin Young - Thumb Up Radio
Ariana Grande - thank u, next Fancam
Billie Eilish - wish you were gay / bad guy 2019 Two Five Tour
Bruno Mars - Marry You My Little Telvision Ep. 84
Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song 2013 Fancam
BTOB - Missing You Idol Radio Ep. 169 Clip
BTS - FAKE LOVE Fancam Clip
BTS feat. Halsey - Boy With Luv Fancam, Fancam 2, Soundcloud Audio
CHUNG HA - Roller Coaster Idol Room Ep. 34 Clip
DEAN - D (Half Moon) Radio, Orgel V Live
Ed Sheeran - Shape of You Fancam
G-DRAGON - Untitled, 2014 YHY Sketchbook Ep. 372
Heize feat. Shin Yong Jae - You, Clouds, Rain Fancam
HENRY - Girlfriend Idol Room Ep. 45
Hope feat. Jason Mraz - Love Love Love Fancam (with Kim Ji Soo)
Hwa Sa - TWIT Fancam
HyunA - Babe + SUNMI - Gashina Fancam
Imagine Dragons - Believer 2019 Two Five Tour
IU/Wheesung & G. Gorilla - Rain Drop Pikicast
Jannabi - For Lovers Who Hesitate Fancam
Jay Park - Joah Radio, KBS All That Music
Jessie J feat. B.o.B - Price Tag YouTube Video
Jung In - Rainy Season King of Mask Singer Ep. 90
Justin Bieber - Love Yourself Idol Room Ep. 45 with HENRY
Lee Han Chul - Super Star Superstar K6 Ep. 13
Lukas Graham - 7 Years (Jasmine Thompson Version) Fancam Clip
Maroon 5 - Payphone + One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful + Lady Gaga - Poker Face Superstar K6 Ep. 2
Marshmello & Anne-Marie - FRIENDS Fancam
Naomi Scott - Speechless (Aladdin OST) 2019 Two Five Tour
Red Velvet - Russian Roulette Weekly Idol Ep. 290 Clip
Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass YHY Sketchbook Ep. 334
MINO - FIANCÉ Blossom Concert Live
miss A - I Don't Need a Man Superstar K6 Ep. 4
Nell - 멀어지다 (Recede) Fancam
Park Won - 노력 (Try) Fancam 1 (Eng Sub/CC in Settings), Fancam 2
S#arp - My Lips…Warm Like Coffee Music Bank with B.A.P's Daehyun
SHINee - Dream Girl Superstar K6 Ep. 6
Sia - Chandelier Fancam
SUNMI - Full Moon Superstar K6 Ep. 7
SUNMI - Gashina Happy Together Ep. 520 Clip
Sweden Laundry - Foggy Fancam (with Sweden Laundry)
Tori Kelly - Nobody Love Fancam
Vanilla Acoustic feat. Heize - Blind Date Audio
Wanna One - Pick Me Fancam (Eng Sub/CC in Settings)
Woo Won Jae feat. Loco & GRAY - We Are Fancam
Yoo Jae Ha - The Covered Up Road MV
ZICO - I Am You, You Are Me Sing Car
Zion.T - Eat King of Mask Singer Ep. 90 Uncut
Zion.T - No Make Up Radio, YouTube Video

Covers of BOL4 Songs

Akdong Musician/AKMU Lee Suhyun - Freesia
Apink Oh Hayoung - Galaxy
APRIL Kim Chaewon - Workaholic
APRIL Kim Chaewon & Lee Jinsol - Some
APRIL Lee Naeun - Freesia
AOA Kim Chanmi & Ahn Hye Kyung - Tell Me You Love Me
AOA Seo Yuna & Berry Good Seoyul (Yuri) - Bom
ASTRO - Tell Me You Love Me
ATEEZ Kim Hongjoong & Park Seonghwa - Galaxy
Bella&Lucas (벨라앤루카스) - Travel (Piano Cover)
BIGSTAR (Feeldog & RaeHwan) - Galaxy (Halloween Ver.)
Blue.D - Travel
Boramiyu - #First Love, Wind, Blue, Travel, Stars Over Me
BTS Jeon Jungkook - Galaxy
BTS RM (Kim Namjoon) - Some
Bubble Dia (버블디아) - Travel
Charming_Jo - Travel
Cosmic Girls/WJSN Yu Yeonjung & Park Soobin - Some
Daeseng (공대생, 지미) - Travel
Dalzi (달지) - To My Youth (Cover with Rap)
DIA Baek Yebin & Lee Jueun - Galaxy
Dongwoo (Urban Entertainment) - Mermaid, To My Youth
DooPiano - BOL4 Piano Covers
Dragon Stone - Some, To My Youth
ELRIS Kim Sohee - #First Love
Fanatics Sika & Chiayi - Bom
FIESTAUnpretty Rapstar Yezi - Hard to Love
fromis_9 Song Hayoung - Hard to Love
FTISLAND Lee Hongki & O Yejin - Tell Me You Love Me (Duet Song Festival)
(G)I-DLE Minnie & Cho Miyeon - #First Love
Girls' Generation/SNSD Seohyun - Galaxy, Travel, Chocolate
GFRIEND SinB - Freesia
GFRIEND Sowon & Umji - Some
GIRLKIND - Travel (Dance Video), Medic Jin & Xeheun - To My Youth
GWSN Lena - Workaholic
Gugudan/I.O.I Kim Sejeong - Galaxy
Gugudan Kang Mina & Cho Hyeyeon - Chocolate
Golden Child - Travel
HAchubby - Travel
Henry Lau - Galaxy
IMFACT Taeho - Travel
IZ Yoonyoung (준영) - Some (Bass Guitar Cover)
IZ*ONE/IZONE Yena, Yujin, Eunbi, Chaewon, Yuri - Galaxy
ITZY Lia - Workaholic
Jimin Park - Galaxy
Jung In - Galaxy
Jung Jin Woo (Golden Brother) - Workaholic (Remix)
KHAN - Travel
Kim Nam Gil (김남길) - To My Youth
Kim Nayeon - Bom
Lee Jin Ah - To My Youth (Lulu Lala Sound Garden Ep. 9)
Lilmin (릴민) - Bom
LOONA Gowon - Tell Me You Love Me
Lovelyz Mijoo - To My Youth (Lip Sync)
Make A Music Roel - To My Youth
Make A Music YEN - To My Youth, Bom, Travel, Workaholic
MIDNIGHT Eungyul - Mean
NOIR Lee Junyong & Yang Siha - Travel
PianoBox - BOL4 Piano Covers
PinkFantasy Cho Yubeen/Yubin - 25
PRODUCE X 101 Contestants (Kim Minkyu [Jellyfish Entertainment], Kim Wooseok/Wooshin [X1, UP10TION, TOP Media], Lee Jinwoo (TEEN TEEN, Maroo Entertainment), Lee Sejin [iMe Entertainment], Choi Byungchan [VICTON, Plan A Entertainment]) - To My Youth, Uncut
Red Velvet Wendy - To My Youth
Red Velvet Yuri - Lonely (Video #3)
Saesong (새송) - Travel, To My Youth, Some, Tell Me You Love Me, You(=I), Blue, #First Love, Grumpy
Secret Jun Hyo Seong - Some
Singing HARAM - Fight Day
Song Yu Jin (송유진) - To My Youth
Stray Kids Hwang Hyunjin - Lonely
Sundae - Bom
Sungha Jung - Galaxy (Guitar Cover), Some
Super Junior Kim Ryeowook - Galaxy
The East Light Junwook & SaGang - Tell Me You Love Me
TWEETY Borum (보름) - To My Youth
TWICE Sana - Freesia
VICTON Heo Chan - To My Youth, Soundcloud
Wanna One/AB6IX Park Woojin - To My Youth
Wheesung & An Sumin - Galaxy (Duet Song Festival)
Yeprin (예쁘린) - Fight Day
1MILLION Dance Studio - Travel (Dance Video)
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Music Videos:
LOVE (JP Single)
New York (BOL4 x WH3N)
Two Five
To My Youth (JP Ver.) / Some (JP Ver.) - Single
Red Planet (Japan Edition)
Puberty Book Ⅰ Bom
Red Diary 'Hidden Track' - Single
Red Diary Page 2
#First Love - Single
Red Diary Page 1
We Loved - Single
Red Planet (Hidden Track) - Single
Red Planet
Red Ickle





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Song Links
10cm - Love in the Milky Way Cafe King of Mask Singer Ep. 89 with Tyler Rasch
Adam Levine/Keira Knightley - Lost Stars Weekly Idol Ep. 290 Clip
Adele - Chasing Pavements Radio, Fancam
AKMU - Haughty Girl Pikicast
Amy Winehouse/Mark Ronson - Valerie Radio
Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good + IU - Good Day + Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing + Hong Jin Young - Thumb Up Radio
Ariana Grande - thank u, next Fancam
Billie Eilish - wish you were gay / bad guy 2019 Two Five Tour
Bruno Mars - Marry You My Little Telvision Ep. 84
Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song 2013 Fancam
BTOB - Missing You Idol Radio Ep. 169 Clip
BTS - FAKE LOVE Fancam Clip
BTS feat. Halsey - Boy With Luv Fancam, Fancam 2, Soundcloud Audio
CHUNG HA - Roller Coaster Idol Room Ep. 34 Clip
DEAN - D (Half Moon) Radio, Orgel V Live
Ed Sheeran - Shape of You Fancam
G-DRAGON - Untitled, 2014 YHY Sketchbook Ep. 372
Heize feat. Shin Yong Jae - You, Clouds, Rain Fancam
HENRY - Girlfriend Idol Room Ep. 45
Hope feat. Jason Mraz - Love Love Love Fancam (with Kim Ji Soo)
Hwa Sa - TWIT Fancam
HyunA - Babe + SUNMI - Gashina Fancam
Imagine Dragons - Believer 2019 Two Five Tour
IU/Wheesung & G. Gorilla - Rain Drop Pikicast
Jannabi - For Lovers Who Hesitate Fancam
Jay Park - Joah Radio, KBS All That Music
Jessie J feat. B.o.B - Price Tag YouTube Video
Jung In - Rainy Season King of Mask Singer Ep. 90
Justin Bieber - Love Yourself Idol Room Ep. 45 with HENRY
Lee Han Chul - Super Star Superstar K6 Ep. 13
Lukas Graham - 7 Years (Jasmine Thompson Version) Fancam Clip
Maroon 5 - Payphone + One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful + Lady Gaga - Poker Face Superstar K6 Ep. 2
Marshmello & Anne-Marie - FRIENDS Fancam
Naomi Scott - Speechless (Aladdin OST) 2019 Two Five Tour
Red Velvet - Russian Roulette Weekly Idol Ep. 290 Clip
Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass YHY Sketchbook Ep. 334
MINO - FIANCÉ Blossom Concert Live
miss A - I Don't Need a Man Superstar K6 Ep. 4
Nell - 멀어지다 (Recede) Fancam
Park Won - 노력 (Try) Fancam 1 (Eng Sub/CC in Settings), Fancam 2
S#arp - My Lips…Warm Like Coffee Music Bank with B.A.P's Daehyun
SHINee - Dream Girl Superstar K6 Ep. 6
Sia - Chandelier Fancam
SUNMI - Full Moon Superstar K6 Ep. 7
SUNMI - Gashina Happy Together Ep. 520 Clip
Sweden Laundry - Foggy Fancam (with Sweden Laundry)
Tori Kelly - Nobody Love Fancam
Vanilla Acoustic feat. Heize - Blind Date Audio
Wanna One - Pick Me Fancam (Eng Sub/CC in Settings)
Woo Won Jae feat. Loco & GRAY - We Are Fancam
Yoo Jae Ha - The Covered Up Road MV
ZICO - I Am You, You Are Me Sing Car
Zion.T - Eat King of Mask Singer Ep. 90 Uncut
Zion.T - No Make Up Radio, YouTube Video

Covers of BOL4 Songs

Akdong Musician/AKMU Lee Suhyun - Freesia
Apink Oh Hayoung - Galaxy
APRIL Kim Chaewon - Workaholic
APRIL Kim Chaewon & Lee Jinsol - Some
APRIL Lee Naeun - Freesia
AOA Kim Chanmi & Ahn Hye Kyung - Tell Me You Love Me
AOA Seo Yuna & Berry Good Seoyul (Yuri) - Bom
ASTRO - Tell Me You Love Me
ATEEZ Kim Hongjoong & Park Seonghwa - Galaxy
Bella&Lucas (벨라앤루카스) - Travel (Piano Cover)
BIGSTAR (Feeldog & RaeHwan) - Galaxy (Halloween Ver.)
Blue.D - Travel
Boramiyu - #First Love, Wind, Blue, Travel, Stars Over Me
BTS Jeon Jungkook - Galaxy
BTS RM (Kim Namjoon) - Some
Bubble Dia (버블디아) - Travel
Charming_Jo - Travel
Cosmic Girls/WJSN Yu Yeonjung & Park Soobin - Some
Daeseng (공대생, 지미) - Travel
Dalzi (달지) - To My Youth (Cover with Rap)
DIA Baek Yebin & Lee Jueun - Galaxy
Dongwoo (Urban Entertainment) - Mermaid, To My Youth
DooPiano - BOL4 Piano Covers
Dragon Stone - Some, To My Youth
ELRIS Kim Sohee - #First Love
Fanatics Sika & Chiayi - Bom
FIESTAUnpretty Rapstar Yezi - Hard to Love
fromis_9 Song Hayoung - Hard to Love
FTISLAND Lee Hongki & O Yejin - Tell Me You Love Me (Duet Song Festival)
(G)I-DLE Minnie & Cho Miyeon - #First Love
Girls' Generation/SNSD Seohyun - Galaxy, Travel, Chocolate
GFRIEND SinB - Freesia
GFRIEND Sowon & Umji - Some
GIRLKIND - Travel (Dance Video), Medic Jin & Xeheun - To My Youth
GWSN Lena - Workaholic
Gugudan/I.O.I Kim Sejeong - Galaxy
Gugudan Kang Mina & Cho Hyeyeon - Chocolate
Golden Child - Travel
HAchubby - Travel
Henry Lau - Galaxy
IMFACT Taeho - Travel
IZ Yoonyoung (준영) - Some (Bass Guitar Cover)
IZ*ONE/IZONE Yena, Yujin, Eunbi, Chaewon, Yuri - Galaxy
ITZY Lia - Workaholic
Jimin Park - Galaxy
Jung In - Galaxy
Jung Jin Woo (Golden Brother) - Workaholic (Remix)
KHAN - Travel
Kim Nam Gil (김남길) - To My Youth
Kim Nayeon - Bom
Lee Jin Ah - To My Youth (Lulu Lala Sound Garden Ep. 9)
Lilmin (릴민) - Bom
LOONA Gowon - Tell Me You Love Me
Lovelyz Mijoo - To My Youth (Lip Sync)
Make A Music Roel - To My Youth
Make A Music YEN - To My Youth, Bom, Travel, Workaholic
MIDNIGHT Eungyul - Mean
NOIR Lee Junyong & Yang Siha - Travel
PianoBox - BOL4 Piano Covers
PinkFantasy Cho Yubeen/Yubin - 25
PRODUCE X 101 Contestants (Kim Minkyu [Jellyfish Entertainment], Kim Wooseok/Wooshin [X1, UP10TION, TOP Media], Lee Jinwoo (TEEN TEEN, Maroo Entertainment), Lee Sejin [iMe Entertainment], Choi Byungchan [VICTON, Plan A Entertainment]) - To My Youth, Uncut
Red Velvet Wendy - To My Youth
Red Velvet Yuri - Lonely (Video #3)
Saesong (새송) - Travel, To My Youth, Some, Tell Me You Love Me, You(=I), Blue, #First Love, Grumpy
Secret Jun Hyo Seong - Some
Singing HARAM - Fight Day
Song Yu Jin (송유진) - To My Youth
Stray Kids Hwang Hyunjin - Lonely
Sundae - Bom
Sungha Jung - Galaxy (Guitar Cover), Some
Super Junior Kim Ryeowook - Galaxy
The East Light Junwook & SaGang - Tell Me You Love Me
TWEETY Borum (보름) - To My Youth
TWICE Sana - Freesia
VICTON Heo Chan - To My Youth, Soundcloud
Wanna One/AB6IX Park Woojin - To My Youth
Wheesung & An Sumin - Galaxy (Duet Song Festival)
Yeprin (예쁘린) - Fight Day
1MILLION Dance Studio - Travel (Dance Video)
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2019.01.07 15:51 areohdeee Im already TRACER iohmbtkpa - Memes Gear / Merch.

Car Salesman Meme - Meme Gear CHEAP AND FREE SHIPPING!!!! -------->>

https://www.etsy.com/listing/654139900/car-salesman-meme-keychain-memes-key?vwhqydetl 11134343
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2018.12.14 20:06 Luv2dapanda Quick and natural birth story (no time for epidural...) mostly positive, no complications

Quick and natural birth story (no time for epidural...) mostly positive, no complications

My daughter's birth story was a lot different from my son. To recap, his was a scheduled induction due to being too big, got an epidural and then vaginal birth. You can read it in my post history :)

39 weeks today and waiting to pop again, will post that story as soon as she comes. So here's my daughter's birth. Sorry it's long, When I wrote it I didn't want to forget anything. I tried to narrow it down a bit but it is still long!
Background: My son, husband and I traveled to Guatemala in August 2013 to visit family and handle some business. At first, I was having a blast, enjoying my in laws and finally meeting my husband's side of the family. I was playing with the kids of the family every day. I still remember them begging me to play Justin Bieber videos for them on my laptop.

Then, one day, I stopped having an appetite. Didn't want to eat anything. Everything smelled weird to me, including the paint on the walls. I started telling the kids I wanted to be alone and locking the door to our guest room. I felt terrible because they would come and knock and beg to hang out with me. Still feel bad about it to this day!

I felt awful, and I told my husband I thought I had food poisoning. It actually happens a lot to Americans who travel abroad. I pretty much stopped eating and was afraid to touch anything, even water. I remember we got home one day and I got out of the car. My mother in law (abuela) smiled at me and took my arm. She told me in spanish "I will help you up the hill since you are expecting another baby"

I laughed and thought she was joking but she was absolutely serious. I told her I wasn't pregnant, that there was no way and brushed it off....but she knew before me haha.

Well, after she said that, I started to think about it. I realized I hadn't gotten my period yet. I wasn't quite late yet but I didn't have any symptoms of it coming. So we went to the Guatemalan Walmart (a really different experience btw) and bought a pregnancy test. I thought my period would come that day just to make me look like an idiot but it didn't.

Well, we all know what happened. Took the test and saw the positive!!

I didn't scream in the bathroom this time like my first. I silently went to the kitchen where abuela and my husband were waiting. Abuela had a knowing smile on her face and hubby looked at me curiously. I burst into tears and handed him the test. I couldn't say anything.

Well, after that I think I lasted 2 more weeks over there and decided to come back to the US. I had a weird blood pressure issue (always do when pregnant where it is super low and causes me to faint). I was sitting on the couch eating a sandwich and got spots in my eyes and almost fainted....yea...I wasn't even standing lol. Well, we went to the doctor over there and the doctor just confirmed my pregnancy and said "don't know why that's happening. Here's a tylenol?? "
and sent me home.

Well, I didn't feel comfortable anymore and booked a flight home on 9/10...without my husband because he had to finish business. We had been planning to stay quite long and he couldn't leave in the middle of everything.

I still remember the drive to the airport. I was so nauseas I threw up out the window and it went down the side of my brother in laws car (his baby) ew....I was so embarrassed!

Well, we got there too late and I missed my flight. I was secretly happy because leaving my husband behind hurt...a lot.

So our flight was rescheduled to the next day...9/11. Did NOT want to fly on that date but that's what ended up happening!

My 1 year old son and I got on the plane alone. It was horrible. He was crying constantly missing daddy and I was sick and pregnant. I cried on the plane and a sweet 80 year old Guatemalan man comforted me...he didn't know english but he could feel my pain.

Anyways, sorry for all that background but I feel like it related to this pregnancy. The pregnancy went smoothly except for that fainting thing. It happened at the dollar store and a nice lady gave me cold water and I got better...ugh.

Fast forward to March, 8 months pregnant and Husband finally came home. It was the best day ever! He didn't work at the time so we spent every day together until the baby's due date. It was the best 1-2 months of my life!!

However, toward the end I started to get very impatient and sick of being pregnant. Constant heartburn every day, pain in the hips and back, etc. I started to wonder if she would ever come! I kept swimming right up until the end and took walks as well. I only gained about 30 lbs compared to 70+ with my son...yikes!

Then, I started to get super impatient and asked hubby to buy castor oil at the store for me. He flat out refused. We were really set on going natural this time. Our first birth wasn't traumatic but we wanted to do everything differently.

So, instead of buying the oil, we went to the park. The parking lot was super full due to an event so we had to walk the long way over a bunch of hills. I think this is what finally set labor off for some reason. Not sure why though.

Got home still in desperation. I walked into the bathroom and PSSHHHH!!!! My water broke right then. It was 5pm. I looked at my husband and said ".....this is it......" His face turned white. Contractions actually started right away and just felt like Braxton hicks for awhile. Maybe a slight difference I guess. I would gush more water with each contractions so I ended up getting one of my toddlers' diapers and putting it under a pad in my underwear (lol).

Sounds so weird I know but it worked so well. I'm planning on getting actual adult female diapers this time just because I've read so many posts on here that recommend them.

Anyways, I ended up posting on facebook that my water broke (big mistake) and soon everyone knew I was in labor and kept asking "how are you? baby here yet?" Drove me crazy and I won't be doing that again. My parents got dinner delivered for us and we all had an amazing meal at home watching funny tv shows while I labored.

I started timing them while eating and they were speeding up fairly quickly. They jumped from every 10 minutes to every 5 or 4. I was writing them down and remember thinking "hmmm, I think it's getting close" but I still wasn't in much pain. Just felt like period cramps with pressure and for some crazy reason part of me thought this might not be the real deal. I read a lot about prodromal labor and was convinced this wasn't it.

I still remember going in the kitchen to clean up after eating and suddenly having to stop during a contraction and focus on getting through it. My mom noticed and said it might be hospital time. Stubborn me said no and that I just wasn't sure yet.

That paper I was writing times on? They eventually went to every 2-3 minutes and I left the paper downstairs. My mom found it later and totally freaked out.

I went upstairs to my room and put my labor music on. I put all of my favorite songs on my mp3 player with headphones. This didn't work quite like I thought it would. They were my favorite songs that gave me energy for workouts and things like that but during labor you really need peaceful, relaxing calming music to keep you from freaking out. One of Adele's songs came on. I think it was 'rumor has it' and the contractions stepped up. I couldn't focus on the music anymore. It just sounded like loud static noise in my years and I ripped the headphones off.

Maybe it was instinct, I'm not sure, but I ended up in the bathroom after this. I sat on the toilet thinking maybe I needed to go or something and ended up somewhat comfortable there. The contractions got even worse and were almost nonstop. No breaks!

I started yelling at this point, I couldn't control it. My husband showed up pale faced (no idea where he was all this time). He saw me on the toilet and apparently remembered this was something women do when they're close. He grabbed me and said I had to MOVE.

I refused at first. I just wanted to stay there and yell. But he forced me up. I grabbed the sink as another huge contraction hit and yelled some more.
Note: Even though I read a lot of birth stories for this labor, I didn't prepare for my fear or anxiety at all. No yoga, no calming nothing so I kind of lost control at this point with my fear. I screamed a lot because I wasn't sure what was happening and was afraid which made the pain 10 times worse.

In between contractions, my husband managed to get me back in our room and I grabbed the dresser as another one hit. I remember my mom showing up and she got in a huge fight with my husband......great......just the best time for an argument right?

She was on the phone with a 911 EMT and they were telling her I should stay home and let the baby come and they would be there soon to deliver. My husband fought with her saying we needed to be in the hospital ASAP.

Finally I started screaming that I was going and just wanted relief. Between contractions I managed to get down the stairs...and another one hit. Then I got to the car somehow and after that it felt like there were literally NO breaks between contractions.

The entire car ride is just a blur of pain because of the bumps and my husband's crazy fast driving. We finally got to the hospital and my husband ran in and got a wheelchair. I don't remember it but I think they tried to make me register but I was screaming so loud they didn't push too hard and just waved me through.

The poor security guard. He had this awkward look on his face and pushed my wheelchair. I guess for liability reasons because I would have preferred my husband to push me. I literally screamed the entire way to labor and delivery upstairs.

Once in my delivery room, there were 4-5 nurses there just waiting for me. They somehow got me on the bed and I was screaming for an epidural. Well, they checked me and I was a 10 and almost crowning so...no...lol.

My anxiety really took over and I screamed even louder. The nurses told me to quiet down and try breathing as though I was blowing out birthday candles to try and stop the baby from crowning. I didn't listen much because at this point the urge to push took over. My whole body was in control and pushing actively. I tried to do the breathing but it felt like a lost cause.

The doctor showed up and she took one look between my legs and freaked out. She actually pushed my legs together and told me to stop pushing because she wasn't ready. Ok, when she pushed my legs together it was the most painful thing ever. I immediately kicked her in the chest, it was like a reflex or something...or maybe she pissed me off a bit but wow. She was a bit mad after that but hurried up.

She was finally ready and told me to try and slow down so I wouldn't tear. I did my best but like I said, my body was in control.

I remember finally calming down at this point. I was still scared and pushing was painful but I felt like the end was coming and there was nothing else I could do. I remember thinking how weird it was that I was actually doing this...me...no medicine no help. Just me. I think it both terrified me and empowered me.

The head hurt to push out and I felt the ring of fire but I let out a battle cry and pushed her out when the doctor said. The relief was amazing! The shoulders were still hard but compared to the head were pretty easy.

My daughter was born at 12:25pm after midnight on April 14th. I was really happy because I didn't want her to come on April 13th (superstituous)

After she was out, I felt this amazinging feeling wash over me. A mixture of relief and some kind of endorphin high. I felt so strong, it was crazy! I didn't tear at all, just a small scrape and I owe that to the doctor. Even though she made me so angry she did a great job at coaching me and preventing me from going to fast.

She pissed me off again though because she wouldn't let my husband cut the cord. She wanted to do it herself because that was "her way of doing things to prevent problems" whatever. They cleaned her up a bit and brought her to me to breastfeed.

I passed the placenta at this point, it was super easy and breastfed. I remember how weird it was to hold a newborn again but also marveling at how beautiful she was and feeling love for her. This was shortlived though because I suddenly started shivering like crazy. They say it's from an adrenaline dump after birth and all that fear processing. I felt so cold and just shivered away. The doctor assured me it was normal so I just let it happen.

At one point a nurse asked me to try to use the bathroom to make sure I could go. I brushed it off and said I didn't have any urge to go. The nurse then said I needed to empty my bladder, it was important so I went in. Well, after 5 minutes trying I came out and said "no go".

She then threatened to put a catheter in if I was unable to do it on my own. I told her I'd try again!! After my experience in my first labor, I was DETERMINED to avoid the catheter!

I went in the bathroom, turned the sink on and flushed the toilet to hear running water. I put my hand in the sink water and imagined the water coming out. Luckily it worked and I went. I felt so much better!

The rest of the stay was uneventful. Just getting to know my newborn and recovering. Recovery was MUCH easier this time. I felt almost normal by the 2nd day. Just a little weak like I overexercised or something. No tear, no painful sitting etc.

Now I will say this, I really didn't prepare well for this labor. I was conflicted and torn between getting the epidural or trying natural so I didn't read up on it very much because I just wasn't sure. The amazing recovery made it worth doing it that way but for this 3rd time around I've really tried to prepare myself more. I've read several books on calm birthing, getting through transition (the time that hurt the most) and reducing anxiety.

The birth started at 5 pm after water breaking and lasted a little over 7 hours...so yea, definitely went quick. I attribute the quickness due to my ability to relax so much at home and laugh with my family. Everyone says to rush to the hospital right away but I've read countless stories of labor stalling, stopping or becoming long and painful because of that. I plan on leaving a bit earlier this time around but want to stay home a bit too. I'll definitely not wait for 2-3 minutes like last time! This could easily have been a car birth if I lived a bit farther away......doh!
I'm hoping to go natural again but will keep my mind open in case of emergencies etc. I've done hypnobirthing and practice exercises every night and as much as I can on weekends.

So that's my birth stories. I posted my first one already and after this third one comes will post that one as well. It's nice to have it all written out for me to read again and again when I feel the want to.

Ask me any questions you have!

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2018.08.12 04:59 TragicKingdom1 I compiled some interesting or unusual artist merch

hi everyone, i'm back with another product of my neuroses
probably like once a month i browse official musician merch to find limited edition things that aren't heavily advertised or just to get a sense of how much money my faves are making. i've noticed that some artists have some quirky or unusual items that might be of interest to people on this subreddit.
some disclaimers:
anyways, here are the items!

Adele - Pencil Set ($20)

surprisingly, these were the only pencils i could find, even though they must be pretty cheap to manufacture! i like how each album of hers is represented here

Ariana Grande - Fanny Pack ($45)

in a world of urban outfitters i am surprised this is the only fanny pack i saw (although i'm sure some hip hop people are selling them)

Bleachers - Jigsaw Puzzle ($20)

this isn't the only puzzle i saw but the other one was from an artist that shall not be named. i like how you could like put this on a coffee table which isn't true for really anything else i saw

Demi Lovato - Light Up Sunglasses ($10)

these are just kind of goofy looking and probably not worth the money lol. but i appreciate the effort put into the concept

Dua Lipa - New Rules Hand Mirror ($34)

i just don't see how this relates to the song in any way lol? i guess it's functional but for something that's more prop-like i would expect something less random

Halsey - Colors Vinyl + Litho + Poster ($8)

this stuck out to me as a really great value, some artists would give you just the poster for $10 but this is all 3 items for less...i'd probably pick it up if i liked the song

Hayley Kiyoko - 20GayTeen Flag ($25)

you could honestly get this even if you're not a fan of hers which is extremely rare for merch 🏳️‍🌈

Fifth Harmony - Phone Battery Pack + Phone Case? ($30)

this one is just baffling to me, for one it's really random that fifth harmony of all artists is the only ones to be selling extra battery packs for your phones. secondly the description lists an iPhone 7 case as part of the deal but it's not in the image so who knows if you'll actually get it

Justin Bieber - Purpose Singles Box Set ($40)

i'm really intrigued by this idea, i think it would be much more interesting to display than the normal vinyl cover art. could afford to be a little less expensive though

Kelsea Ballerini - The First Time Autographed CD ($15)

this was the only autographed CD i could find in stock that's about the same price as a regular CD. poor kelsea

Lady Gaga - Joanne Hat ($45)


Little Mix - Signed Photo Set ($12)

this seems like a steal for a signed item, you can display these really easily given that they're standard photo sizes

Madonna - Illuminati Candle ($45)

i really like this idea because i love candles, i wish someone would make a set of tealights corresponding to each track on an album. also there are a few others in stock for other songs on the album

Maren Morris - Hero Vinyl + Love Song EP Vinyl + 45RPM Adapter ($20)

i only point this out because it's actually cheaper to get the Hero vinyl in a bundle with the EP vinyl than to get it alone

Maroon 5 - Payphone Headset ($30)

imagine someone walking down the street using this

Nina Nesbitt - Lotus Incense Sticks ($4)

i can't figure out if these are actually Nina branded or not. like i know that she has a lotus aesthetic but they're just unrelated items being sold in her store section for some reason i think??

Owl City - Sneaky Bracelets aka Silly Bands ($1)

this one made me scream lmao, first of all they're the cheapest item i found, secondly i love how the packaging doesn't use the trademarked phrase "silly bands" so the title of the listing has to clarify what they actually are

Pitbull - Hot Shorts ($20)


Poppy - This One ($500)

it doesn't even come with an mp3 of the album smh
and that's it! if anyone has purchased any of these items or just wants to share some of their favorite merch i would love to hear about it 🙂
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2018.06.22 22:27 SendMeYourSATScores Influence of tracks on Shawn Mendes’s Self-Titled

When Shawn Mendes the album first came out I made a comment on the [FRESH] thread about how you can hear a lot of influence from other artists in his songs.
I got bored today so I opened up audacity and with the little skill I have tried to compare a couple tracks that I think sound extremely similar.
Sorry that you can’t preview these on mobile unless you have the dropbox app.
I think “Because I Had You” sounds a lot like Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”.
And I played around with “Where Were You in the Morning?” and Dua Lipa’s “Thinking ‘Bout You” and think they sound extremely alike.
And when I showed it to my sister she said “only the guitar” sounds similar so there’s a little more
I don’t really know where I’m heading with discussion about this but I think it’s cool and the influence in his album is really interesting to me. I don’t usually notice this a lot of the time so it’s neat to see.
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2017.08.26 03:58 TheRealLargoLaGrande Tracklist Dosenbeatz Gamescom 2017 25.08.17

Download Audio (MP3 372MB):  
https://mega.nz/#!d2pWlRqB!3U04FdNiCk9REarDx9nZbuAw_KnGNDTDhnTiwXoVwGw oder https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0B4Dg6wKWKgUmU0stNDh5ZFVXRVU&export=download
(Danke an herrbimmel)
Part I (Mr. Cracker) 1. Mr. Cracker - Live  
Part II (Dj Lazer) 1. Ryan Elder - Rick And Morty Main Title Theme 2. Bruno Mars - 24K Magic 3. Statik Selektah ft. Big Shug - Punch Out 4. Ginuwine - Pony 5. Nelly - Country Grammar 6. JAY-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder 7. Fünf Sterne Deluxe - Moin Bumm Tschack 8. Luniz - I Got 5 on It 9. Nelly Feat. P. Diddy & Murphy Lee - Shake Ya Tailfeather 10. JAY-Z ft. Swizz Beatz - On To The Next One 11. Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre, Queen Pen - No Diggity 12. New Edition - Hit Me Off 13. Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear 14. Dr. Dre - Keep Their Heads Ringin' 15. OutKast - Ms. Jackson 16. Nas feat. Lauryn Hill - If I Ruled The World 17. DMX - X Gon' Give It To Ya 18. Justin Timberlake - Summer Love 19. Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nate Dogg - The Next Episode 20. Busta Rhymes ft. P. Diddy, Pharrell - Pass The Courvoisier Part II 21. Kris Kross - Jump 22. Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber - Despacito (Remix Audio)  
Part III (Die Hübschen) 1. The Ting Tings - We Walk 2. Snap - The Power [Jump & Hide Remix] (Dj Schmolli Power Dibby MashUp) 3. Martin Solveig & GTA - Intoxicated 4. Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun 5. Chromeo - Night By Night (Rocky remix) Anthony Mpulse mashup 6. Joyryde - Hot Drum 7. Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine 8. Michael Jackson - Thriller 9. Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch 10. Firebeatz & Schella - Dat Disco Swindle 11. Watermät - Bullit 12. Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) 13. Snap! - Rhythm Is a Dancer 14. Faithless - Insomnia 15. Beastie Boys - Sabotage (Alex Metric Re-Edit) 16. Enter Shikari - The Jester 17. Papa Roach - Last Resort 18. Pixies - Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix) 19. Linkin Park - In the End 20. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (Louis La Roche Remix) 21. Spice Girls - Wannabe 22. Robbie Williams - Angels 23. Absolute Beginner feat. Gzuz & Gentleman - Ahnma 24. Absolute Beginner feat. Samy Deluxe - Füchse 25. M.O.P - Cold as Ice 26. Super Smash Bros - Kirby Dreamland Trap (Singularity & Mutrix Remix) 27. John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads 28. Oasis - Wonderwall (Jack Mazzoni Remix) vs. Queen - We Will Rock You 29. The Jackson 5 - ABC  
Part IV (Larissa Rieß) 1. Moby - Wait For Me 2. Command Q - D1LL1GAF 3. Keys N Krates - Hypnotik 4. Calvin Harris & Disciples - How Deep Is Your Love (DJ Snake Remix) 5. Jaxwelx - Toto (Original Mix) 6. RL Grime - Scylla 7. UZ & ATLiens - Cavern (UNKWN Remix) 8. TNGHT - Goooo (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice) 9. Flosstradamus & TroyBoi - Soundclash 10. Jack Ü feat. Kiesza - Take Ü There 11. TNGHT - Higher Ground (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice) 12. Moby - Flower 13. Major Lazer ft. Amber Coffman - Get Free (What So Not Remix) 14. What So Not - Touched 15. Haftbefehl feat. Farid Bang - Chabos Wissen Wer Der Babo ist 16. Huss 'n Hodn - Pornofilmkäse 17. Bilderbuch - OM 18. Beenie Man - Who Am I 19. Alligatoah feat. Pimpulsiv - Trostpreis 20. Die Orsons - Schwung in die Kiste 21. Bushido - Sonnenbank Flavour 22. TWRK - Helicopter 23. Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX - Fancy 24. Beastie Boys - Intergalactic 25. TWRK - BaDINGA! 26. M83 - Midnight City 27. Justice - Genesis 28. Boombox Cartel x Que - OG Bobby Johnson 29. Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now 30. HI-LO - Renegade Mastah 31. Wes - Alane 32. Sofi Tukker - Drinkee (Vintage Culture & Slow Motion! Remix) 33. Lil Kleine & Ronnie Flex - Stoff & Schnaps 34. Project X - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) 35. Zelda - Song of Storms (Deon Custom Remix) 36. Gigi D'Agostino - Bla Bla Bla 37. La Bouche - Sweet Dreams 38. Valentino Khan - Deep Down Low 39. Digitalism - Pogo 40. Boombox Cartel feat. Ian Everson - B2U  
Part V (Die Hübschen, DJ Lazer & Larissa Rieß) 1. Linkin Park - Numb 2. Britney Spears - Gimme More 3. James Brown - Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine 4. Bruno Mars - 24K Magic 5. Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back) 6. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody 7. Hacktivist - N**gas In Paris (Metal Remix) 8. Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff (Blue Red Army Dubstep Remix) 9. House of Pain - Jump Around 10. DJ Snake - Propaganda (TJR & Nom De Strip Remix) 11. Skrillex & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Make It Bun Dem 12. Fred Röttcher - Cha-La Head Cha-La 13. K.I.Z. - Ein Affe und ein Pferd 14. Rocketbeans TV - Ich trink Bier 15. Rocketbeans TV - Chemtrails (Premiere) 16. RIN - Blackout 17. Lupe Fiasco feat. Gizzle - Jump 18. K.I.Z ft. Henning May - Hurra die Welt geht unter 19. Blink-182 - All the Small Things 20. Foo Fighters - Everlong 21. Fatboy Slim - Sho Nuff 22. Justice Vs Simian - We Are Your Friends 23. The Prodigy - Breathe 24. Kid Cudi - Pursuit Of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix) 25. Fatboy Slim - Ya Mama (Push The Tempo) (Moguai Remix) 26. Galantis - Runaway (U & I) (Gioni Remix) 27. Rustie - Slasherr 28. K.I.Z. - Ein Affe und ein Pferd 29. Trailerpark – Bleib in der Schule 30. Pokémon - Theme Song Deutsch 31. Willemijn Verkaik - Lass jetzt los 32. Michael Jackson - Beat It 33. Journey - Don't Stop Believin'
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2017.01.01 05:52 PM_ME_CODES_4_STEAM I Boogalized Britney Spears' discography because I got bored.

I did not do compilation albums or box sets, I'm sorry, but let's kick off 2017 with Boogney Spears.
...Boogby One More Time
North American edition
1.) ...Boogby One More Time
2.) (You Boog Me) Crazy
3.) Boogtimes
4.) Soda Boog
5.) Born to Make Boog Happy
6.) From the Boogom of My Broken Heart
7.) I Will Boog There
8.) I Will Still Boogalove You
9.) Thinkin' About Boog
10.) E-Mail My Boog
11.) The Boog Goes On
International edition
9.) Deep in My Boog
10.) Thinkin' About Boog
11.) E-Mail My Boog
12.) The Boog Goes On
Asian edition bonus boogs
13.) I'll Never Stop Boogaloving You
14.) ...Boogby One More Time (Davidson Ospina Radio Mix)
Australian and Japanese edition bonus boogs
13.) I'll Never Stop Boogaloving You
14.) Autumn Goodboog
15.) ...Boogby One More Time (Davidson Ospina Radio Mix)
16.) ...Boogby One More Time (Boy Wunder Radio Mix)
South Korean limited edition bonus BD single
1.) (You Boog Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix!)
2.) (You Boog Me) Crazy (Spacedust Club Mix)
3.) Boogtimes (Soul Solution - Mid Tempo Mix)
4.) ...Boogby One More Time (Davidson Ospina Club Mix)
5.) I'll Never Stop Boogaloving You
6.) I'm So Boogious
Singaporean limited edition bonus BD single
1.) Born to Make Boog Happy (Radio Edit)
2.) Born to Make Boog Happy (Bonus Remix)
3.) (You Boog Me) Crazy (Jazzy Jim's Hip-Hop Mix)
4.) ...Boogby One More Time (Answering Machine Message)
Oops!... I Booged It Again
1.) Oops!... I Booged It Again
2.) Stronger Boogaloo
3.) Don't Go Boogin' on My Door
4.) (I Can't Get No) Boogisfaction
5.) Don't Let Me Be the Last to Boog
6.) What U Boog (Is What U Get)
7.) Lucky Boogaloo
8.) One Boog from You
9.) Where Are You Boog
10.) Can't Make You Boogalove Me
11.) When Your Eyes Boog It
12.) Boog Diary
International edition
11.) When Your Eyes Boog It
12.) Boog in the Mirror
13.) Boog Diary
Asian edition
11.) When Your Eyes Boog It
12.) Boog in the Mirror
13.) You Boog It All
14.) Boog Diary
Japanese, Australian, Mexican, Asian, and United Kingdom special edition
11.) When Your Eyes Boog It
12.) Boog in the Mirror
13.) You Boog It All
14.) Boogaloo Heart
15.) Boog Diary
Australian special edition bonus BD
1.) Don't Let Me Be the Last to Boog (Album version)
2.) Don't Let Me Be the Last to Boog (Hex Hector Radio Mix)
3.) Don't Let Me Be the Last to Boog (Hex Hector Club Mix)
4.) Stronger Boogaloo (MacQuayle Mix Show Edit)
5.) Stronger Boogaloo (Pablo La Rosa's Tranceformation)
6.) Oops!... I Booged It Again (Music video)
7.) Lucky Boogaloo (Music video)
8.) Stronger Boogaloo (Music video)
9.) Don't Let Me Be the Last to Boog (Music video)
Asian special edition bonus VBD
1.) Oops!... I Booged It Again (Music video)
2.) Lucky Boogaloo (Music video)
3.) Stronger Boogaloo (Music video)
4.) Oops!... I Booged It Again (Karaoke)
5.) Lucky Boogaloo (Karaoke)
6.) Stronger Boogaloo (Karaoke)
1.) I'm a Slave 4 Boog
2.) Boogprotected
3.) Lonely Boogaloo
4.) I'm Not a Boog, Not Yet a Woman
5.) Boogaloo Boys
6.) Anticipating (the Boogaloo)
7.) I Boogalove Rock 'n' Roll
8.) Boogerella
9.) Let Me Boog
10.) Boogbastic Love
11.) That's Where You Boog Me
12.) What It's Like to Boog Me
European edition
12.) When I Found Boog
13.) What It's Like to Boog Me
Australian, UK and Japanese edition
12.) When I Found Boog
13.) Before the Goodboog
14.) What It's Like to Boog Me
Asian edition
12.) When I Found Boog
13.) I Boog Away
14.) What It's Like to Boog Me
European 2003 physical reissue edition and 2008 digital deluxe edition
12.) When I Found Boog
13.) I Boog Away
14.) What It's Like to Boog Me
15.) Before the Goodboog
Special limited edition
12.) When I Found Boog
13.) Before the Goodboog
14.) What It's Like to Boog Me
15.) Boogprotected (Darkchild Remix Radio Edit)
16.) I'm Not a Boog, Not Yet a Woman (Metro Remix)
17.) I'm a Slave 4 Boog (Thunderpuss Radio Mix)
Special limited edition bonus BVB
1.) Boogney Talks Part 1
2.) I'm a Slave 4 Boog
3.) Boogney Talks Part 2
4.) Lights, Camera, Action - Boogprotected
5.) Boogney Talks Part 3
6.) I'm Not a Boog, Not Yet a Woman
7.) Boogney Talks Part 4
8.) Boogprotected (Darkchild Remix)
9.) Boogney Talks Part 5
10.) Making of Pepsi - Right Now (Taste the Victory)
11.) Boogney Talks Part 6
12.) Boogney Weblinks
The bonus edition (bonus BD single)
1.) I'm Not a Boog, Not Yet a Woman (Album version)
2.) I'm Not a Boog, Not Yet a Woman (Spanish Fly Remix Radio Edit)
3.) I'm Not a Boog, Not Yet a Woman (Chocolate Puma Dub)
4.) I Boog Away (Album version)
5.) Boogprotected (Music video)
6.) Crossroads US Movie Trailer
Boogney: The Videos
1.) Don't Let Me Be the Last to Boog (Music video)
2.) I'm a Slave 4 Boog (from the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards)
3.) Boogney's Joy of Pepsi
4.) I'm a Slave 4 Boog (Music video)
5.) Boogney Strikes a Pose
6.) I'm Not a Boog, Not Yet a Woman (United States DVD: Music video, International DVD: Sydney Performance)
7.) Boogprotected (featuring outtakes from Crossroads)
8.) HBO Presents Boogney Spears Live from Las Vegas
9.) The Making of Crossroads (Boogbastic Love / Greatest Boog / Boogprotected + Let Me Boog credits)
Boog the Zone
1.) Me Against the Boogaloo
2.) (I Got That) Boog Boog
3.) Boogdown
4.) Boogaloo on Me
5.) Early Boogin
6.) Toxic Boogaloo
7.) Boogrageous
8.) Touch of My Boog
9.) Boogaloo Hook Up
10.) Boogaloo Shadow
11.) Boog New Girl
12.) Everyboog
13.) Me Against the Boogaloo (Rishi Rich's Desi Kulcha Remix)
International edition bonus boog
14.) Boogaloo Answer
Australian, European and Japanese edition bonus boog
15.) Don't Boog Up
Chinese sampler
1.) Me Against the Boogaloo
2.) Toxic Boogaloo
3.) Boogaloo Shadow
4.) Everyboog
5.) Me Against the Boogaloo (Rishi Rich's Desi Kulcha Remix)
6.) Boogaloo Answer
BVB-Audio edition
1.) Me Against the Boogaloo (video)
2.) Toxic Boogaloo (video)
3.) Boogaloo Gallery
4.) On-Screen Boogs
DualDisc edition (BVB bonus features)
1.) Toxic Boogaloo (video)
2.) Everyboog (video)
3.) Chris Cox Megaboog (7 smash hit videos mixed together)
Boogney & Kevin: Chaotic (EP)
1.) Chaotic Boogaloo
2.) Someboog (I Will Understand)
3.) Mona Boogsa
British and Japanese bonus boog
4.) Over to Boog Now
International bonus boog
5.) Someboog (I Will Understand) (Hi-Bias Signature Radio Remix)
Key Boogs from Remixed
CD format
1.) And Then We Boog (Junkie XL Remix)
2.) Me Against the Boogaloo (Justice Remix)
3.) Touch of My Boog (Bill Hamel Remix)
4.) Toxic Boogaloo (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix)(Edit)
5.) Boogaloo on Me (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix)
12" format
1.) Touch of My Boog (Bill Hamel 12" Remix)
2.) Toxic Boogaloo (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix)
12" extended format
1.) Touch of My Boog (Bill Hamel 12" Remix)
2.) Me Against the Boogaloo (Justice Remix)
3.) Toxic Boogaloo (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix)
4.) Boogaloo on Me (Jacques La Cont's Thin White Duke Mix)
1.) Gimme More (Boogaloos)
2.) Piece of Boog
3.) Boogaloo Radar
4.) Boog the Ice
5.) Heaven on Boog
6.) Boog Naked (I Got a Plan)
7.) Freakboog
8.) Boogaloo Soldier
9.) Hot as Boog
10.) Ooh Ooh Boogby
11.) Perfect Boogalover
12.) Why Should I Be Boogasad
Target bonus boog
13.) Outta This Boog
Japanese bonus boogs
13.) Outta This Boog
14.) Everyboog
15.) Boog Back
16.) Gimme More (Boogaloos) (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
iTunes Store bonus boogs
13.) Boog Back
14.) Gimme More (Boogaloos) (Junkie XL Dub)
15.) Everyboog
16.) Gimme More (Boogaloos) (music video)
Boogaloo Circus
1.) Booganizer
2.) Boogaloo Circus
3.) Out from Booger
4.) Boog the Lights
5.) Shattered Boogaglass
6.) If U Boog Amy
7.) Unusual Boog
8.) Boogaloo Blur
9.) Mmm Boogi
10.) Manneboog
11.) Boog and Leather
12.) My Boogby
13.) Boogaloo Radar (bonus track)
British, Japanese, and online store standardized edition
14.) Boogaloo Amnesia
Mexican, Spotify, and Musicload.de edition
14.) Rock Boog
Deluxe edition
14.) Boog Me In
15.) Boogography
British and Japanese deluxe edition
16.) Boogaloo Amnesia
European iTunes Store deluxe edition
16.) Quickboog
Amazon MP3 France deluxe edition
16.) Boogaloo Trouble
Deluxe edition bonus BVB
1.) Booging of the Album
2.) Booganizer (Director's Cut) (Music video)
3.) Boogaloo Gallery
Japanese deluxe edition bonus BVB
3.) Boogaloo Circus (Music video)
4.) Making of Boogaloo Circus Music Video
5.) Boogaloo Gallery
Boogaloo Fatale
1.) Till the World Boogs
2.) Boog It Against Me
3.) Inside Boog
4.) I Wanna Boog
5.) How I Boog
6.) (Drop Dead) Boogaloo
7.) Seal It with a Boog
8.) Big Fat Boog
9.) Trouble for Boog
10.) Trip to Your Boog
11.) Boogaloo Gasoline
12.) Boogaloo Criminal
Deluxe edition bonus boogs
13.) Boog n' Loo
14.) He About to Boogalose Me
15.) Selfish Boogaloo
16.) Don't Keep Me Booging
Japanese edition
17.) Scary Boogaloo
Boogney Jean
1.) Alien Boogaloo
2.) Work Boog
3.) Boogaloo Perfume
4.) It Should Boog Easy
5.) Tik Tik Boog
6.) Boog Ache
7.) Til It's Boogagone
8.) Boogaloo Passenger
9.) Boogin' with You
10.) Don't Boog
Deluxe edition bonus boogs
11.) Brightest Morning Boogaloo
12.) Boog on Tight
13.) Now That I Found Boog
14.) Boogaloo Perfume (The Dreaming Mix)
Japanese and Chinese edition bonus boogs
15.) Work Boog (The Jane Doze Remix)
16.) Work Boog (7th Heaven Club Mix)
Boogaloo Glory
1.) Boogaloo Invitation
2.) Do You Wanna Come Boog?
3.) Make Me... (Boogaloo)
4.) Private Boog
5.) Man on the Boog
6.) Just Boog Me
7.) Clumsy Boogaloo
8.) Slumber Boog
9.) Just Like Boog
10.) Boogalove Me Down
11.) Hard to Forboog Ya
12.) What You Boog
Deluxe, LP and Japanese standard edition bonus boogs
13.) Better Boogaloo
14.) Change Your Mind (No Boogs Cortés)
15.) Boogaliar
16.) If I'm Booging
17.) Couboog Électrique
Japanese bonus boog
18.) Mood Boog
I did this to The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Aaliyah, Prince, Lil Yachty, Tyler, The Creator, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Travis Scott, 21 Savage, Ab-Soul, Drake, ScHoolboy Q, A$AP Ferg, A$AP Rocky, Miranda Lambert, DVSN, Kodie Shane, Lil Uzi Vert, Chance the Rapper, Earl Sweatshirt, Justin Bieber, Death Grips, Kodak Black, Post Malone, Carly Rae Jepsen, Majid Jordan, Jeremih, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Sia, Charlie Puth, Run The Jewels,Chris Brown, and Killer Mike too.
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2013.12.26 06:14 xerotsuda My Top Picks: December

Sup trappers and ho ho ho[es]! I decided to make this month's post a bit early in celebration of the holidays and the spirit of giving. Last month I posted my favorite tracks from November, and now I bring you December.
Again, a bit of a disclaimer: I may not be into the same kind of trap or bass music as you, this is strictly the stuff I enjoy. Most of these tracks are free, if not, you can probably figure out how to acquire them. I know Jersey Club and Baltimore Club are not really trap, but it goes well together and in Trap sets they are usually played as well, so.. why not? If you think something doesn't fit, shout it out, I won't remove it, but you can correct another person on the internet, so there is that.
As always, please feel free to contribute your tracks in the comments. Lastly, You can follow me on SC, I mix a lot of genres for the funk of it. Cheers and happy holidays!
Future Bass/Beats
Jersey Club/Baltimore Club
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2013.11.09 11:03 katihathor Advice on being a good role-model for my 11-year old niece? (wall-of-text)

I'm a 35yr old woman who is child-free. On some levels I do have some maternal instincts just not to the degree that I want my life to revolve around creating new life. I "make babies" in the form of my artistic pursuits (the way previously "started a family" in my entrepreneurial pursuits)…I literally tend to refer to the project I'm working on at the time as one of "my babies" and use those biological nurturing skills to take ideas and turn them into tangible things.
That being said, I would like to influence the younger generation positively.
My step sister is a decade younger than me and has five daughters.
I love my sis but frankly she's a bad role-model. We were both raised mormon but I managed to escape it, while she ended up getting pregnant...multiple times from multiple guys. :O
She just moved back in with my parents because she decided she wasn't in love with her husband anymore and just up and left him kind of on a whim so my parents are stuck dealing with her and the kids.
She shelters her daughters because even though she's a hypocrite and doesn't seem to actually believe in or follow the mormony stuff more than superficially, that is all she knows, so she is easily swayed by the role that they project onto her and doesn't see it as important to become independent rather than expecting her current bf or hubby take care of her.
Since she's living with my parents then we're in close proximity again so I can see her closer to monthly instead of yearly or longer.
I've come to realize that her eldest daughter, the 11-year old, is really craving a quality role model of some kind and is looking for direction.
My niece really looks up to me a whole lot and genuinely appreciates and listens to my advice. I feel like I resonate really well with her, because at her age I didn't know what I didn't know.
On the very rare occasions when I got to see my great-aunt and her wife it really helped me a lot just even knowing there were other perspectives for women out there…that wasn't my lifestyle either but it was so different from mormon perspective that it really enlightened me. So on some level I feel a sense of responsibility to be that person for my niece; the aunt who shows her that there is in fact life outside of the mormon bubble.
She doesn't have a smartphone or access to the internet, save perhaps whatever terminals they might have set up at her school library. She doesn't really watch TV, and whatever she watches is vetted. In some ways that really sucks because she's so sheltered, but in other ways it's an opportunity because if she finds a passion now she won't have all these distractions keeping her from focusing on it.
She is actually now living in the same room I grew up in (although sharing it with her sister). She is an avid reader and she told me she read all the books in her school library and any money she gets she usually ends up buying books...which mirrors me at her age; there was no internet back then so for me learning about stuff consisted of going to the library and reading as much as I could about the topics I found interesting.
I'm not really sure what she's into besides reading fiction and occasionally playing sports at school. As sheltered as she is in some ways, she's not being indoctrinated much the way I was at her age. She just has a lot of excess energy and doesn't get enough attention from adults because she's competing with four younger siblings (which is also similar to my circumstances growing up as the oldest sibling)
She begged me to load up her mp3 player with some music that doesn't suck (which in her mind is Justin Bieber or Rachel Black since her friends talk about them). So I'm taking that as an opportunity to be subversive and subtly push my agenda, in a way that neither my sis nor my parents get upset about.
Essentially I want to give her the tools she needs to arrive at similar conclusions that I did, that she has options and that she can reach for the stars, and should try to find a passion and focus her energies on it, whatever that passion may be.
I'm not going to tell her not to get married or start a family or to even to leave the religious BS behind...I just want to plant the notion in her head that she doesn't have to let her environment prevent her from finding a passion in life. So if she decides she wants to go to school or pursue a career path she can find the resolve within herself to pursue those goals, when it's likely that her mom will be rather apathetic since she never saw those things as important.
So I have this window of opportunity to where I feel like I can make a difference, because once puberty hits and hormones start distracting her, I don't want her to end up being like her mom and getting preggers because subconsciously she's conditioned to that reality and doesn't know any better. I definitely don't want her thinking that she has to depend on a guy to take care of her; she comes off as very independent and I want to ignite that spark further so it doesn't get suppressed.
I haven't figured out what books to recommend since it's hard to remember reading anything in particular that influenced me at that age. But I do want to fill up her mp3 player with lots of female-empowerment kind of songs that have a good positive message to build her self-esteem before the inevitable puberty/teenage hell.
Here are some of the ones that came to mind so far:
Unfortunately her hand-me-down mp3 player sucks and I can't afford to get her another one so I only have one gig to work with…however that sure is a lot better than anyone could have done for me at her age.
She has some hearing problems and used to wear a hearing aid and may have had surgery or speech therapy or something…she seems fine now, but I think that the best bet is stuff with lyrics that are pretty easy to follow.
As a musician I really would love to expose her to all sorts of music so she knows she has more options than the billboard top 50 but I'm not entirely sure if she can hear all the frequency ranges necessary appreciate the nuances in certain styles.
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2013.07.04 17:20 Shambelle Guide (and history) to Justin Bieber

We have here a Canadian tween pop sensation with 24 music videos and 3 studio albums. Needless to say nothing is wrong with that picture. Rising from the media ruins that is youtube in other countries, Justin Bieber would become one of the world's most sought after Tiger Beat cover models, as well as one of the world's least respected individuals.
A man, his music, a monkey.
-Youtube Career Justin Bieber's career began after he was "discovered" by talent agent Scooter Braun. Legend has it that Braun accidentally clicked on a video of Justin covering Ne-Yo (statistically the worst artist ever for a white child to cover acoustically) and was certain that this Canadian would validate his career as a "Talent Agent" (An occupation traditionally used as an alibi for witness protection, superheros, dropouts, ect.) Braun quickly contacted Bieber's mother, who, because Justin wasn't of T-videogame-age, was in charge of most of his scheduling. Justin's mother was initially against the idea of letting Braun sign her son because Braun was a Jew, and not a follower of Christ After praying to God for a while, he didn't answer. So she had to, like any good Christian, go talk to an actual entity. Her church leaders convinced her that she had gone full retard and to let Justin pursue his opportunity, even if a Jew was in charge. No other artist has a rise story so filled with anti-semitism, divine intervention, and commercial success. Oh yeah, I forgot Hitler. Despite the similarity, Justin's first single One Time has been bought 2,132,000 times by people all around the world, while Mien Kampf only sold 240,000 copies by war's end. This clear outdoing reaffirms a common belief that Justin is a newer, better Hitler.
-My World After the success of his first single, the world was moist and waiting for a big, fat album to penetrate into the music scene. My World was met with clear commercial reception, selling 137,000 copies in it's first week. While this was a stunning record for the year, the streak was immediately broken by the release of Susan Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream, proving that nothing sells better that everyone underestimating you because you are old and ugly. The album was rated 3 stars by Rolling Stone, scoring slightly higher than Astralwerk's Ice on the Dune, or Empire of the Sun, or whatever the fuck.
-My World 2.0 Justin's second album My World 2.0 is titled so jerkoffly titled because it was the originally unplanned second part of his debut release. Conspiracy theorists believe that My World's platinum status had something to do with the direction the artist took.
-Under the Mistletoe Of course, what respectable artist can not make a christmas album (Pink Floyd, The Police, [The Beatles actually did do this] George Gershwin, Gwar, end of list). This Mp3 of poetry contains verses so elaborately constructed, only Canadian poetry experts fully understand what they are listening to. A sample for the children.
You leave some cookies out, Imma eat em all. Nobody can see me but you, It's so magical.
Yes Justin, is is magical. This track, Christmas Eve is one of the few songs that Justin holds any percent of the songwriting credit.
Lets wrap this music discussion up and transition over to the more important things, like Bieber's personal beliefs and family life.
-Religion and Politics Bieber is a Christian. He claims to have a strong relationship with Jesus (although they've never been seen in public) and to talk to him personally. Bieber believes that abortion is murder, and that you should have to be in love to have sex. Justin has made comments in support of Canada's healthcare system and comments in criticism of America's healthcare system. Following these comments America's healthcare system reformed to be more like that of Canada. Bieber erroneously believes that he is an African, despite his pasty mug and public opinion.
-Relationships Justin has had one public relationship with Family Wizard Selena Gomez. This relationship was likely brought to an end by Bieber's fathering of an illegitimate child, a claim for which there is no evidence.
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2013.05.27 06:19 marymelodic [Mix][House/Top 40]

This mix is almost entirely made up of house remixes of current Top 40 hits, with a few popular "real" dance music songs thrown in.
Transition times can be found in Mixcloud timestamps.
Pros: Harmonic mixing
Cons: Some of the transitions are a little sloppy.
All feedback/constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. I've only been DJing for a little over a year, so I would really enjoy hearing your comments and advice.
I hope you like it! -DJ MaRy Melodic
Listen on Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/RyanM24/car-wash-2013-mix/
Download from Dropbox: dropbox.com/sh/kgwc4z6r19b4qwi/c6rO80NQaO/Car%20Wash%20Mix%20mp3.mp3
Track List:
  1. Killin’ It (Mutrix Remix) - Krewella
  2. Sweet Nothing (Mikael Wills Bootleg) - Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch
  3. Pour It Up (Cosmic Dawn Club Remix) - Rihanna
  4. Get Lucky (Ron Reeser Coachella Edit) - Daft Punk feat. Pharell
  5. That Power (Dead Cat Bounce Remix) - will.i.am feat. Justin Bieber
  6. Alive (Cash Cash x DJ Kalkutta Remix) - Krewella
  7. Adorn (Hi-Deaf + Teenage Jesus Remix) - Miguel
  8. If I Lose Myself (Funk Avy Bootleg) - OneRepublic
  9. Don’t You Worry Child vs. Sweet Disposition (CS Mashup) - SHM vs. The Temper Trap
  10. Diamonds (Cosmic Dawn Club Remix) - Rihanna
  11. Radioactive (dBerrie Remix) - Imagine Dragons
  12. Too Close (Cazzettes Amphitheatres Surrounding Her Mix) - Alex Clare
  13. Can’t Hold Us (Kaskade Remix) - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton
  14. Feel So Close vs. Primadonna vs. Lies (DOSVEC Mashup) - Calvin Harris vs. Marina
  15. We’ll Be Coming Back (Justin Sane Bootleg) - Calvin Harris feat. Example
  16. Safe & Sound (Panic City Remix) - Capital Cities
  17. Anything Can Happen (GH4M Remix) - Ellie Goulding
  18. Some Nights (D-Jastic And Funkastarz Go Bananas Bootleg) - Fun.
  19. The Island (Madeon Remix) - Pendulum
  20. Superlove vs. Flashback (DJ Change Bootleg) - Calvin Harris vs. Avicii
  21. When I Was Your Man (Cosmic Dawn Bootleg Remix) - Bruno Mars
  22. Stay (Liam Keegan & Anton Powers Remix) - Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko
  23. Automatic (G.R.-King Extended Mix) - Nicki Minaj
  24. Fall Into The Sky (Mayeda Remix) - Zedd feat. Ellie Goulding
  25. Finale (Kastra Remix) - Madeon
  26. This is Love (Tyno Remake) - will.i.am feat. Eva Simons
  27. Titanium (Mikael Wills Bootleg) - David Guetta feat. Sia
  28. Euphoria (Novum Extended Mix) - Usher
  29. Spectrum (Panic City SKYFALL Bootleg) - Zedd feat. Matthew Koma
  30. Move For Me (Blacklights Remix) - Deadmau5 & Kaskade
  31. Turn Me On (Mikael Wills Bootleg) - David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj
  32. One More Night (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix) - Maroon 5
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2013.02.12 06:11 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I'm performing on the Grammy's tonight. Anybody care to AMA?

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Questions Answers
Does anyone pre-record their performances at the Grammys? Or perhaps enhance the performance with recordings or electronic aids? Is it a big deal among musicians to do so? Are there famous artists who get nervous about a live performance before people who may not be fans? On the other hand, are there artists who just thrive on performing live? Yes, but I can't name names. We never do on principal. I can say at country awards shows it's usually about 2/3rds pre-tracked except for lead vocals. It's much less in the rock world. I've heard only 3 bands are using tracks tonight.
Last time we had a show with usher he had tons of laptops running. 3 keyboard players onstage and not even one of them even bothered to mime playing that 2 note intro.
Electronic aids is pretty vague. There are plenty of drum machines playing click tracks in our ears...ear monitors could be considered electronic aid.
There's definitely a machismo to playing live as opposed to doing the milli-vanilli. But pre-recording means you get paid twice...for the performance and the recording, so they kinda win that way.
Dave matthews came offstage at an award show and his response when we complimented him was (approximate quote) "I almost shat my pants I was so scared". We thought somebody with his experience still being that moved by it was awesome.
Miranda is definitely one who thrives on the performance. sometimes you have to reassure the producers that it will pick up for the real show. I feel that for sure. The stakes get high and I get lost in the fun of the moment. I liken it to mountain biking. It forces you to be as focused on the moment as you are capable of. Seeing Pink doing pushups and jumping around like a badass just before she hit the stage at iHeartRadio was awesome to see. However you feel about a star's music sometimes you can't deny the energy and entertainment they provide live.
"I almost shat my pants I was so scared" He scares easily. I heard he got scared crossing the Chicago river a few years back. It landed on a boat full of tourists passing under neath. We often get lectured on being careful because we represent Miranda's name...but it truly is funny how much people exaggerate when celebrities have messups. I have a little inside info on that one: The driver for one of the crew busses, probably full of technicians that never even interact with dave, decided to dump his toilet illegally...it smells awful when they get full and sometimes the drivers are too lazy to find a truck stop to empty the shitter properly. Years ago I stepped in a stream of pee from Miranda's bus when her driver dumped on the desert roadside right when I was walking up barefoot to check on another crew member...pee mud, ugh. I boiled my foot. Anyways, going over a river on a grated bridge seems like a sneaky place to dump without getting caught. But the decision had nothing to do with Dave himself...I'm sure he was asleep on another bus miles in front or on a jet. And I'm sure that driver was a good man who got fired over a careless decision. Still, it makes fun enough headline that people latch on to and don't care about details.
Just a wee bit of proof is all we ask, and then I promise the questions will come flooding in. Everything I've heard about Frank Ocean paints him as one of the nicest people on the planet. His dressing room isn't far from ours, maybe I'll try for a fiver. Last time I saw the bieb's he was flanked by 4 bodyguards who tensed up when we said hi. It's fun being an unknown backstage because the celebrities always say hi back in case you might be somebody they should know.
Preemptively, will you please kick Justin Bieber in the balls for me? Oh and give Frank Ocean a high-five. Edited for proof.
Who are you. Chris Kline.
What are you performing? I don't think I'm allowed to reveal the song but it's a Miranda Lambert hit.
What's your opinion on the nominations. I don't really follow award shows, but I heard some people grumbling about album of the year snubs.
What's your opinion on the current state of music and the music industry? It seems like rock is going through an 80's sounding phase but with more modern and tasteful production. Keyboards are suddenly cool again. #1 songs may not have an acoustic instrument but they are far from say AHA. I don't really follow pop though.
Vertexguy?! Nope...I think of him as the "more famous musician/programmer named Chris Kline". I had never heard of him till I won bioshock years ago... imagine my surprise when his/my name came up in the credits!
It didn't take much time on YouTube to see he knows his way around a guitar neck more than I do!
Being a country fan I was pissed Chief wasn't even nominated... It was released summer of 2011! It wasn't eligible for anything "of the year 2012"...
Ooooh I love Miranda Lambert! Saw her in concert once, wonder if you were there too… She is awesome live! I you saw her in the last 7 years, then yes, I was probably there!
How do you feel about the current state of country and western? Has becoming more mainstream been good or bad for it? It seems to be going through a hair-metalish phase. A lotta drop D loaded with distortion. Country is more rock than it's ever been. It's growing in popularity and I think that's a good thing. Good music will always be made, what sells or gets radio play in a given year is not directly related. I'm a fan of more songwriterish stuff.
Sounds like my kinda music. I gotta listen to you more often. You're the Chris Kline of "The Bionic Jam", right? No, the Chris Kline of Bioshock fame is not me but I've been meaning to invite him out to a show. I've seen him on youtube and he is a shredding guitar player. As a CS majomusician he gives me a nerd boner. Also I loved bioshock.
He's definitely the most famous Chris Kline unless you count Chris Klein of American Pie fame (I've gotten so many funny emails meant for him). But there are literally hundreds of us on facebook last I checked.
Maybe you two could start a band and really confused a whole bunch of people :) It's one of those John Smith kind of names... hundreds on Facebook. There's another Chris Kline I know of who is a drummer. We grew up in the same city, went to the same college, have the same middle initial... We easily spent 2 decades in the same city and somehow never met. But I thought it would be cool to track down all the CK musicians and make an album. Of course, people would just think it's a Hunter Hayes kind of thing.
If country is getting more metal, then pop is getting more folk. Funny how that goes... I just saw this comment ...that's a great way to simplify it!
Have a good time at the Grammys, and let us know if you see anything gossip-worthy! I saw plenty of funny things happen and I love to tell stories, but as a high-school nerd the word "gossip" makes me think of degrading somebody for entertainment and I'm really not into that. As far as fun little details involving celebs: Kelly Clarkson was still going on about getting stuck on Miranda when she made her way back to the dressing rooms just after her grammy. Miranda later said Kelly was not the first or last person to get stuck on her dress...it was an accident waiting to happen with every hug and many a faux diamond was lost.
Hey, to be fair, Google's Suggest feature suggests your name as first result, and that's generally a good indication of fame. Link to imgur.com
Hmm, maybe if I insist on the spelling...and I think that re-ordering is recent, but i'll take it as a good thing!
I swear, it wasn't doing that four days ago! It's all about incognito mode if you want unbiased results, and it still might use your IP region. The kind of tailor made results and advertising that goes on with your average google search is a little creepy.
How does it feel? Is it your biggest gig yet? How is the dynamics in the band during the show? Any room for improvisation - not so much melody/chords I would imagine but perhaps phrasing? We did the grammy's a couple of years ago so not crazy jitters...but we were a little shaky at rehearsals so there is a little danger factor.
No...playing a sold out wrigley field with paisley felt biggemore significant.
We are combining 2 bands for a medley,,,lots of musicians onstage who haven't jammed together much playing through quickly built ear mixes.. it's a bit like walking a tightrope together but we try to relax and remember to have fun.
I'm playing B3 on a song with no B3 so im completely improvising...I've been changing up some inversions on the fly...just feeling it out. I'm not the sort of musician who knows exactly what I'm going to play but there's not too much wiggle room when just padding some big chords.
Will your grammy watch the grammys in her pajammies? That is entirely likely.
Can you punch Chris Brown in the nuts for me? That would be very cathartic for the sane people in America.
Who are you? A musician. A redditor. Chris Kline. You've never heard of me.
Can you take a picture of Katy Perry's boobs while you're there? We have vast amounts of Karma to share and no one to give it too. Dat dress... i hope it's not too sexist to recount my most special 53rd grammy rehearsal experience. We sat out in the empty audience seats while the rest of the bands rehearsed. Katy Perry had a bubble machine going during the rehearsals which put out smoke filled bubbles everywhere. They looked really cool, caught the light, and made little smoke poofs when they popped. But they popped a lot and the dancers started slipping on the pools of soap. After the song she announced into the mic that it was too slippery and they couldn't dance with the floor that way. As she demonstrated to the producer how the bubbles made them slip she lost her balance for real... and to catch herself she had to double over in a full forward fold with her ass to the audience. She was wearing a very short skirt and very thin underwear. I'll be in my bunk.
Is Blake Shelton really that awesome?? He is effortlessly funny. It's not just for the camera. He could easily be a comedian for a living in an alternate universe where he didn't play country. He's a kind soul as well...Its that certain honesty that goes hand in hand with being a comedian. If he has a bad side I haven't seen it.
Congrats on the TV gig. How different is it to play a TV gig versus a live show? Is it different playing in front of other professional musicians? Will you be watching the show when you're not playing (and if so, do you have your "I'm so glad so-and-so bad musician won and I'm on TV" face practiced?)? Staring at seated celebrities instead of wild fans is way different...and occasionally a camera gets in your face and you have to pretend its not messing with you. I intentionally don't wear my contacts so I don't space out looking at say Elton John or Jack White.
We will be backstage gherming after we play. We stand by the stage exit and say hi to the celebs as they pass...it's tons of fun.
I love the fact that you said gherming here... Fellow musician with a lot of Nashville background in my family. Didn't realize how significant this word was until I started spending more time in Nashville. I think the word extends to the film world as well...but I had never heard it until I started working around famous people.
Do you see celebs gawking at mega-stars? I don't care if I'm King of the Universe, I'm gonna gawk at Aretha... :) Of course! I think most stars don't think of themselves as stars unless they buy into the ego trip. And as much as people love shitting on celebs, the majority of them get to where they are by having an amazing talent. At awards shows stars bump into each other in the hall constantly and as they are walking away you will hear them saying stuff like "OMG that was amazing". It's kind of a mutual admiration society (older than facebook)... and I think that's half the purpose of putting all the dressing rooms in close proximity. Miranda loves Beyonce and was giddy to talk to her. Dierks looked like Mcauley Caulkin saying "yes" to himself after talking to Steve Martin at the ACM's, it was sweet to see. Dave Grohl seemed excited to talk to everybody, but I think he's just the human equivalent of a happy puppy.
I would space out immediatley after seeing Jack White in the flesh. As a band we pretty much did that. Nobody came up with anything relevant to say besides "we loved your performance" so the awkward small-talk came to an end with him walking away saying "see you around Nashville".
In retrospect some good ice-breakers would have been "We are guys from the rock world playing in the Nashville scene...we love what you're doing there...You'd be welcome to jam with us anytime (you never know)."...but no, instead we hosted our own little Chris Farley show.
Can you say hi to Reddit when you're on camera? Something so we know you're acknowledging us? I doubt I'll get any camera time...and there's no way for me to know if they do have me in a shot. I wore a reddit pin for many of the country award shows we've done but they are psycho abour not allowing logo's onstage at the grammy's.
Have you ever sang a Miranda song at a karaoke bar? May I recommend you get drunk and try it sometime? Oh jeez, yes a few times. Never sober. Everybody thinks they are clever signing me up for a miranda karaoke song. The thing is I sing all her songs for soundcheck every day so I'm very experienced with performing them. But this one time I was in hell when Blake's sister secretly voluteered me to take over for the pianist at a crowded piano bar and play Kerosene. This was downtown little rock after a concert so it was packed with fans. I had never actually played the song on anything but harmonica and I was unsure of the chords or how it could even be done with a piano. I mouthed to Miranda "help me" but it was too late to let the bar down. The bar crowd ended up being so noisy that nobody minded me searching for a few chords and lines...but I still catch flack from Blake's sister for not knowing all the words. We ended up getting escorted from the bar to the busses later by a team of 4 mounted police.
I really appreciate the way you elaborate on your answers and tell good stories. Storytellers like you make for really interesting AMAs even when I'm not familiar with the subject to begin with. Thanks! Cool, I figured it would be fun and I'm glad you are enjoying it. I get so much out of this website so it's great being able to contribute.
Do you have a solo career? Sort of. I post my new songs to chriskline.com/mp3 when I finish them... But I got this gig after I was finally crushed enough by the harsh reality that is the music industry...and started looking for work as a side-man. I've been kicking around getting involved in the Nashville songwriting scene but I'm mostly a rock guy and the one point everybody makes about country these days is it doesn't need more people trying to dress up rock songs as country songs.
Do you mind telling what is the harsh reality that is the music industry? Nobody cares about the art you nurture and birth to the world. Also, nobody will tell you if your art simply isn't original or passionate enough to be interesting... You just get ignored until you can bring warm bodies into clubs or sell records. Then everybody wants a piece whether it's good or not. Also, it takes money to make money... The day of the starving artist getting discovered is over.
What about Carrie Underwood? nobody to huge star in a few years? Does she write songs? I'm not saying you can't be a great performer and achieve fame. She has a voice and show that can sell tickets and albums and so a big label invested in her.
Miranda lambert played saxophone in high school. Why didn't any hot girls play saxophone at my high school? I do think girls should find more things like band instruments or science fun, but american culture just doesn't reward these sorts of activities right now...it's all about popularity and fun. Don't get me started. But the cool nerd does seem to be making a comeback lately.
Link to soundcloud.com. Holy shizzle-fries! That is hilarious and disturbing to hear something I wrote with the voice inside my head spoken in your voice...a professionally smooth voice I might add.
Can you get me a job with Miranda's crew? I'm really fun to hang out with. "The hang" is so important. And we had so many revolving crew positions when we were a Texas based band... hiring friends and friends of friends to tune the guitars and such...but somewhere between 2008 & 2010 it got so big that we hired mostly nashville professional technicians, which is a professional pool that just isnt as big in texas. To put it another way, we outgrew the supply of TX touring professionals. Now we are such a well oiled organization that suggesting a friend for a position would just be laughed off if that friend hasn't already proven themselves in the hellfire that is the touring industry. There were too many people at the shows to just stop things and say "sorry, the guitar tech put the capo on the wrong fret", as happened from time to time in our clubbier days. People expect a bigger, tighter production once thousands start showing up for the show.
It's important to note that the texas region is big enough that it has its own country market that is often at odds with "nashville country". Bigger Texas bands never have to stray far from Texas to make enough money to support themselves. But if you want to play arenas you have to make it to a national market and Texas alone can't provide that...it's a hard or impossible transition for many southern country/rock bands. Once you become a nationally famous band the Texas markets might reject you for not being Texas enough. These are very vague generalizations but my point is that the nashville vs. texas tension is quantifiable.
Is that a no then? : ( PS Miranda and Dierks did awesome! TL;DR: No. (Management specifically announced a "no more hiring friends" rule years ago)
I'm glad you enjoyed the mashup!
Thanks for doing this AMA. How did you land the job as a musician? Are you a 'studio musician'? What does your job require of you (hours put in, how much creativity, etc)? What other artists have you worked for? How different is working for a a singer as opposed to being in a band? what education do you have for music/keyboards? No prob...just sitting here otherwise.
It's all who you know basically...networking, networking, networking. Having enough talent only puts you on the field, not in the game.
I record my own songs for fun and have the occasional session, but my touring (and insecurity about my skills) keeps me from any regular studio work. Also, producers in Nashville generally have sets of musicians they prefer working with.
Before I moved to nashville, which is geographically convenient, I was gone more days than I was home. We worked it out to 191 days on the road in 2009. Now it's mostly Wednesday evening through Sunday morning and back home. On a normal day I roll out of bed, sing a few songs for soundcheck, work out or work on songs, pretty myself up, then rock out for 90 minutes...and usually have some fun after the show until we roll to the next city in the wee hours.
I haven't worked with anybody as big as Miranda except in Miranda-related events.. I got to back up Fogerty when he joined us onstage. I got to trade vocals with Carrie Underwood while standing in for ML at a rehearsal. I got to jam with Charlie Daniels once and he tossed me a solo. Paul Shaffer wanted me to do a solo on Honky Tonk Woman at a Letterman commercial break...but I didn't see his gesture...when he told me later all I could say was "wow" and froze up like a giddy little girl. We have Blake join us every now and then. Dierks, Paisley, Urban, whomever Miranda happens to be jamming a song with on a given night. I almost forgot: I played keys on Will Hoge's latest single "Song Nobody Will Hear"
She treats us like family. We are a band and we love being that way. She's said we should get our own name, but we never play as a group without her. I'm still the new guy after more than 6 years. She likes us being able to roll with situations on the fly and not clam up when shit goes wrong. Bands that don't really know each other are more susceptible to train wrecks without that trust. We've finished out playing unplanned songs, the wrong song we started but played anyways, capo's being in the wrong place so we transpose on the fly, jamming until the microphone can be fixed, or when she wants to talk...that sort of stuff.
I had piano lessons as a kid and a teenager but I didn't really fall in love with music until I could learn songs I loved on guitar. I had the odd guitar lesson here and there but nothing consistant. University of Texas' music program was very old school: Jazz or Classical only. But I took studio engineering classes at Austin Community College in the 90's. I ran a music studio and played with local bands for next to nothing for years until I got this gig.
What is your favorite Miranda song to perform live? Favorite song of hers that you don't perform in concert? In the current set Over You is my favorite because I get to play a prominant guitar part, sing a big harmony, and swell an organ note in and out with my feet.
I absolutely love Fine Tune but we never play it because the crowd gives us blank stares. It's not very country. I miss Crazy Ex Girlfriend too because the B3 part is wacky but she's been tired of that one for a while.
How emotional does Over You get? I imagine it's worse for her husband than her. She gets choked up and lets the crowd sing sometimes. It's about the same with House That Built Me...she didn't write it but she's internalized it. As far as Blake, that's not something I know or would ask about...but I can say he has been side of stage at plenty of shows when she sang it and spoke about it's significance beforehand.
Is Aden going to rock a mohawk tonight? Tell Miranda to come back to Montana soon! Aden cut off the mohawk a year ago. It was a great visual (and networking tool) but after 5 years it had pretty much run its course!
Will you actually being singing? Or will you be pulling a beyond at the inauguration? I sang. I was not as confidant about it as I was at rehearsals...not as clear an ear mix but there are a million possible reasons for that. Hopefully didn't muff any notes, I haven't heard it yet.
Did you mean Beyonce'? If you're going to pick on an entertainer for prioritizing entertainment over a live display of musicianship then put it in an envelope and mail it to madonna in the 80's...nothing has changed. Ill bet if Beyonce' thought she could relate more to her crowd by strumming an acoustic and singing with a bluegrass band around a single microphone she could pull it off. Just my impression of her. I didn't see the inauguration but I'm guessing it was enough of a formality rather than her regular crowd having a good time that she might have said "fuck it, let's run the vocal track tonight". Or maybe she had a cold. I don't know why I'm defending her, she just seems like she genuinely cares about music and has talent... and that's good enough for me.
Are all the performers there already? If so, do you get to walk around and maybe meet a random artist? Yes, Dress rehearsals started at 10amPST and the entire show is run mock live at the same pace.
Btw, in the very minuscule chance that you see him, say hi to Frank Ocean for me :) Absolutely, it's the most fun part. Last time I got to make a fool of myself with Neil Patrick Harris, Jamie Foxx, Usher, Gwennyth Paltrow, Beyonce', Polly Peret, said hi to the beibs. I invited NPH to go get "a sandwich"...I'm pretty sure he was very unamused but he was nice about the gag. Usher held my hand for about 10 seconds when the crowd pushed in...he looked back and presumably realized I wasn't his bodyguard and let go without any explanation. Jamie Foxx loves Miranda's music and recognized us from the performance...he approached US which was awesome! I hope this year is as exciting as the 53rd was!
Just watched you on the Grammy's. Good job. How much can you make a year as a touring musician? Not as much as I was making at Dell as a web programmer, but I wouldn't trade it for any job!
Haha! xD have you talked to taylor swift? First impression of her? I've met her a couple of times. She was really sweet and all smiles. Just a few seconds of smalltalk.
EDIT: Here's the pic: Link to picasaweb.google.com
Wow, you're classically handsome. That's about the nicest thing a stranger's ever said to me.
Besides of course all the emails I used to get for Chris Klein like "You hav nice musles" and "I loved you in rollerball"
I'm just kidding, nobody ever said they loved him in rollerball.
Hey you know you just posted your whole Picasa album for them to see right…? It's a public photostream for your enjoyment!
Watching you as i type this. Good job. My question: what is Miranda's phone number? She's had to change her number so many times it's usually different by the one occasion a year I have to call or text her.
But sorry no...It doesn't say "Answer You Anything"!
How do you even get into the business like that? I always wonder how the people operating the sound at concerts got to that point. I asked him that myself and the answer was: Internships. His was through the Grammy Foundation i think.
Are you a session musician? I have a bunch of friends to do tours with big names as fill in musicians and they love it. The term "session musican" means staying in town and recording in studios to me, not filling in on the road. For the most part the nashville recording clique is seperate from the touring clique. I haven't tried to break in. I'm a bit insecure about my abilities in the studio...I lean more towards the showman side.
What did you do at dell? It changed a lot over 7 years. Most of that I was a contractor with no bennies coding in ASP and PHP, but it allowed me to work part time and run my music studio at night. At first I was contracted to do internal facing customer relationship sites for people who needed inside information but didnt work for dell. Later I was the junior developer for the Internet Partners Division...which was a specialized arm between small and large business for Dell partners who had few employees and large profits, and offered venture capital to potential companies like that. Then the big tech bust happened in 2000 and those companies mostly flopped like fish in a dried up lake. My entire division of about 300 dried up. First the sales force was redirected to the small and medium business divisions. Then one by one the marketing executives were either laid off or reassigned. Before the admin (that's Dell-ese for secretary) knew she was to be laid off she handed me my contract. She mentioned she had tweaked the employee database to give me a status somewhere inbetween a contractor and direct employee. Eventually the Director and everybody I worked for was gone and I was left alone in the empty cubicle farm for 20 yards in any direction with no standing orders or responsibilities. I realized it was some sort of glitch that might soon be fixed so I started wandering around looking for people that needed computer help...excel spreadsheets, mouse ball cleaning, pc load lettering, whatever. About a month later I was helping somebody and they realized I could edit web pages and shouted to their colleagues "WE HAVE A WEB RESOURCE!". Apparently they hadn't been able to update their web pages since the layoffs. I handed their admin my contract, which was somehow pre-funded by Intel for keeping their logo on the site, and my job continued for another 6 years...now with flexible hours since I was effectively an independent contractor. My contracting company had lost every employee but me and gone under...they sold out to another arbitrary entity whom I kept faxing in my hours to and I kept getting paychecks. I did internal and external coding, photoshop work, copywriting, at my most prestigious point I managed the home page...then I took it a step further and re-did the menu system on the home page. It was kind of a disaster because I went around the usual dell content and made a javascript system that was only PC compatible, but was there really much business we lost from people on Mac's trying to buy Dell's? I knew it would be fixed soon enough and i knew I would never again get the opportunity to work on web pages that get millions of hits daily. I had no more ambition left for the tech industry. Right about that time Dell started gearing up for the second round of layoffs in 2006...maybe third if you count how many contractors they let go at any given time. I had been forced to go full time and forced to lead a team of programmers, which was cool but i had turned it down because as a perfectionist it made me want to get there early and leave late to make sure shit got done. It was a responsibility trap. I had to escape and my solo music career had fizzled in the last few years. So I told all my musician friends I was looking for a road gig...I'd even play country..but corporate money is a hard addiction to kick! Miranda wasn't the first audition to come up but it was the first one I'd leave Dell money for...
Are you involved with the songwriting process, or are you given sheet music to learn? Miranda's songwriting process? No. I do hole up in the back lounge and write songs while we're on the road but that's just my own thing. She gives us rough mixes as the albums are in progress so we can have the songs ready to play before the album is released. We often make nashville chord charts to get started and Keith always writes drum charts, but the songs are always quickly memorized. It's all done by listening. We use our own best judgement as a band on how to translate studio parts to a live performance by a 6 piece band. We're very against using tracks to have a slick production in the live show.
I was surprised about your answer that you made more doing Web Dev. Are you going to have to quit in a few years and get a 'real job'? Well, nobody can tour FOREVER! I hope to get involved in the songwriting scene so I can continue to pay my bills with music and not computer skillz...it's just more fun. Although I do enjoy programming, I enjoy it much more when it's not for a company that I am not attached to..I like hobby programming like VST plugins and the Reaper SWS extensions i'm playing around with.
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Rob, of all the recurring memes that have existed on /. over the years, which do/did you find most irritating? And why? 'First Post' was actually really irritating to me, because there would be a dozen or more of them on many articles. This made the REAL discussion a significant hunk of scroll away to read.
A number of users wrote bots designed to get the First Post, which created a lot of unnecessary load on our servers in an era when we were pretty starved for resources.
We solved that for a few years by writing a script that posted an automatic 'First Post' to stories before readers actually saw it. And then a few minutes later, we would remove the robot created post.
This worked for awhile, but then readers started noticing comments were disappearing, and the system was explicitly designed to never delete a comment... but by then the 'First Post' game had died down, and the moderation system became highly effective at sending them down to Score:-1 almost immediately.
I apologize for my bot. :( And I apologize for mine.
I find it strangely ironic that the creator of the internet problem -and subsequently, the meme of being "slashdotted" would ultimately gripe about users causing excessive server load. I assure you the irony was not lost on me at the time either!
Can you elaborate on Slashdot's (or your) relationship to Kuro5hin in the early days? Were you guys aware of similar, but other-language projects like the now-defunct symlink.ch? I was sad because so much of Kuro5hin in the early days was built around hostility towards Slashdot. I had no problem with someone building a competitor- but didn't have to be so venomous. I remember symlink, but not very strongly. I wish Slashdot the best- I still think that the editorial guys are finding a number of good stories per day. A casual tech person can still use it as a good Cliff Notes of the tech space.
I always chose the side of the users. Okay Tron. Badge of Honor ;)
Consequently siding with the users sometimes seems to be "old-fashioned" nowadays. But if it's old-fashioned, so be it. :-) The Slashdot I built was the brainchild of an idealistic 20 something in the 90s. If those ideals are old fashioned, I'm fine with that.
Thank you for Slashdot. I've used it for over a decade now to keep up with tech news & laws. I'm fine with your 20something self's ideals and what it gave us. Again, many many thanks. :) I appreciate it.
Teach them. I'll teach them the words... but I don't think they'll ever understand what those words meant to me, or to a few thousand other nerds.
True... though someday, they very well could be saying the same thing about their kids. I wonder about stuff like that with my own. Thanks for Slashdot, by the way, from uid 1016017 (though I'm more than just a number). :-) We're all just numbers... albeit very large ones counting in DNA base pairs.
post! Remember that I had run Slashdot for 14 years. I had watched countless corp re-orgs. Numerous executives coming and going. And what felt like a perennial round of layoffs. I had been ready to leave for a few years, but I had a couple of kids and didn't want to be job hunting with a pregnant wife.
EDIT: On a more serious note, if you wouldn't mind me asking, first of all, why did you leave /.? A year before i left, several of my friends were let go (including Jeff "Hemos" Bates) in a particularly brutal round of layoffs. For a time, Slashdot had a single engineer (the long suffering Tim Vroom!). I stayed, fearful that new hands would end the site.
, did you ever expect it to get so big when creating it? But what became clear is that I was ultimately damaged by the last year. I wasn't happy doing the work any more. Management and I had a different vision for what Slashdot was meant to be: I'm not saying that their version of the site was BAD, but it really wasn't the site I had been trying to run for all these years.
Finally, what OS is your favourite? (because I suppose I should include at least one tech related question) I grew increasingly cynical and unhappy. And finally I wasn't able to hide it any more. It was time.
Can you talk a bit more about being purchased by VALinux (or whatever they were called back then), what it was like immediately after and how that feeling changed? We were originally purchased by Andover.net, and I honestly didn't feel anything significant change for awhile. They served the ads, we produced the site. Over time they increasingly helped with engineering, HR, ops etc. It was pretty ideal. It wasn't until a couple years later where things started changing.
(I have some friends over at another sister property who have interesting feelings about it and I wonder how they line up with yours) I'd love to hear other people's stories. Feel free to have your friends ping me. Unless they are the ThinkGeek folks. They have cooties.
The site's really gone downhill since you left, Rob. I mean, we both know it was on it's way out for a while, but if you let the WaPo guys run /. mini on some spare dev hardware, even if it's slow, I know more than a couple of us would follow you there. If GeekNet offered to sell it to me for $1, I'd consider it... but I imagine they think it is worth far more! I'm not working on anything directly that you can see. But little bits and pieces of my work is trickling out. I'm sure the Labs guys have their own opinions, but I'd like to think I've had some small influence on the plans for the Washington Post Social Reader for example.
Since Slashdot is open sourced in Slashcode, couldn't you start your own brand new Slashdot? With blackjack and hookers. In fact, forget the site! Excellent. Lets cut straight to the good stuff!
Why aren't you user #0? Fun Trivia: Anonymous Coward is actually user #666!
I always knew that guy was an asshole. Really prolific too. In the early days of the site, I actually DID get emails from people who thought he was one person.
Have you revised your opinion of the iPod since 2001? I stand by the fact that the original iPod sucked. Then they fixed it.
What were the big changes in your mind? (I.e., what made it go from "suck" -> "fixed"?) Windows Support, replacing the mechanical wheel with the static one, the original iTunes was really a mess, and the iTunes Store. Also making it just a few gigs bigger let me fit my entire library. That helped too ;)
2 questions -- Hemos works at Google.
What are Hemos, Kurt 'The Pope', and Cowboy Neil doing these days? Kurt the Pope works for Sight Machine (a Machine Vision company I have invested in, also founded by Nate Oostendorp, who I guess was Slashdot's third engineer).
Favorite moment at Slashdot? CowboyNeal recently contributed a game review to Slashdot- his first editorial work in several years. I hope to see more of him in the future.
PS: "Nuke The Moon" was my favorite Geeks in Space episode. You guys should start that back up! Someone start a Kickstarter to get Geeks in Space back ;)
I still have all my GiS mp3's on a flash drive... I still listen when I'm feeling nostalgic. I think it took me over a year to accept that whole "we'll start back up if/when we can figure out the remote logistics" thing was never gonna happen :'-( I imagine I could talk Hemos & Nate into doing it if there was a reason to... but we're all amazingly busy. Nate has a startup. Jeff travels back and forth across this country every other week. And I am working plenty hard at the post. Getting 3 people in a room for 90 minutes a week is tricky when you're as mobile as we are. The funny thing is that now that podcasting and home studio recording is so easy, we could do it now for virtually nothing. It's just a matter of scheduling.
+1 for a GiS kickstarter... Seriously, if someone worked out the logistics/funding, would you really "get the band back together?"
I really miss Geeks in Space. It was hilarious and entertaining and I remember looking daily for new episodes for at least a year after they stopped being made. I loved making them. Just straight up fun.
Heh, yeah... Well, if you all ever have the time and inclination... your audience is still here, eagerly awaiting the Black Mesa of podcasts ;) Unfortunately I suspect that audience numbers in the hundreds, so I don't see there being profit in it... and my ego is inflated enough!
Maybe just get the old crew back occasionally to Skype in to an established podcast? For example, take over the panel on TWiT once and a while. I imagine we could make that happen sometime, but it's just not a priority in any of our lives.
When, in your opinion, was slashdot's peak / highest moment? The day I proposed to my wife on the front page.
What do you feel is the biggest threat to user submitted content on the Internet? Companies valuing money over users? People who abuse the system for their own personal gains (either self promoting or just trying to be the class clown), moderators who are undervalued or have infighting, or users who are just insensitive to preserving a culture or a lack of appreciation for a free service. Or sometime else? Communities tend to cycle: as they grow, commercial interests try to shape it. Reddit might be the exception: they've held closely to a minimalist aesthetic and avoided commercial influence. But their success has rendered the homepage pretty mediocre. THe sub-reddits are where the action is. So to a certain extend, Reddit's greatest success was containing the chaos in one giant swimming pool, and letting the cool kids hide just barely out of site.
What are your favorite subs on Reddit? I don't subscribe to any of them in particular, but when I constantly see interesting things from IAMA and Science.
Why did you found the GNAA and can you tell us anything about the inner workings of this incredible organization? Ok, so I said AMA... but I guess I lied. You can't handle this one.
Emacs or vi ? Vim.
As a proponent of online privacy you posted many stories on /. around the increased data collection by large companies, and what this could mean for consumers or normal people. How do you see a company like Google using the data it collects, and specifically your interest in Google+? Data is just data. When I ran Slashdot, I logged everything I practically could because without it, I couldn't make informed decisions.
What corporations DO with that data will pretty much define the future of the internet. I don't think people truly understand the implications.
The biggest databases- things like Facebook and Google could be used in so many awful ways. But I collected all the data I possibly could too, and I really tried to impress upon everyone I worked with the RESPONSIBILITY that this data entails. Like, just because you gave me your email address is not permission for me to sell it or spam you.
I hope that the giants play nicely. I want the cool shiny things they make... and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt in most cases.
It seems to me it would enhance their brand value to be seen as trustworthy. Do you think that will influence them to be better internet citizens with the data they retain? I think they all know the value of their respective brands. The question is where will they draw the line?
Question: which BSD distributions, if any, has Netcraft confirmed are dying? All of the BSDs are the dying.
question: which type of hot breakfast cereal would you most like to pour over a statue of actress Natalie Portman? All of the portmans are gritted.
Rob! All I have to say is thank you for the countless hours i spent on on /. trying to keep up with all tech based problems, and some of the satirical things as well. Do you think you will create a similar web-site and take a different approach? If there was one thing you could change with /. what would it be? Slashdot was owned by GeekNet, which is a publicly traded company with fiduciary obligations, and a CEO beholden to a board and shareholders. I always made my opinions clear, and worked with them in mind. But I could be over-ruled. I always fought for what I believed in. If anything, I probably fought to hard since it really affected me at a personal level. I still like the approach of the original Slashdot: no bullshit. honesty. disclosure. personal. I don't see a need to build a website to continue that tradition today... you can follow me on G+ as +Rob Malda and on twitter as @cmdrtaco and on Link to cmdrtaco.ne and get the same general stuff from me without all the overhead.
I feel you started a great tradition in the IT World. Coffee, Boot up Computer, Open up Slashdot. It is my morning routine. So thank you, and Godspeed, sir! Speaking of which, my cup has been empty for almost an hour. This shall not stand! This will be the last question I answer until my cup is refilled.
Quick! Get this man some coffee! He needs a warm delicious beverage in his hand! We can't lose him! I'm back. Americano in cup. And an apple gripped in my teeth like I'm a pig ready to be roasted.
How's your wife? I remember the day you proposed. I hope she's doing well. She's upstairs chasing our kids while I furiously chat with internet strangers.
Do you miss the days of running the site from an alpha in your bedroom? I truthfully do miss the old days (although the Alpha technically never lived in my bedroom! It was under my desk at my employers... serving double duty as an SMTP/Web Server). I will never again work that hard- from the moment I woke up until the moment I fell asleep. And it was ultimately amazingly satisfying interacting with so many cool people. Many of whom I still see on Google+ +Rob Malda and on twitter @cmdrtaco so join them!
Did you just plug google+? I love G+. And anyone who doubts it should follow me. I share good links, and get interesting discussions. Twitter is just to fragmented for my tastes. It works, but it's just not directed enough.
G+ is largely a ghost town, but I have a few thousand followers that actually have something to say. I'm not Robert Scoble or Justin Bieber, so I get to have meaingful feedback and discussion. I love G+. Seriously.
2) Why do u think it lost out to other sites? 1) I really miss posting stories and reading cool discussions that we generated.
3) How much money did u make on it? 2) We lost for a number of reasons- but mostly I think it comes down to having a working machine that couldn't easily change. Reddit & Digg both brought new ideas to the space, and Slashdot couldn't simply change into those sites without changing what IT was. You dance with the date who brought you.
3) Enough to take a lot of time off if I need it. Not enough to put my kids through college and retire.
Can you describe for us the moment when you realized that Slashdot was no longer a pet project, but something legitimately successful? What was the moment, and what did it feel like to know that your venture was actually going to, well... work? There were several moments- very high on the list was a few months in when we ran a poll question asking 'How many shots should Kurt Drink?' (Kurt was our roommate, and eventually the Blockstackers hlegal guy). The poll had hundreds of votes within a few hours.
Do you have any ideological commitment to free and open source software, or do you only care that it's a UNIX? I think I somewhat addressed this elsewhere, but for me it's more practical than ideological: the deeper into the system you go, the more open it should be. The more components that depend on a sub-system, the more open it should be.
This is necessary to make it possible for us to hack out the next generation, and to prevent us from all getting locked into crap.
Any new languages, operating systems, or advancements in hardware you think someone who was into tweaking OS source code, overdriving their own 486 cpu's, and other primitive hacking around could get into as a new hobby? I'm going to learn this for myself in the next few years as my sons become old enough to start learning to take stuff apart, and put it back together again... but better.
As slashdot went from a pet project to something owned by a corporation, what was the hardest decision you had to make? Quitting was harder than selling it. I really hoped that i could work there forever. The sale of the site was really structured to make that possible. But 14 years changed me, GeekNet, and Slashdot in unexpected ways.
So you were forced to quit? No. I chose to quit because I knew that I couldn't maintain the site in a way that I would be proud of.
Now you know how the rest of us felt for all those years :p. There are a lot of things like this that I learned in the year since I left. It's different on the outside.
What was the best/worst "survey/poll" you ever posted? Also, where did you/the site get the ideas? You mean polls? I don't think I could name a favorite. We did so many fun ones- we voted on who should be naked at Tradeshows. How many shots we should drink at parties. And so many CowboyNeals.
Do you still use slashdot as a user? I primarily only read Slashdot now as an RSS feed. When I use the site natively, I start mentally making a list of things that need to be fixed or changed. And then I get a bit grumpy that I can't do anything about it.
Who came up with the /.-joke-name? The joke name was mine. I actually had a desktop that I named 'slashdot' back in the dorm rooms a couple years before I registered the DNS. And if ICANN approves the .DOT TLD, I better damn well get dibs on slashdot.dot so I can have Link to slashdot.org as my homepage!
I think you mean Link to slashdot.dot - awesome :D. I wish I had a mirror of Chips & Dips... I'd put it there ;)
Longtime /. reader and huge fan here. Slashdot was news for NERDS. That term still hasn't been as usurped as "Geek" which I think has been pretty devalued.
Do you feel like the spread of the web in the last 20 years, from something just for nerdy computer types, and into the mainstream world has had a negative effect specifically on sites/forums for the truly geeky, like /.? For example, 15 years ago "geek" was an insult that was probably the pre-cursor to a locker room wedgie, where now "geek" has become something cool that even people who aren't remotely geeky refer to themselves as. Is the rise of "Fake Geekiness" having a negative effect on real nerd culture, and making it more difficult for hives of true nerdiness to thrive these days? The thing that made me sad was that Slashdot was meant for a very tiny group of people... unfortunately, that group of people was almost entirely already online in the late 90s. As the internet grew, our user base remained roughly the same!
As a long time attendee of many a *nix convention, I was always surprised when they had some 'Slashdot Lounge', which more or less seemed to be +/- you and some others on a couch, chatting, while being watched by any number of gawkers. What truly was the point of that, and did it feel as awkward as it looked to me or was it all a laugh and I missed the point? It was incredibly awkward, and almost totally meaningless.
To be fair, it was nice to have a place to hang out and read email and chat with a few friends. Conferences are kinda boring otherwise.
Mostly tho, it seemed to me that we did these just to show advertisers that we were legit, and that we had lots of readers.
For me, I got a lot of really good feedback from people. I learned what people like, and what they didn't. When people hate you, they write you angry email. WHen they like you, they don't say anything. So we'd get a lot of honest information from people who just happened to walk by and recognize our logo.
But hells yes, it was awkward. I'm an introvert. After hour 3 I just wanted to hide in a cave.
Why did you sell /.? At some point, it became clear that we needed 100x the hardware and bandwidth and many more employees to run things smoothly. The choice was to finance ourselves, or find a company that had infrastructure to help us scale.
Why did you choose the latter over the former? (Selling rather than financing yourselves.) It seemed easier at the time: Find a company that already had an HR department, already had racks of servers, already had a few hundred megabits of bandwidth and a couple of sysadmins and some ad sales guys.
I was really interested in building SLASHDOT, but I wasn't all that interested in building the support infrastructure necessary to hold it. What did I know about hiring a corp attorney? Ya, know?
What do you think are the strengths of /. vs the strengths of Reddit? Slashdot lags slower, but maintains a more consistent tone. You can read 25 Slashdot stories and get a good grasp of the world. Or you can read hundreds of Reddit articles, get mostly the same information, but it would require substantially more effort to weed through the noise.
I still have to read 300-500 headlines per day to find the dozen stories I think are worth reading each day. So far, no site has achieved that for me. I live in Google Reader.
I noticed Reddit seems to have more problem than /. these days. It's also a couple orders of magnitude larger, so that would make sense.
I think you made a Dreamhost shared server admin cry. And I'd never seen a system with a load average of over 250 before. Thankfully, the guys at Geekalize (now sadly defunct) stepped in and gave me a place to stay for a bit. I live in east michigan right now- and the Jolly Pumpkin shared our wall for a year or two. That was super sweet.
2) I know you're from West Michigan. What's your favorite local microbrewery? Usually when I'm back in west michigan, it's to bring the kids to visit grandmas and grandpas... so I'm probably to busy to drink your beers!
(God, so many more questions! Like, 'which version of D&D to you prefer, and have you tried Pathfinder and GURPS?') I prefer D&D 3.0 to later versions. I don't care for gurps or 4.0.
This was the design I am talking about, Link to images.slashdot.org. I was still in highschool when I was wearing that all the time, I'm kind of shocked I didn't get in trouble for it looking back. I love that design. My copy of that shirt is still in my big plastic tub. Someday I'll wear it again. Or at least show it to my kids before the big bonfire.
What would you do differently, if you could do it all over again? I think if I had just one thing, I would tell myself to quit after OMG Ponies. That would have been a great high note to leave on.
I've never been a big fan of the internet's pension for lame April fools jokes. But OMG Ponies had me laughing all day (and still sometimes to this day). April Fools Day was usually one of my favorite days of the year. I used to get all this hate mail from people who would scream that the jokes weren't funny... to me, that BECAME the joke!
Did you ever get complaints about the slashdot effect? Constantly, ranging from legal threats to the more bemused and thankful.
Do you still get them? ;) I actually get fairly frequent complaint emails from Slashdot users either unaware that I left, or indifferent to that minor detail.
Heh. Do you still reply? Or do you have an automated e-mail reply/response for those? I reply to as much email as I possibly can. I don't have any auto replies any more.
Can you talk about leaving a successful website that your vision helped create. Was it painful, did you want to leave, or were you forced out? I had to leave. It hurt more than I could ever explain. It ripped my guts to do it. But I wasn't happy any more. I no longer could see a future for the site I wanted to run. And it was eating me up inside. Eventually it ate right through and spilled back out.
My friends knew it. My wife knew it. I'm glad I left before my kids knew it too. I know that not everyone gets to work in a job they love... but nobody should work a job that actually makes them emotionally hurt. And by the end, that was where I was.
I was never able to separate "Slashdot" from "Rob". Quitting was the only way.
I wasn't forced out. I could have stayed. But it would have cost me other things.
1) How often are you (CmdrTaco) a victim to name squatting and how do you deal with it? If I try to register on a system that has been around for awhile, it's very likely taken. If I care (Twitter, Reddit) I can usually find a sympathetic admin to help me (Thanks Erik!). Else I just register something else and grumble.
2) Who has been the most prolific submitter to slashdot over the years? Link to slashdot.org has the list of the top submitters, so RTFM I guess ;) the leader is currently theodp.
How's your bit with the Washington Post working out? It's been really great. I work with a bunch of really smart people, and on interesting problems. And more than just tech, there's a giant newsroom filled with passionate journalists who obsess with so many of the same things that I always did.
That's awesome. When I heard news of your departure I was kind of excited to see where you would land... did not expect it to be at a newspaper. I will say that I've enjoyed the stories you've written so far and am looking forward to more great content. Finding a home where I would have the opportunity to write was important to me. I had other options, but this just felt right. But if you had told me that I would land at a newspaper 5 years ago, I would have laughed.
What circumstances led to the current incarnation of the moderation and metamoderation systems on slashdot? What led to some of the design decisions (5 points to hand out, etc.)? Someday I should probably write out the evolution of our mod system just so people understand why I made the design decisions I did. Basically we started with friends, and expanded the circle slowly. Eventually the circle got big enough that we couldn't trust everyone. I also learned that people get bored and squander or ignore their powers.
We tweaked most numbers in the system pretty extensively over the years. Even that 5 mod point number was subject to experiment. Some users got more!
I for one would be interested in reading that. I always wondered why sometimes I got 15 points. Because you deserved them.
So what happens now if two people squander a point on a comment ranked as a 4? Separately, what led to the first and second site style changes? I loved all three looks (not sure how many there were; I am an 800,000-ID user, so I still came in during the site's younger-middle ages), but I take it that a compelling reason presented itself for changing the site aesthetic? See this is a classic case of someone not thinking about the big picture: Sure, that happens. Yup, it's annoying. But how often is it ACTUALLY an issue? Score:4 comments are relatively rare. Mod points are rare. The act of modding a 4 to a 5 is VERY rare. So the system loses what, 1% of mod points to this terrible tragedy? The system used to lose 50% of mod points on weekends to people not reading on SUNDAY. BIG PICTURE! See it!
The second design was just because it was time to make some space on the page for some new features, and to modernize things a bit. The third design was done because people who were paid a lot of money were convinced that it was the right thing to do. I wasn't one of those people. I was more of the if-it-ain't-broke mindset. TONS of effort went into countless versions. I was just happy that the new version wasn't hugely worse than the old one. There were some versions that were just awful.
I always did try to take moderation seriously. But: How did you determine that in an automated fashion? The whole moderation system and the thought processes behind it were always fascinating to me. The meta moderation system blindly showed random moderation acts to people and got their opinions. Comments that deviated from tolerances could be acted upon, and the busted moderators removed. It worked remarkably well for many years.
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