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ESFP - Performer Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceptive . ESFPs live for the moment. Enthusiastic and fun, they enjoy bringing people along for exciting experiences. ... Although Myers Briggs dating is a popular concept, it does not accurately predict compatibility when used without Instincts. SIGN UP: Find your Instincts and meet compatible ... ESFP - ESFJ Relationship Joys and Struggles. This section ESFP - ESFJ relationship is about how these two personality types come together in a relationship.Specifically, we will be looking at the joys of this relationship as well as the struggles this relationship may have. This is the First online people finder service for both men and ladies. Meet, and fuck instantly at a moment’s notice – Not all members find Sex but some of them want serious Enfj Dating Esfp relationships. The adult dating site is one the oldest way to search guys near your local area. Entertainer ESFP; Articles & Surveys. Articles. Get tips, advice, and deep insights into personality types. Theory. Understand the meaning and impact of personality traits. ... In the dating phase, if Campaigners can be said to tolerate such a formal process to begin with, they will show these qualities by showering their new flames with ... ESFP Relationships. ESFPs are fun and delightful to be with. They live for the moment, and know how to make the most of each moment. They are genuinely, warmly interested in people, and love to make others happy. They're usually very kind-hearted and generous, and are always going out of their way to do something nice for someone. Naturally, they don’t spare any of this freshness and energy when dating. For people with the Entertainer personality type, relationships aren’t about slowly building foundations for the future, or planning out a life – they are bubbling, unpredictable things to be enjoyed for as long as there’s enjoyment to be had. I'm an ESFP girl and dating a INFP guy right now actually so I understand. In our relationship my boyfriend has always been the more steady and reserved one while I am quite the opposite. So we started our relationship with his persistence in wanting to talk and get to know each other. ESFP Dating Do’s and Don’ts. If you’re dating an ESFP make sure to be open to new, exciting adventures, and make sure that in all your interactions you’re sincere and conscientious. ESFPs hate phoniness! They live to make the most of the moment and enjoy all the beauty and experience that life has to offer. Tips for Dating an ESFP Personality . When dating an ESFP, it is important to remember that this type of person loves action. They are always looking for something new and exciting to undertake. Try to be open to these new endeavors and make sure that you don’t turn down too many opportunities with your partner. ESFP Flirting & Dating: How to Attract an ESFP When it comes to flirting and dating the ESFP is often a natural. They are friendly and outgoing people who really enjoy making connections with other people. For the ESFP being able to connect with others and get to know them is a rewarding experience. They […]

ESFP: The Performer

2012.10.16 20:29 ESFP: The Performer

【𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐠𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐮𝐛 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐲𝐞𝐫𝐬-𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐠𝐬 𝐄𝐒𝐅𝐏𝐬 (𝐒𝐞 - 𝐅𝐢 - 𝐓𝐞 - 𝐍𝐢) ---- 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐥𝐢𝐟𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐮𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐟𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐫 ✨ 】

2008.11.21 12:50 analytical, conceptual and objective

For those who score INTJ on MBTI tests. Check the [/INTJ rules](/intj/about/rules/) and the [FAQ](/intj/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q.) before posting.

2015.03.12 09:01 DeanKeaton r/MBTIDating - Certain Personalities Work Well Together

Certain personalities work well together, but you knew that already, didn't you? /MBTIDating is a R4R style personals and dating advice subreddit for the 16 Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality types.

2020.09.24 16:33 RollingThunder77777 Dating an ESFP

Anyone got experience of it? Just met her. We have a ton of laughs together but almost nothing in common apart from our values.
I am very political/liberal and she comes from a conservative background. I am very artsy and into music and she likes reality tv etc.
Anyone else dating in a similar way and have advice?
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2020.09.21 02:37 personalitytests123 MBTI Types and HEXACO Results

Hello everybody, I recently posted in the subreddits for all of the different MBTI types asking if people would be willing to take the HEXACO test and share their results. I have started analyzing the data and thought I would share some of the things I have learned so far. I should clarify that I am not quite done analyzing everything yet the way I would like to, so I will be updating this post as time goes on. Also, if you haven't already taken the test and posted your results you could take the test at After you take the test please post your numerical results (not the graphs) along with your MBTI type below.
Anyways, so for some background on the HEXACO model, the HEXACO model is essentially the same as The Big Five except that it adds a new trait for honesty-humility. I learned about the HEXACO model by reading about it and taking it online. I have also read a book by the researchers who developed the model titled "The H Factor of Personality: Why Some People are Manipulative, Self-Entitled, Materialistic, and Exploitive—And Why It Matters for Everyone", where they explore the new honesty-humility factor.
Both the HEXACO and The Big Five are trait personality theories, and they were developed by asking people to rate themselves on adjectives such "cheerfulness" or "outgoingness". They then looked to see what adjectives were correlated together, and combined these adjectives into a group. The reason they did this is that some adjectives describe essentially the same thing (or they are opposites so they are on the same scale). For example, cheerfulness and liveliness are basically the same. Eventually, the founders of The Big Five found that they were able to consolidate adjectives into five basic traits which are: extraversion, neuroticism, openness, consciousness, and agreeableness.
The HEXACO was developed later when a pair of researchers performed this same process with eastern, Asian languages and discovered that their adjectives actually clustered into six categories, rather than just five. They then re-did this analysis in western cultures and they again discovered these same six factors. The first five factors were the same as those in The Big Five, but the new sixth factor they discovered was honesty-humility. The reason why honesty-humility wasn't discovered originally with the original Big Five research is that that research was performed earlier than the HEXACO before computers and higher processing power was available, so they had to limit themselves to fewer adjectives in their research.
In summary, the HEXACO model measures the level's of people's humility-honesty (H), emotionality (E, note that this is referred to as neuroticism in The Big Five), extraversion (X), agreeableness (A), consciousness (C), and openness (O). The H factor is pretty straightforward in that people who are high in it tend to be honest, sincere, and modest, whereas people who are low in the H factor tend to lie more, are more narcissistic, and are more materialistic. Emotionality measures your levels of anxiety, fearfulness, emotional dependence on others, and sentimentality. Extraversion measures not only how sociable you are, but also your overall levels of positive emotions such as liveliness. Agreeableness measures how willing you are to forgive other people, as well as how easy you are to get along with overall. Consciousness measures how strong your work ethic is and how much you plan out your life. I should also note that people with low levels of consciousness typically have poorer impulse control. Lastly, openness to experience measures how willing you are to explore new ideas such as intellectual ideas, and also how creativity you are.
Overall, when I last analyzed the date there were a total of 60 respondents. So far 38 intuitives and 22 sensors have responded, so be aware that the all respondents results are skewed toward intuitives at the moment. With that being said here are some of the things I have found so far by applying a t-test analysis to a variety of different traits:
I intend to do further analysis by looking at each individual type. However, at the time I performed my most recent analysis of the data no ESTJs, ENTJs, or ESFPs had responded. Additionally, a number of other types only have a few respondents, so the more people that would be willing to take the test so that I could analyze their test results the better.
TLDR: I am looking at how HEXACO test results correlate to MBTI type. The raw data and analysis can be found at the following link: Data Analysis.xlsx Also, if you haven't taken the test yet, please take the test at, so that I can have more data for the analysis. Make sure to post your numerical results though, because I can't analyze data from the graphs. You can get the numerical results if you scroll down the results page and click on the "obtain my results in pdf format" icon.
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2020.09.15 15:42 etherealcharmander Which middle function is most preferred by each type?

Welcome everyone, to the long awaited results for my controversial polls. I call them that because I had plenty of comments asking me why I think its possible for someone to prefer their auxiliary function over their tertiary, it just doesn't make sense. I believe that Objective Personality came up with this theory from what I've found, at least they're the ones that put it out there as far as I have seen. The theory talks about the "animals/actions" which refer to the order in which the functions are used in your stack. They are called Sleep, Blast, Play, and Consume. This explains how some people are able to prefer their third function first then go to their second function second. I will leave a link explaining all of these words so that I don't have to clutter this post doing so.
Now, here's why I made this poll in the first place. I've been going in circles trying to properly type myself and I've fully concluded, I'm still an INFP, not an INFJ. While I have properly disciplined myself to be punctual and organized, I am still a natural mess by heart. There were many INFPs disagreeing with me saying that I can't possibly be an INFP because we hate structure and love to just do things in the moment. I digress. Well developed people CAN prefer their third function, maybe seeing it as a goal or challenge to learn how to master. On the other hand, they can dislike it, seeing their aux function as all they need.
I got plenty of feedback about this poll, some positive, some negative. Some misunderstandings were happening as well. While I understand that everyone uses both middle functions together, it was not my intention for people to fully pick one over the other, but to pick which one comes first to them. I explained to many that it's usually a 60/40 split on either side and it doesn't really matter which side.
Before we get into the results, of course these aren't going to be 100% accurate, but we can speculate on why some graphs look different than others. To start, there's not a ton of sensors in the online MBTI community as compared to intuitives (or many intuitives are mistyped) so that messes with the results a little. There is also the fact that people could've just chosen the function they think is cooler or better, instead of the one they actually use first. So I will give a few of my thoughts about the results and let you guys argue or discuss in the comments.
The IxFJs overwhelmingly chose Ti over Fe. Someone suggested that this might be because of a certain number of them being in an Ni-Ti or Si-Ti loop, which is possible. Loops are using the first and third function and ignoring the second to balance the two instead of using the third function then the second right after.
ENFPs seemed to prefer Te while ESFPs seemed to prefer Fi. This could be because of the differences in Ne and Se. Most stated that they use Te for real life things and Fi is usually just there to guide them along the way.
I don't have much to say for the ESxJs as there weren't many participants, but I do wonder why the ESTJs picked Ne over Si.
It seems like the ENxJs overwhelmingly preferred their aux function. I had a few conversations with some ENTJs about this whole thing. In short, not understanding why a person with an N in the type could possibly prefer an S function. So it seems like this group was the most opposed to this theory. It shows in the results as well.
The ISxPs were pretty split as well. Very balanced. Most still preferring their Se but still use a good amount of Ni as well. Nothing much to say here except very balanced souls.
The ExTPs love their Ti. I date an ENTP irl that constantly uses Fe. To all you guys out there, don't be so critical of your third function. It's not here to hurt you. It's here to give you that balance. Give it a chance!
The IxTJs were pretty solid. Most of them preferring Te over Fi. They are pretty average results and nothing out of the ordinary here imo.
The INxPs oh boy here's where I get to ramble for the last time. These are the people that absolutely love to use their Ne and hate being grounded in reality. The consensus seems to be I've got this ability to see so many possibilities, why would I choose that other one over this? Which I can understand. It seems like Ne is very important to us. I respect you guys. Just please stop telling me I can't be an INFP because of this xD
And that's all folks! Very long post here. Please leave any feedback you have about this theory, whether you agree or disagree and why. If you didn't get a chance to participate in the polls, let me know what you would have chosen and why. Overall, just remember these are all theories and concepts, you are not limited to what your type says you can do or who you can be. Have a great day/evening/night/morning everybody.
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2020.09.10 23:31 amberjane24 Any advice you guys could give me for and esfp dating an entp

Hey guys! I am an esfp (F) and I’m wondering if you guys can give me any advice for dating an entp(m). I would say he is the textbook entp to the tee so I know most people would say that our types don’t typically get along but I have a lot of respect for my bf and I think he’s so intelligent and entertaining. We fall short sometimes because It’s been hard for me to learn how his brain works and the ways he thinks because you guys seem to be super complex thinkers who love a good argument and I can’t fully relate to that 😂 What do you guys need in a relationship? What makes you feel loved? Any advice is welcome.
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2020.09.10 22:53 Weeeyerd Dating ENFJs and INFJs has been the only time I've been able to exist without a mask on, and could be almost 100% me, and be super attractive to someone else while existing like that.

I don't know what it is, but it's like the way we think & are somewhat considerate but distant intrigues them. Frankly, they might be sapiosexual.
So long as you don't give in to their "woe is me" plays that to be fair, can be justifiable because they actually are SUPER considerate and actually do a 110% (and even if you tell them to do less, they'll still do it), it's basically a great match, from my experience. And any unconscious manipulation by them (usually well intended still) is neutralized by our laziness, so that's another huge plus.
Dating ESFPs was a disaster and dating INFPs was like a ticking time bomb. YMMV though.
Also, I think a lot of INTPs have trouble dating because ENFJs/INFJs combined make up 5-7.5% of the population at most, so that's a small target market. I don't know what it is man, but it just works.
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2020.09.10 18:27 0001100999 Cognitive functions (shadow)

Hi ESFPs of the internet,
I realized recently that CSJoseph was pretty much the only guy who talks about the 4 sides of our minds and that got me thinking about our relationship with other types. I used to take his words for gospel (Ti trickster?) but now I’m more critical of his approach to functions. So idk I thought I’d write what Si/Fe/Ti/Ne evoke to me.
Edit: it’s not just how we use those functions, more so how I think those users appear to Gammas (socionics) and why we might have tough times with some people
Do y’all relate to the following?
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2020.09.08 19:28 prettyparadox77 Is there a "Type" for ESFP men?

Are there typical characteristics an ESFP male likes in women he wants to date or marry? What do you guys look for in women that you think is specifically related to your personality type? Or what would be your ideal/"perfect" woman? I'm just curious if there's a commonality and what it may look like. Thank you for your help!
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2020.09.07 18:38 eeveecatcher Looking for Relationship !

please PLEASE use the message page to message me, i really don’t prefer chat at all! but i’m a (recently discovered) ace who’s looking for someone to date, preferably on the east coast us!
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2020.09.07 18:26 prettypeanuts25 ESFP dating an ESFP

I am an ESFP dating an ESFP. Towards the beginning of the relationship (3 months in) I tried to break it off since we were too similar. Now I am 1 year in and still feeling the same way. I keep reading dating articles and keep determining that there is nothing wrong with the relationship. We communicate well, etc. I found myself avoiding any physical intimacy with him and feeling guilty when I say I love you. I have also been thinking sexually about being with my own gender (f). The thing is, I don't click with a lot of people on a close level so the fact that I actually found someone I get along with super well is great. Also we do the same things together which I love. I thought maybe long term relationships are supposed to get boring after a while? So I'm not sure why I keep feeling like we should break up deep down. When I try to picture us 20 years from now, I don't see myself with him. Idk what's wrong with me since he is sweet, loving, and keeps me positive and less depressed.
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2020.09.07 17:07 hereforWPD What should I do about this ISFJ girl that I keep thinking about?

Sorry for the long post. I've already tried to summarise this but I have so much thoughts in my head.
I have been thinking about this ISFJ girl so much and it's really making me tear my hair out based on the mixed signals that she's giving. I don't know if I'm overthinking this and I know there have been threads in this subreddit about how to tell if ISFJs like someone, but this is quite a unique situation, hence the new thread.
For context:
Positive signs:
Negative signs:
Met this amazing ISFJ girl from work and I thought she used to drop me positive hints while I was attached but seems like she's cut back on it recently. She has told me she takes a long time to evaluate if she sees a future with someone and she will only date that person if she sees a future with him. I really wonder what she thinks of me and I'm getting so confused trying to read her hints but I don't want to confess as we might see each other in the office and it might be awkward. If she gave me more definite hints, I would definitely progress in sync with her. What should I do?
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2020.09.06 08:09 macncheeseaddiction guess my mbti type!! 🤍 (i’m a girl btw)

—HOBBIES hanging out with rlly close friends, DEEP talks (i hate small talk), watching stranger things or the office, riding my bike, watching animal videos, tik tok, listening to music, long car rides/road trips, looking at memes, fulfilling my shopping addiction, writing in my journal, redocorating my room every other week, zoning out (what i do most of the time).
—MENTALLY i’m rlly shy. i only have a few close friends and one of them is my twin lol(who is an intj). i also have adhd but i have more of the zoning out part rather than the hyperactive part. i’m always in my own world, which gets me in a lot of trouble sometimes.
—STYLE i have pretty good style ngl. i used to have rlly basic style until quarantine happened. i always switch back and forth between early 2000s style and indie style. i have lately been leaning more towards the indie side. i have been wearing a lot of green stuff and stuff that looks like it was from an early 2000s catalogue but with kind of a nature ish feel... it’s kind of hard to explain. I’ve been wearing converse and doc martens a lot. i also wear air force ones a lot bc they’re the only casual sneakers i own. i usually go for rlly simple jewelry bc i’m not the best at styling accessories.
—RELATIONSHIPS my type for guys is usually is usually someone who is outgoing, smart, and can get me out of my comfort zone. i want someone who can joke with but never intentionally hurt my feelings. i am sensitive btw but i can take a joke. i have liked the same guy for a long time (i think he’s an entp). he fits the exact description of what i’m looking for but i don’t think he likes me back. i recently got out of a relationship with an infp male, we were together for 6 months. i broke it off with him bc i lost feelings, i was really sad but i knew it was for the best. i first thought that we had a lot in common ; we did but i realized that he is a lot more sensitive than i am (he also has depression so that was a big reason why). i just slowly but surely noticed imperfections about him that i didn’t notice when we first got together. like how he likes weird shows, how he always went on his phone whenever we hung out, how he had too much facial hair....u get the point. my very first relationship was actually with the entp guy that i was talking about at the beginning of this rlly long paragraph. i was 14 (i’m 16 now). we were only together for 4 months and we broke up bc he lost feelings, which is kind of ironic bc that was the reason why i broke up w my last bf. i didn’t like the entp for the whole time we were broken up, i only started liking him again recently. i NEVER make the first move with any guy. i don’t think i’ve ever told a guy that i liked them unless they told me first.
—WHAT IM LIKE ON THE INSIDE i really like myself. there are definitely times where i lay awake at night and wonder why i said that thing to my crush in 4th grade. but i think i’m pretty cool. i sometimes think that i’m self centered but my friends always tell me i’m not. i’m honestly not sure what i’m meant to do in life. i’m not even sure if life has a purpose, tbh, but i hope it does. i think i’d be a rlly good writer but they don’t make much money and i wanna earn a high salary. i don’t think that i’ll have kids until i’m done with college. i will hopefully be in my mid 20’s at least. i don’t mind getting married at a young age as long as i know for sure that they are the one. i’m such a hopeless romantic. if they aren’t willing to put effort in, then i will not hesitate to leave them. i have no clue how many kids i wanna have but i would think maybe 3 or 4. i don’t want to be completely overwhelmed but i also wanna keep things interesting. i always imagine myself in different scenarios where i’m living my dream life (examples: i’m dating my crush, i save my school from the school schooler, i become famous, i invent time travel, etc.)i also listen to music and pretend i’m the main character of a movie, i’d be embarrassed if ppl found out how i often i did this. whenever i walk through the hallways at school i’m always self conscious that i walk weird or that everyone is looking at me. i think i’ve grown more confidence since i’ve been at school (i’m online rn) but i still hate it there.
—WHAT IM LIKE ON THE OUTSIDE i hate to admit it, but i care too much about what ppl think of me sometimes. i constantly feel like i have to be a whole different person around new ppl in order to be accepted.if i have to talk to new ppl i usually lean on my twin to do the talking, which i feel bad for doing bc she is also shy. i try to act way more chill than i rlly am. if i’m at a social event, i’ll probably be talking to ppl i already know or i’ll be in the bathroom the whole time to avoid small talk. but when i’m with my close friends, i’m a whole different gal. i think i’m rlly funny and i’m not afraid to make dark jokes. i bond rlly well with them. i tell them all of my guy problems, family drama, etc. they are basically like my family. they have seen me though my worst times so i never care if i look bad. when i’m talking to ppl i don’t know very well, i rarely if not ever swear. but with my close friends i can go all day communicating using only swear words. i get the most nervous when i’m talking to new guys, i overthink every word i say for some reason. when i feel awkward i’ll either go on my phone, or pretend to be busy with something. my mood tends to adapt to the person i’m talking to; if they think something is funny, i’ll laugh. if they are upset, i’ll be more serious and ask what’s wrong. but if someone tries to get me to do something that i feel is against my beliefs/morals, then i won’t do it. i always try to come off as kind and i try to be kind all the time. i used to be naive, but now i can see right through someone if they are trying to use me.
—MY HOUSEHOLD my twin sis is my best friend. i mean we are twins, so how can we not be? she is an intj. we do have some of those in that’s kind of a hint. we don’t always see eye to eye but we have had less arguments over the years than we have when we were little. she doesn’t care as much about aesthetic/how things look as i do, and i’m not as committed to things or as hard of a worker as she is. i sometimes get jealous of her bc her grades are rlly good and she’s better at track than i am, but then i remember to stop comparing myself bc where is that gonna take me? (oh yeah, i didn’t forget to add track to my list of hobbies, it was on purpose bc i don’t actually like it). my mom is an esfp. we have a rlly good relationship. we don’t have the same interests but that’s ok. she doesn’t rlly understand my clothing style but that’s normal bc she’s my mom. my dad is an istj. to be honest, the only thing we have in common is that we both did track in high school. i have a good relationship with him but he doesn’t rlly know that much about my school life. he’s pretty strict. i love him but i sometimes don’t agree with the things he does. he doesn’t that often, but when he yells at me it’s kinda scary bc he comes off as intimidating even tho he isn’t rlly.
—POLITICAL VIEWS where do i even start? i’m most definitely i democrat. my sister and my friends are as well. my parents are both republicans, which is what we have been debating over most lately. well, i try to not to argue but they always bring it up. i think that ppl that are in less fortunate situations than i am should get an extra hand. (sorry it’s 2:04 am while i’m typing this so idk if this makes sense) i HATE trump and i don’t like biden either but i agree with his views more. i could go on but i’m too tired.
i really hope this was enough info bc i’m too tired to keep typing! let me know if you have any questions i would love to answer them.
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2020.09.04 14:00 verbalrockss ENTJ Female struggles

I was wondering if other ENTJ women have been told that they "think like a dude"? My INTP and ESFJ/ESFP male friends (I have a lot of male friends, I have been working on making more female friends) tell me all the time I'm "weird" and "not really a woman". Apart from the fact a lot of people (men and women) usually think I'm intimidating/a workaholic/cold/too loud/too brash, the usual ENTJ things, I also give people "male" vibes because of my love for videogames and philosophical discussions. (Something I don't understand. Women like philosophy too, not just feelings!)
My apparent male-ness really comes through in my relationship with my wonderful XXTP boyfriend. I pay for dates and buy him gifts, don't really do hints and/or emotional expectations and I am really bad with PDA (makes me really awkward) and general affection. He's the one that is super affectionate, both verbally and physically, and the one to pull me back when I approach a situation too aggressively.
Anyway, just wondering if there are any other ENTJ gals out there that struggle with this.
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2020.09.03 04:07 El3mentary1 Growing up with intuitives as a sensor

So this is a discussion that I would love to explore with you guys. Sorry for the long post. I recently asked a question about why ISFJs are disliked by a lot of INTJs and how most of the time INTJs have a stereotypical view of us that I personally have not related to even though I KNOW I’m ISFJ. Such as that we are very traditional, or not open to try new ways of doing things, or can’t get into deep conversations etc... all these didn’t resonate and anytime I read about it I just didn’t get it cause I’m not traditional heck I have challenged most traditions that my mother (ESFP) has tried to put on me eg: sex before marriage, marriage being very important, having children and raising a family (I’m not even sure if I’m open to it yet), being the dutiful wife and staying in line and many more societal norms that are expected of me. Also most ISFJ stereotypes say that we would be most likely the type that stays in the same country/city we grew up in due to low Ne, and not wanting to get out of our comfort zones. Except I’m the opposite, I could literally quit my job today and move to a whole new country just because and I’ve lived and travelled a lot already. I can have deep conversations about philosophy, technology’s exponential growth etc... bla bla bla. I love all these topics and would love to talk and debate with people. Anyways I think you get the point. So as I was thinking deeper into this I realized that ALL the people I’m THE closest to or have influenced me in some way ALL my life are all 100% intuitives. My siblings, my best friend, my boyfriend now too (intj). I couldn’t even stand speaking to my ex (ESFP) because he couldn’t get deep enough about anything and that was a complete turn off among other things, but he’s the first sensor I’ve ever dated and I kinda realized I’m not into sensors (not by choice just coincidentally) Which makes me wonder if this is why I could be a bit different from the stereotypes because I was surrounded and influenced by intuitives? I mean it’s like I just had an Ah ha moment. Anyways a rumbled a lot.
So yeah what do you guys think? Do you think that a sensor around many intuitives or intuitive around many sensors can influence how a person may develop their personality and could potentially make them stand apart from their intuitive/sensor counterparts?
TL,DR: how do you think a sensor could develop differently if raised by intuitives and vice versa?
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2020.09.02 20:06 FPM90 Dating an ESFP

28 M here, dating a girl who is most definitely an ESFP. It's been a bit topsy turvy for us past few months, would like to hear from fellow ISTJs who ever dated or been with an ESFP partner on how was it and how did you guy made it work.
Thanks in Advance.
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2020.09.02 18:49 ReditGuyToo Any Suggestions for INTJ

Any suggestions for an INTJ man to lure in an ESFP female for dating?
I seem to love ESFPs but always wind up with drastically different types. I think ESFPs think I am too weird. I just can't help it.
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2020.08.31 20:50 El3mentary1 ISFJs seem to have a bad rep with INTJs

As an ISFJ and someone who likes an INTJ I’ve noticed that it seems a majority of INTJs don’t like us and don’t think we could be compatible which is sad. It sometimes takes hope away from thinking that my relationship could ever work. Also there’s the whole ‘’ISFJs can’t have deep discussions ‘’ that I honestly don’t get. What kinds of deep discussions are you guys talking about?? I’ve always LOVED deep discussions, I even remember when I dated an ESFP his lack of having deep discussions was a turn off. Also the whole ‘’they are very traditional and care about what other people think’’ doesn’t also resonate. I just want to understand because there are so many things I’ve read that INTJs have said about us that I literally don’t even understand/resonate with. What do you guys think?? Do you think they are right? Are you also kinda NOT into INTJs??
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2020.08.30 20:13 happyicantdeletethis Has any esfp dated an entp?

I’m talking to an entp (m) and he is so different from anyone I’ve ever met. Does anyone have any knowledge on their compatibility and if they are?
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2020.08.29 18:23 monolithi Dating question: "connection" is missing?

I (32f) need other INFP perspectives on this one. I'm having some issues with the person I've gone on a few dates with (35f). If I had to guess her type, it would be ESFP or ESFJ. I like her personality, we have similar interests, she is healthy and grown up and not a mess, and has a good job. We hooked up the last time we hung out, but the sex was really.....transactional. I'd say all the moves were there but it was kind of devoid of passion or sensuality. It was more like, she was super "upbeat and fun" about it, but it wasn't sexy, and it didn't particularly leave me begging for more. Idk how else to describe it. Anyway, she doesn't seem to have an issue with this. She came over last night and tried to put the moves on me but I really just wasn't that interested. This bums me out because I enjoy talking with her and spending time with her, and I'm physically attracted to her. Now I'm wavering between having a conversation with her about my needs here, or just ending it because it's only been a few dates and I don't want to hurt her feelings. Obviously my default, being an INFP, is just end it without saying anything, but I am trying to stop doing that kind of thing. Anyone have thoughts? Firsthand experience? What would you do?
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2020.08.24 20:08 bigdickenergyqueen39 How do you act when you have a crush?

ISFJ here. I try to playfully tease the person in question/make jokes with them. I sometimes behave like a "mom type" around them oddly enough? My crushes are usually Se-using types, I've noticed (ISTP, ISFP, and ESFP to date,) and I like their spontaneous nature but they have also all been somewhat immature and so I've felt the need to "mother" them, which I'm sure they hated me somewhat for. I've never confessed but the ESFP suspected because I called them cute (though I got the vibe that they weren't actually interested, so I let that one go.)
How do you behave when you have a crush?
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2020.08.23 23:40 Weeeyerd You guys ever feeling the process of dating is so easy with INFJs/ENFJs, ENTJs/INTJs, and sometimes, INFPs? Other types, not so much, outside of rare exceptions.

For me, as a guy INTP, it's literally dating on easy mode (of course, assuming a decent level of maturity). All the other types, I either feel out of my element, or feel like they want the idea of someone who isn't me, or I just feel drained. Most women tend be ESFP, ESFJ, ISFP, ISTJ, or ESTJ. ISFJs are common too, and they can work, but it takes a lot of work to deal with clinginess & sensitivity to criticism and miscommunication and whatnot.
But when it comes to the types I mentioned before, dating is literally super simple. Some basic convo and a few teases, pretty direct and cordial convo, and you're off to the races. I don't know what it is, but for example, even though ENFJs can be really manipulative if they want to, they're also super straightforward and easy to read as Fe-types, so even when they try to push boundaries and are acting fake nice and excited to keep the piece, or engage in a white lie, usually, they're doing it with your best intentions in mind. If they're pushing for something, I can see it and then move accordingly.
On the the other hand, with ESFPs for example, they're very unpredictable, from my experience because their motives aren't "keeping the piece" but instead "physical stimulation" and "authenticity to my feelings", which are literally unpredictable. They will cause drama just to feel something, engage in character attacks, and just have over-emotionality. There's degrees to it, and with ESFPs, it's been the worst from my experience. It takes SO MUCH maturity on both ends to make it work, and imo, the juice hasn't been worth the squeeze.
It's like giving away gold, and getting a cool-looking piece of wood in exchange, that looks cool, and everyone else in your society is like "woah, that's a cool piece of wood you got there, lucky you" and you can also see what's up with it in terms of the design and way it was built, but once you realize what it is, you accept that it's just a piece of wood and you want a refund. ESFPs can be great people btw, and have substance in their own way. Just not for me. The same applies for a lot of other types.
Anyways, what's your experience been like?
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2020.08.23 17:41 InciteGreatness New ESFP girlfriend and I like her, I'm just not sure..

So I (istp m) recently met this girl on a dating app, typically fun to be around, super social, aesthetically pleasing. I love her personality, she's funny and We had an instant connection. I'm an Istp but Also a charmer, if I like a girl, I know exactly what to say and how to say it, compliments and making her feel at ease, listen to her etc...
So we hooked up on the second date but two weeks before we first met , a few days before she was hooking up with this other guy, she says she doesn't have feelings and that the sex had no emotions and she only recently found out he had a girlfriend etc but She kept going back.. And the thing is, she also told me she's not the type to have sex around with different dudes but still she admits she's been going on dates( let's say alot) just to get food, yes she did say that, just to get food, which makes me think she has a tendency of taking advantage of guys that like her. She's been partying and admit that she does have alot of guys hitting her up which isn't really a surprise to me, she's hooked up with with several guys the last few months but She also says she's never cheated before and the other day we went out and she posted me on her private snap, some guy she was talking to, texted her, cursing etc.. she told me she hooked up with him a year ago, once, then she turns around and says twice and a year ago she had a boyfriend so I was confused and pointed it out, she said she meant to say, last year, not a year ago, that he was the first person she got with after her boyfriend but that it has been on and off. I let it slide but overall, I've had experiences with ESFPs in the past, it was great and I also know they don't have the best morals when it comes to dating and I know from experience, ESFPs tend to hide their different faces if they really like someone and don't want to be judged. I've been pretty non judgmental, we talk and I've been hooking up with different girls in the past and I'm also too non chalant to be judging others. I typically accept the good and bad side of people as long as the connection is genuine.
There's also the fact that she needs her papers and her parents from abroad have been pressuring her and she has to get married in order to have them. We talked about it and I'd be willing to help her out in the future but she really wants to commit and talks about marriage and having a husband which really isn't an ESFP trait as you guys mostly take relationships on a day to day basis, going with the flow.
I just need an ESFP's intake on this situation. She seems like she genuinely likes me and we definitely have a connection, on the other hand I know she's looking for something. I'm just confused. Maybe she's hiding her true colors in fear of being judged or until she gets what she's looking for.
Overral, I just texted her this:
And btw, I gotta tell you this. just be yourself. We talked about commitment and all of that other bullshit.. I'm really focused on myself and Yh I'm a free spirit too just like you are. Let's not rush commitment if it doesn't come naturally and is something you actually wanna do .. just don't limit yourself. You gotta want it bad enough to do so, or like us bad enough to stay with just me. So don't force yourself to commit to one person and let's build off what we have. I'm not gonna cheat, you're all I need . I'm gonna be chilling. Focused on growth while also having fun with only you. I'm definitely hooked , I have feelings for you but I'm not gonna expect much from you but honesty. Communicate and be your fun self. I'll be here for you. I'm yours if that's what you really want. Just go with the flow and if staying in one relationship is what you really want, it'll come naturally.
So Fellow ESFPs, what do you think? Do you see yourself in this situation, what's your intake?
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2020.08.16 08:39 prettyparadox77 INTJ pregnant with ESFP's baby

I'm a female INTJ [29]. I'm pregnant with an ESFP's baby [29]. We dated for a couple years and are currently separated, trying to make things work. We have many differences for obvious reasons but also have a lot in common (activities) and similar beliefs. I'm definitely more of a social introvert in comparison to most. So he's struggling with commitment issues, worried about me taking over or controlling his social life. I just want a balanced relationship, where we both have time to ourselves and with one another. Not to mention our time will most likely be prioritizing and spent on the baby (should be). However he seems to be more concerned about making time with his friends and doing what he wants to do. Have any of you been in a similar predicament or dated/married an INTJ? Does anyone have any advice for me so I can show him I don't want to take over his life but to share one? As an ESFP were you ever comfortable making compromises or sacrifices to be in a relationship without any resentment? Thank you!
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