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PSA: I know we’re all dreading the day Netflix takes the Office offline. Luckily, Amazon have all 9 seasons on Prime! Dinkin flicka!

2020.04.21 06:43 TheGofer1594 PSA: I know we’re all dreading the day Netflix takes the Office offline. Luckily, Amazon have all 9 seasons on Prime! Dinkin flicka!

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2017.12.23 16:34 Ishan_Psyched Album of the Year #23: Smino - blkswn

PROJECT: blkswn
Christopher Smith Jr., from St. Louis, Missouri, first made his way into the local music scene in 2012 under the name C. Smi, which he later changed to Smino in 2015 with the release of his debut EP, ‘S!Ck S!Ck S!Ck’. This EP was produced exclusively by Monte Booker, a member of Smino’s collective ‘Zero Fatigue’. Only two months after its release, Smino then went on to put out a second EP, also produced by Monte Booker, titled blkjuptr. Blkjuptr was met with generally positive feedback, propelling Smino’s musical career forwards and helping him find himself in the eyes of critics and bloggers.
After this second EP, it would be a little over a year before the world heard from Smino again, however, needless to say, it wasn’t prepared in the least for what was to come.
In this full length debut album, with 18 songs spread over an hour and three minutes, Smino puts on display a sonic spectacle as he effortlessly weaves through musical genres, fusing hip hop with elements of funk, soul, and RnB.
The project kicks off with what is probably its smoothest track. Entitled ‘Wild Irish Roses’, Monte Booker instantly sets a funky tone for the track with a bubbly synth accompanied by some hi hats. This tone is carried through the rest of the album as well and plays a huge role in binding the album together. Smino is quick to jump in with a catchy, yet calm flow which helps convey a relaxed atmosphere as he tells a story of himself inviting a girl to ride around town with him in search of ‘Wild Irish Roses’ (a brand of wine) - a thinly-veiled sexual proposition. All in all, ‘Wild Irish Roses’, perhaps my favourite track off the album, is a very strong opener that sets both the sonic and thematic tone for the rest of the project.
With the way they seamlessly blend into each other, the next two tracks ‘Maraca’ and ‘Glass Flows’ could easily have been passed off as one long song. Smino’s versatility is blatantly apparent here as he surprises the listeners with a switch from an experimental intro verse to a very funky chorus on ‘Glass Flows’. His verses have a playful vibe to them, as he isn’t afraid to switch from singing lines to rapping lines to going into falsetto and then doing it over and over, all while somehow making the entire thing sound cohesive and well thought out. While the subject matter of the songs on the album revolves almost exclusively around Smino’s relationships with women, he keeps the content fresh by addressing various aspects of the relationships, each with varying levels of seriousness. This can be seen as he switches from dabbling in playful lyrics with sexual connotations in ‘Maraca’ to highlighting the precarious nature of his relationship with a woman in ‘Glass Flows’.
The song “Glass Flows” also marks the appearance of Ravyn Lenae, the first of six female features on blkswn. In this remarkably well executed track, her and Smino exchange bars, providing both Smino, and his female companion’s perspective on their relationship.
The next track, Flea Flicka switches the vibe up to a funkier and happier tone. And while it plays its role in the progression of the album, I personally didn’t welcome this departure from the atmosphere Smino had created thus far. This track didn’t feel as if it was put together all that well, comprising only two verses - a guest feature from Bari, and a second verse from Smino - with no hook or bridge to seperate them. A filler track for me, however, that is to be expected in any full length album.
After ‘Flea Flicka’, the album really starts to take shape and define itself. Spitshine takes its place as the grooviest track on the album for me, with a simple yet catchy melody and Smino doing what he does best with his innovative vocal delivery
Netflix and Dusse takes its place as one of the more playful tracks on the album. As its name would suggest, it’s about Smino trying to get acquainted with a girl. The lyrics on this track definitely stand out as Smino finds three different ways to describe that ass, two of them in the same verse.
That ass a creature
That ass on Sunset Hill, a beautiful view
That ass look like a fuckin' grapefruit
His creative way with words is also very much visible on this track with bars like
Pink Caddy, Pepto Bismol-bile
Suggesting that the colour of his caddy is similar to that of Pepto Bismol, going as far as to call it his Pepto Bismol-bile (like Batmobile).
Been on my brain, Miss Serotonin
In this line, he calls this track’s girl his Miss Serotonin - Serotonin being a chemical which contributes to feelings of joy and happiness in the brain.
The next track on the album, Anita, is one of the album’s defining/iconic tracks. Released as one of two singles prior to the album’s release, Anita is a track involving Smino showing appreciation for all the women who’ve had an impact on him, using the name ‘Anita’ as a general name for all of them. He uses the verses on this track to talk about his city, St. Louis, his family, and his crew, tying it up at the end with a beautiful outro where he spells out the words to the sentence, “Anita, I need her” over and over.
Lobby Kall is a fun track and not much more than that. It lets the album breathe after Anita and doesn’t say too much. With barely any Genius annotations to help me on this track, I’m quite lost as to what the verse was actually about. However, the track does end with a small skit which is presumably Smino turning up at his house drunk in the late of the night, with his girl who’s inside refusing to open the door. This is a set up for the progression of the album as Smino addresses his problems with drinking and smoking.
Edgar Allan Poe’d Up starts with what sounds like Smino bragging about smoking, drinking, and having sex, however he is quick to admit that he’s stuck in a cycle which has left him feeling mundane. Furthermore, he recounts his plans to break this cycle which unfortunately end up being ruined by a meddling shawty who sends him nudes, which then sent him spiralling back. He reverts to rapping about the girl’s body and manages to find yet another way to describe a girl’s head game before ending the verse. This track has a feature from TheMIND which I didn’t find memorable at all, however it does add to the track as TheMIND talks about his struggles with expressing his emotions and instead choosing to get over them by drinking.
Father Son Holy Smoke was the first song I listened to on the album because I thought the name was cool, before going to the start of the album and listening to the whole thing over and over. As is tradition, Smino throws in a bar about getting head, this time getting over with it at the very start. He has wide array of flows for this song which he weaves together beautifully. What Edgar Allan Poe’d was to Smino’s drinking, Father Son Holy Smoke is to Smino’s smoking, however, the latter is far better executed in my opinion. Through the track, Smino speaks of how smoking weed helps cool his mind, yet still manages to acknowledge it as an addiction which he indulges in to avoid his problems.
On B Role, Smino goes off with a flow that you can’t help but bob your head to. That being said though, this is a song which I don’t feel belongs on the album, despite liking it outside the album’s context quite a bit. The track starts off with an edgy crushed guitar riff which instantly deviates from the atmosphere that had been set up till now in too abrupt a fashion. With a better intro transition, it could have found its place, especially keeping in mind that the following track has a similar style of production too, alas imperfections are bound to be found on an 18 track project.
Blkoscars is another song on this project which I’m not fond of. It feels like the production is venturing into areas of experimental music which just leave you slightly confused after listening, or maybe it’s just me. Anyways tho, Jay2 starts off the song with a feature verse and he seems to be rapping like he’s trying to prove something. A good verse, yet once again, out of place for me. Smino comes in towards the second half to rescue the track with his funky singing. This is one of those songs which I only listen to when I’m going through the whole project - didn’t even remember what it sounded like when I started writing this.
The title track’s finally upon us at this point and it does amazingly well to bring the album back to its roots. The production’s free of its edginess and has reverted back to its laidback style. Smino goes Boom Boom Boom Sminoshima (as in Hiroshima) just as the kick kicks in with the bass and everything feels fine again. The singing on this song is snappy. Another interesting aspect is that Smino’s devoted the track to talking about his grind and shifted the focus from girls, drinking, and smoking. He also manages to throw in the line Smi-no, more like Smi-yeah, which is nice, I guess.
Long Run’s got an intro which reminds of the one on Maraca. It sets a vibe and that vibe completely changes soon as the verse starts. Once again he’s talking about a topic which although he has brought up, he hasn’t devoted a lot of time to on a track. Smino reflects on his childhood, where he grew up, and his community. Via Rose features on the chorus and delivers her vocals beautifully - probably my favourite feature on the album alongside Ravyn Lenae.
I feel like Innamission is one of those songs you sleep on for a long time until it comes up on shuffle one day and suddenly you open your eyes. Smino starts off by shouting out his crew, followed by a verse, which is solid. And then a prechorus, which is kind of exciting. But then the chorus comes on and without doubt, it’s the dopest thing you’ve heard in a good minute. I played that on the bus one time, and it was a bit disappointing when no one lit up when the chorus came on. I think it takes a couple of listens before it hits you. Or maybe it was just me.
Silk Pillows sounds like it’s rehashing a couple of ideas we’ve already heard on the album. Akenya brings a decent verse to the song, but for the most part this song felt like something I’d already heard over the last 20 minutes of listening to the album. However, we do see Smino go back to making sexual references in the track after a severe drought over the course of the last three songs. He says "D go deeper than an 808, boom boom boom". He also says "You a vet? I'm a dog", which makes me wonder what Smino thinks a vet does, but good music’s meant to raise questions so in its own way, this is getting the job done.
The production on Ricky Millions is very very nice. It’s something about the chords which makes it stand out. Smino’s got some catchy bars and Drea Smith captures the vibe of this track perfectly. The mixing on her vocals is done really well. All in all, I rate this track. It shows that Smino still has some tricks left up his sleeves, even towards the end of this 18 track long journey.
Amphetamine. What a way to close out an album. The track starts off with a somber tone, and Smino projects his emotions beautifully through his delivery. You can hear slight breaks in his voice in the chorus which really add to the effect. He talks about his struggles with addiction, and how he realises the negative impact it has on him. Yet, he’s still optimistic that he’ll be alright. If he makes it through the night, that is. Part 2 of this song is titled Krash Kourse, and could easily be its own song, however, it makes sense for it to be one long track, combine with Amphetamine, because you see Smino address everything he’s been talking about over the album. We see a verse from Jean Deaux, a chorus from Bari, and finally a verse from Noname to close the album. Thankyou Jesus, whoever you are are the last words you hear. It’s beautiful.
Favourite Lyrics
All the lyrics about getting/giving head
Woo, my bad, don't gag
Although it's cute that you choosin' me over breathin'
Shawty sucked me, I was 9
Head game crackin'
She a cluck with the fuck
She just wanna suck somethin'
Toppy, that's the topic of discussion
Shawty sling head like a Greek sword
My dick a cheat code, I stick for the joy
She sayin' it's sweet, callin' me chico
But if you real then I extract my grill
And I snack on that 'til that blood sugar build
That clean me up, I pick you up
I pick you, gimme that spitshine
Shawty she be comin off the top
Like some good writtens
What do you think is next for Smino?
Do you think mainstream glory lies in Smino’s future?
Who would you like to see Smino collab with?
What do you think the weak points of this album were?
Is Smino taking rap in a whole new direction?
Which head bar is your favourite?
How do you feel about the variety of lyrical content in this album?
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2017.06.23 18:00 feedreddit Here’s What’s Leaving Netflix, Hulu and HBO in July

Here’s What’s Leaving Netflix, Hulu and HBO in July
by Mahita Gajanan via TIME
URL: http://ift.tt/2rKvEEn
As streaming services add new titles each month to their rosters, we have to bid goodbye to some movies and TV shows that leave Netflix, Hulu and HBO. With about a week left in June, check out below what you can catch up on before they stop streaming for good.
On Netflix, classics like Working Girl_and _Hello, Dolly!_will leave on July 1, as will seasons 1 through 6 of the show _Futurama.
HBO and Hulu will wait until later in the month to get rid of certain movies, so you can spend until July 31 watching the notable Britney Spears movie _Crossroads_or _The Addams Family_before they are unavailable to stream.


July 1
9/11: Stories in FragmentsAmerica’s Secret D-Day DisasterAmerican Pie Presents: Band CampAmerican Pie Presents: Beta HouseAmerican Pie Presents: The Naked MileAn Unmarried WomanAngus, Thongs and Perfect SnoggingBatmanBlack WingsBlazing SaddlesBlondie’s New YorkBombs, Bullets and FraudDay of the KamikazeDeath BeachEl DoradoFlicka 2Futurama: Seasons 1-6
Gentlemen Prefer BlondesGhost WhispererHello, Dolly!Hip Hop: The Furious Force of RhymesHistory in HD: The Last BombHugoKate & LeopoldMacGyverMystery Files: HitlerNazi Temple of DoomSamurai HeadhuntersSecrets: A Viking Map?Secrets: Richard III RevealedSecrets: The SphinxShuttle Discovery’s Last MissionThe Hunt for Bin LadenThe Incredible Bionic ManTitanic’s Final MysteryWhile You Were SleepingWorking GirlJuly 3
The Last SamuraiTwo Weeks NoticeJuly 6
Los Heroes del Norte: Season 1-2
July 11
Opposite FieldJuly 12
Adventures of Pepper and PaulaIn the BasementSleeping BeautyJuly 13
Kevin Hart: Laugh at My PainJuly 15
All That GlittersLessons for a Kiss### Hulu
July 31
52 Pick-UpAddams Family ValuesThe Addams FamilyArrowheadBad InfluenceBait ShopBlack RainCabin FeverCatacombsCecil B. DementedChuck & BuckClueComing to AmericaThe DoorsFatal InstinctGatorHeartbreakersHow to Eat Fried WormsKill Me AgainMaximum SecurityNick of TimeNo Way OutPlanes, Trains and AutomobilesSchool TiesSleepy HollowSmall SoldiersStar KidWicker ParkWinter’s Bone### HBO
July 19
Beautiful CreaturesJuly 24
UnfaithfulJuly 31
Batman ReturnsCatch Me If You CanThe Color of MoneyCriminalCrossroadsEl CantanteEvil Dead 2FractureHail, Caesar!Hard to KillHotel for DogsInnerspaceKeanuThe Main EventMen in Black IIMidnight SpecialMy Big Fat Greek Wedding 2My Cousin VinnyRenditionRisky BusinessRoad to PerditionRooster CorgburnSimon BirchThis Boy’s Life Wildcats
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2017.05.02 12:47 TheRealSheikYerbouti [NEWS] May comings and goings from Netflix

Netflix continues to feed the appetite for superheroes with "Doctor Strange," starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Marvel Comics' Master of the Mystic Arts. That's the marquee attraction for the month of May but Netflix continues to roll out more original movies, documentaries and continuing series along with the programs it picks up from the studios.
Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2 Netflix debuts the original movie "War Machine," a military satire starring Brad Pitt, and the animated science fiction feature Blame! from Japan. Also: the original documentary "The Keepers," a seven-part true-crime series, and the family-friendly science series "The Mars Generation," about the teenagers aspiring to be the next generation of scientists and engineers working to send the first humans to Mars.
War Machine Official Trailer [HD] Netflix Returning shows include the third and final season of the Netflix original series "Bloodline" and new seasons of "House of Cards," "Sense8," "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and "Master of None." Netflix also streams the debut seasons of CW drama "Riverdale" and FX thriller "Queen of the South" and adds the fourth and (at least for now) final series of BBC's "Sherlock" with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.
Riverdale Official Trailer [HD] Netflix For kids there's "Anne with an E," a new live-action series based on "Anne of Green Gables," and the new animated shows "Spirit: Riding Free" and "All Hail King Julien: Exiled," plus new seasons of the Freeform shows "The Fosters" and "Switched at Birth."
Anne Official Trailer [HD] Netflix And yes, there are movies, too: the indie comedy "Don't Think Twice" from Mike Birbiglia, the boxing drama "Southpaw" with Jake Gyllenhaal, "The Place Beyond the Pines" with Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, and Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" with Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz, just to name a few.
Among the movies leaving May 1 are the original "Jurassic Park" trilogy, Hitchcock's "To Catch a Thief" and the 2005 "Fantastic Four." Later in the month you'll see more TV shows leaving the collection, including the entire run of "Scrubs," seasons 7-10 of "American Dad!" and all three seasons of the FX undercover agents series "Graceland."
Here's the list of what's arriving on Netflix in May and what's leaving.
May 1 American Experience: The Big Burn (2014) American Experience: The Boys of '36 (2017) Anvil! The Story of Anvil (2008) Blood on the Mountain (2016) Chaahat (1996) Chocolat (2000) Decanted (2016) Don't Think Twice (2016) Drifter (2017) Forrest Gump (1994) Happy Feet (2006) In the Shadow of Iris (Netflix Original Film) Love (2015) Losing Sight of Shore (2017) Malibu's Most Wanted (2003) Nerdland (2016) Raja Hindustani (1996) Richard Pryor: Icon (2014) Under Arrest: Season 5 (2016)
May 2 Bodyguards: Secret Lives from the Watchtower (2016) Hija De La Laguna (2015) Maria Bamford: Old Baby (Netflix Original) Two Lovers and a Bear (2016)
May 5 Chelsea: Season 2 (Netflix Original) Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie (Netflix Original Film) Kazoops!: Season 3 (Netflix Original) The Last Kingdom: Season 2 (Netflix Original) The Mars Generation (Netflix Original) Sense8: Season 2 (Netflix Original) Simplemente Manu NNa (Netflix Original) Spirit: Riding Free: Season 1 (Netflix Original)
May 6 Cold War 2 (2016) When the Bough Breaks (2017)
May 7 The Host (2013) LoveTrue (2016) Stake Land II (2016)
May 8 Beyond the Gates (2016) Hunter Gatherer (2016)
May 9 All We Had (2016) Norm Macdonald: Hitler's Dog, Gossip & Trickery (Netflix Original) Queen of the South: Season 1 (2016)
May 10 The Adventure Club (2016) El apostata (2015)
May 11 The Fosters: Season 4 (2016) Switched at Birth: Season 5 (2017)
May 12 All Hail King Julien: Exiled: Season 1 (Netflix Original) Anne with an E: Season 1 (Netflix Original) Get Me Roger Stone (Netflix Original) Master of None: Season 2 (Netflix Original) Mindhorn (Netflix Original Film) Sahara (Netflix Original Film)
May 15 Cave (2016) Command and Control (2016) The Intent (2016) Lovesong (2016) Sherlock: Series 4 (2016)
May 16 The Break-Up (2006) The Place Beyond the Pines (2012) Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive (Netflix Original)
May 18 Royal Pains: Season 8 (2016) Riverdale: Season 1 (2016)
May 19 Blame! (Netflix Original Film) Laerte-se (Netflix Original) The Keepers: Season 1 (Netflix Original) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 3 (Netflix Original)
May 21 What's With Wheat (2017)
May 22 Inglourious Basterds (2009) They Call Us Monsters (2017)
May 23 Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King (Netflix Original) Dig Two Graves (2014)
May 24 Southpaw (2015)
May 26 Believe (2016) Bloodline: Season 3 (Netflix Original) I Am Jane Doe (2017) Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower (Netflix Original) War Machine (Netflix Original Film)
May 28 Bunk'd; Season 2 (2016)
May 29 Forever Pure (2016) A New High (2015)
May 30 F is for Family: Season 2 (Netflix Original) House of Cards: Season 5 (Netflix Original) Marvel's Doctor Strange (2016) Masterminds (2016) Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust (Netflix Original)
Here's what's leaving Netflix in May:
May 1 11 Blocks Alfie Bang Bang! Black Mamba: Kiss of Death Cujo Doomsdays The Doors Fantastic Four FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue Flicka: Country Pride Garfield's Fun Fest Invincible Jetsons: The Movie Jurassic Park III Jurassic Park The Lost World: Jurassic Park Paulie The Real Beauty and the Beast Samurai Headhunters The Seven Dwarfs of Auschwitz The Sons of Katie Elder Stephen King's Thinner Tales from the Darkside: The Movie Things We Lost in the Fire To Catch a Thief Treblinka: Hitler's Killing Machine Truly Strange Turf War: Lions and Hippos Van Wilder: Freshman Year Venom Islands The Wedding Planner World War II Spy School
May 2 Good Luck Charlie: Seasons 1-4 Kickin' It: Seasons 1-3 Scrubs: Season 1-9
May 5 Amapola Flubber Grosse Pointe Blank The Recruit What About Bob?
May 7 American Dad!: Season 7 Bobs Burgers: Season 2
May 11 American Dad!: Season 8
May 15 Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown: Seasons 1-5
May 17 American Dad!: Seasons 9-10
May 19 Step Up
May 26 Graceland: Seasons 1-3
Note that these are just highlights; Stream On Demand will be keeping an eye out for other notable films and TV shows that arrive through the month.
Dates are subject to change without notice.
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2014.10.24 23:39 andrewfurtaco STREAM 'EM AND LEAVE 'EM: All the Titles Leaving Netflix November 1st [US]

Apocalypse Now (1979) During the Vietnam War, Capt. Willard is sent to Cambodia on a top-secret mission to terminate Col. Kurtz, who’s gone completely insane.
American Psycho (2000) With chiseled good looks that belie his insanity, a businessman takes pathological pride in yuppie pursuits and indulges in sudden homicidal urges.
Barney: Imagine With Barney (2013) Join Barney and his friends as they use their imaginations explore a tropical paradise; bring a painting to life; and build a bus and an airplane!
Barney: Let’s Go To The Beach (2005) Join Barney and his buddies on the beach as they fly kites, take a ride in a sailboat, go windsurfing and, of course, sing and dance.
Barney: Planes, Trains And Cars (2011) Barney and his pals have fun learning about different methods of transportation, and their song-filled adventures include many important safety tips.
Barney: Play With Barney (2013) Have a ball with Barney and his friends as Baby Bop, B.J. and Riff practice being leaders and try out new sports, like baseball and basketball.
Barney: The Best Of (2008) The compilation includes fun songs, memorable stories and entertaining activities — including an elephant ride — starring the happy purple dinosaur.
Barney: The Night Before Christmas – The Movie (1999) Join Barney, Baby Bop and BJ as they take the gang to the North Pole for a song-filled holiday visit with Santa Claus and his toy-building elves.
Bob The Builder: Bob’s Xtreme Adventures (1999) Join Bob the Builder and friends for five fun-filled episodes about teamwork in this collection of episodes from the popular children’s series.
Bob The Builder: Built To Be Wild (2001) Bob and his building machines head West for their biggest construction project ever in this musical special of the popular animated kids’ show.
Bob The Builder: Can We Fix It? (2002) In this collection of tales, Bob and friends have to repair a barn right before a big storm hits, and Lofty the Crane is fitted with a strong magnet.
Bob The Builder: Here To Help (2012) Watch and learn as Bob rescues his pal Scruffy, repairs an old theater, builds a stage and throws a surprise birthday party for his friend Wendy.
Bob The Builder: Legend Of The Golden Hammer – The Movie (2010) As Bob the Builder tackles projects around the team’s new home, his buddies scour the entire town to track down a hidden pirate’s treasure.
Bob The Builder: On Site – Roads And Bridges (2008) Bob the Builder and his helpful crew visit a real construction site and explain the difference between support, arch and suspension bridges.
Bob The Builder: On Site – Trains And Treehouses (2010) Bob the Builder makes a toy train set, helps a squirrel family find a new home and explains how big projects get done on live-action worksites.
Bob The Builder: The Big Dino Dig – The Movie (2011) Bob the Builder and a truck named Rubble break ground on an amusement park. But in the process, they unearth a surprise of prehistoric proportions.
Brighton Beach Memoirs (1986) Based on the Neil Simon hit play, this coming-of-age tale centers on a Jewish teenager growing up in Depression-era Brooklyn.
Broadcast News (1987) Three ambitious workaholics are set loose in a network TV newsroom, where their professional and personal lives become hopelessly cross-wired.
Bulletproof Monk (2003) A mysterious and immortal Tibetan kung fu master– and protector of an ancient scroll — mentors a street kid in the ancient intricacies of kung fu.
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid (1969) To evade a posse, legendary outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid flee to Bolivia — but trouble finds the charming desperadoes wherever they go.
Caveman (1981) In this spoof of prehistoric times, lovesick Atouk — the smallest and weakest caveman of his tribe — struggles to win over the beautiful Lana.
Cheech And Chong’s Next Movie (1980) More bedlam is on tap for the perpetual stoners as Cheech tries to elude an angry neighbor while his cousin and Chong cruise around in a hot Ferrari.
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005) Two years after leading the charge against the evil Sephiroth, Cloud is called back to action after an attack by three mysterious brothers.
Flicka: Country Pride (2012) When Toby takes on a job at a stable with Flicka in tow, the owner’s teenage daughter Kelly, quickly bonds with the wild horse.
Footloose (1984) Kevin Bacon shot to fame as Ren McCormick, a decidedly urban teen who’s transplanted to a small Midwestern town where dancing is outlawed.
Hannibal (2001) Anthony Hopkins returns as Hannibal Lecter in this riveting sequel that sees his only surviving victim trying to draw the serial killer out of hiding.
My Own Love Song (2010) Accompanied by a friend who won’t let her wallow in self-pity, a paralyzed woman embarks on a cross-country trip to reconnect with her long-lost son.
101 Dalmations (1996) When Cruella De Vil dognaps 15 Dalmatian puppies to make them into a fur coat, their parents rally all the city’s animals to come to their rescue
Out Of The Blue (2002) Producer James Fox and his team travel the globe, interviewing eyewitnesses and high-ranking officials about their UFO knowledge.
Prince Of Broadway (2008) A pair of immigrant street hustlers named Lucky and Levon see their lives turned upside down when Lucky’s ex-girlfriend leaves her child in his care.
Red State (2011) Three high school boys answer an online ad from a woman seeking wild sex and soon find themselves in the hands of some dangerous religious zealots.
Say Anything (1989) A budding romance between noble underachiever Lloyd and beautiful high school valedictorian Diane is threatened when Diane’s father intervenes.
Serenity (2005) Picking up where his cult show “Firefly” left off, Joss Whedon’s tale of galactic unrest follows Capt. Mal Reynolds and his scrappy but loyal crew.
Steel Magnolias (1989) In this bittersweet drama, five tight-knit women congregate at a beauty parlor in a small Louisiana town to laugh, cry and discuss their lives.
The Adventures Of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000) When Boris, Natasha and Fearless Leader take over the TV airwaves to hypnotize viewers, the FBI tries to stop them with Rocky and Bullwinkle’s help.
The Battle Of Shaker Heights (2003) Teenaged Kelly loves reenacting battles. When he befriends Bart, also a war enthusiast, they decide to take on a bully using time-tested strategies.
The Dark Sea (2006) As a young detective uncovers the lurid secrets of a call girl homicide he becomes obsessed with his own strange, hidden desires.
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (1966) While the Civil War rages between the Union and the Confederacy, three men comb the American Southwest in search of $200,000 in stolen gold.
The Great Outdoors (1988) A suburbanite takes his family on a quiet vacation at a lakeside resort, but chaos ensues when his snobby brother-in-law shows up with his family.
Thelma And Louise (1991) An Arkansas waitress and her naïve housewife friend hit the road for a simple weekend of freedom — and end up on a wild flight from the law.
The Ninth Gate (1999) An international search for a rare copy of a book brings an unscrupulous book dealer deep into a world of murder, double-dealing and Satanic worship.
Thomas & Friends: A Very Thomas Christmas (2012) Unwrap the holiday adventures with Thomas and his friends for a very Thomas Christmas filled with friendship, teamwork and fun!
Thomas & Friends: Blue Mountain Mystery (2012) After being sent to Blue Mountain Quarry, Thomas spies a small engine trying to hide — but no one will offer any clues to the engine’s identity.
Thomas & Friends: Calling All Engines! (2005) On the imaginary island of Sodor, cheeky little Thomas and his cohorts all long to be “really useful” (the highest praise for a steam engine).
Thomas & Friends: Creaky Cranky (2010) When a duke and duchess announce a spring party at their summer house, Thomas and his cranky train buddy engage in disruptive mischief.
Thomas & Friends: Day Of The Diesels (2011) When Thomas spends time with the new fire engines, Percy makes friends with Diesel 10, and the trouble-causing diesel takes over the Sodor Steamworks.
Thomas & Friends: Engine Friends Classic Collection (2012) In stories of friendships on the rails, young viewers will learn how Thomas met his best friend and how Edward helped save Trevor from being scrapped.
Thomas & Friends: Fun On The Rails (2013) It’s time for some fun on the rails in this collection of episodes in which the engines discover the importance of loyalty, patience and friendship.
Thomas & Friends: Hero Of The Rails – The Movie (2009) When Thomas meets a run-down old train engine from a distant land, he enlists some old pals to save his new friend from a trip to the scrapyard.
Thomas & Friends: School House Delivery (2010) School’s in session, and there are lessons to be learned: Percy learns about responsibility, Henry learns how to handle emergencies and more.
Thomas & Friends: Sticky Situations (2012) All aboard for fun-filled tales as the engines on the Island of Sodor help one another through all kinds of sticky situations.
Thomas & Friends: The Day Of The Diesels (2011) When Thomas spends time with the new fire engines, Percy makes friends with Diesel 10, and the trouble-causing diesel takes over the Sodor Steamworks.
Thomas & Friends: Up, Up And Away (2011) Hold on tight! The sky’s the limit for fun adventures when Thomas and Percy try to bring balloons to Mr. Bubbles’s Big Balloon Show.
Under The Tuscan Sun (2003) After divorcing her cheating husband, Frances Mayes tries to overcome her depression and writer’s block by taking a vacation to Tuscany.
Wish Me Away (2011) This documentary profiles country music star Chely Wright, a devout Christian who struggled to succeed in the business while hiding her homosexuality.
The Magic School Bus (1994-1997) Join Ms. Frizzle as the Magic School Bus travels to outer space, under the sea, through an anthill — and even inside the human body!
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH, 2014 Land Girls (2009-2011) Follow the lives, loves, highs and lows of four members of the Women’s Land Army who are working at the Hoxley Estate during WWII.
Stephen Fry In America (2008) Stephen Fry embarks on an odyssey through all 50 states, taking a comic’s delight in the vast differences in regional cultures that he finds.
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2011.05.31 10:12 zyguy A Netflix Question (or two): Profiles and Tastes (Don't know how to x-post)

My Dad got a Netflix account and he has been kind enough to allow me, his eldest and most movie loving son access to it. I, as a Netflix-Noob, had some things I'd like to have cleared up. First, Did Netflix get rid of the profiles again? The internet talks of one account having seperate profiles for if you have a wife or roomate so you can have your own favorites, ratings, and tastes. Second: Tastes. We've had it for 24 hours now and We've gone through and rated some movies we liked for the suggestions we could get. Today I went into the tastes section and I noticed it put some in for me already. I assume it figured those things out from our highly rated vs. low rated films. My question is this: If I choose my tastes now, would they be subject to change later on? For example, If I choose 'never' for horse genre movies, but then later watch Secretariat, Seabiscuit, and Flicka and rate them 5stars, 5stars, and 4stars, will the tastes I selected change by itself for horse genres? Like does netflix automatically change them to 'Sometimes' or 'Often' for you as your movie habits trend? Thanks Reddit.
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2011.05.31 00:34 zyguy A Netflix Question (or two): Profiles and Tastes

My Dad got a Netflix account and he has been kind enough to allow me, his eldest and most movie loving son access to it. I, as a Netflix-Noob, had some things I'd like to have cleared up.
First, Did Netflix get rid of the profiles again? The internet talks of one account having seperate profiles for if you have a wife or roomate so you can have your own favorites, ratings, and tastes.
Second: Tastes. We've had it for 24 hours now and We've gone through and rated some movies we liked for the suggestions we could get. Today I went into the tastes section and I noticed it put some in for me already. I assume it figured those things out from our highly rated vs. low rated films. My question is this: If I choose my tastes now, would they be subject to change later on? For example, If I choose 'never' for horse genre movies, but then later watch Secretariat, Seabiscuit, and Flicka and rate them 5stars, 5stars, and 4stars, will the tastes I selected change by itself for horse genres? Like does netflix automatically change them to 'Sometimes' or 'Often' for you as your movie habits trend? Thanks Reddit.
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