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[TOMT][ACTOR] Partner Drew a Sketch of an Actor She Saw

2017.09.26 04:21 Mule50 [TOMT][ACTOR] Partner Drew a Sketch of an Actor She Saw

My partner was at a sushi restaurant in LA last night and saw an actor, but she can't remember his name or what he's been in.
She drew a sketch. She says he is pale with very dark hair and glasses. He might look a little like Jon Heder.
Please help! My partner has been obsessing over this all day!!!
Edit: He appears to be in his late 20s
Edit 2: He may also be a musician she says. Jon Heder Hipster Musician Vibes.
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2017.06.02 07:56 Nyareth [Spoilers E99] #IsItThursdayYet? Post E99 discussion & future theories!

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2017.05.19 08:31 Glumalon [Spoilers E98] #IsItThursdayYet? Post-episode discussion & future theories!

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2017.05.19 02:59 dasbif [Spoilers E98] It IS Thursday! Episode 98 live discussion

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2013.10.15 18:44 1337LoungeJennifer Jace Hall’s Celebrity Game Channel 1337LoungeLive is Recruiting a SMITE Team. Want In?

Attention all Southern Californian Smite Players!
Are your Smite skills excellent, and do you want a high-profile way to show them off?
Do you think you have what it takes to be both a top player and a personality in the community – but you haven’t been given the chance?
Or maybe you’re already a popular top player and are looking for ways to take your profile to the next level.
Jace Hall’s celebrity arcade/gaming channel is looking for exceptional Smite players to be part of an elite team that essentially GETS ITS OWN SHOW on our channel every time they appear in our high-tech game lounge, streaming to thousands and thousands of people (3 million viewers a month). We are partnered with so that our main events are always streamed on their front page, and we have a social media/promotional team dedicated to promoting your appearance. We’re also sponsored by Sony Online Entertainment, Skype, Alienware, NVIDIA and DC Comics....
…And we’re now recruiting within the Smite community!
Come experience top tier gaming in our high-tech PC gaming. Have all your gameplay streamed in a custom, multi-camera interactive format we developed with Twitch. No other channel has anything like it. Chat with thousands of spectators who are tuned in to witness your skill and to cheer you on. And if you haven’t already -- make a name for yourself in the community.
We have the audience. If you have the godlike skills, email 1337LoungeLive Producer Jennifer Zhang: [email protected] with a description of your background in the game (how long you’ve been playing, what makes you an exceptional player).
A Few of Our Guests from the Gaming World Mike Ross – Pro Street Fighter Player & Personality Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago – Professional Marvel v. Capcom Player Maximilian Christiansen from Yo Videogames! Live AGE Fanatiq Gamerson – Pro Fighting Game Player & Personality FNATIC Perfect Legend – 3-Time Fighting Game World Champion (MK & DOA) Matt Higby and Taina Rodriguez - Sony Online Entertainment Brian Goodman from Netherrealm Studios Creative and Marketing Heads from Warner Bros. Interactive Cord Smith from Square-Enix Keith Robinson from Intellivision Dave Taylor – Programmer of “Doom” Jordan Mechner – Creator of “Karateka” and “Prince of Persia” Ricky Cambier – Game Designer from Naughty Dog Troy Baker – Leading man of “The Last of Us” and “Bioshock Infinite” Roger Craig Smith – Voice of Batman in Arkham: Origins and Christ Redfield in Resident Evil
A Few of Past Film/Television/Web Celebrity Guests Michael Ornstein from “Sons of Anarchy” Edwin Hodge and Aldis Hodge from “The Purge” and “Leverage” Adrianne Curry from “America’s Next Top Model” and “The Surreal Life” Lisa Foiles from Nickelodeon’s “All That” Sandeep Parikh from “The Guild” Stephen Lunsford from MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf” Jon Heder from “Napoleon Dynamite” Rap Artist Destorm Powers Alison Haislip from “Attack of the Show” David Blue from “Stargate: Universe” Johnny Yong Bosch from “Power Rangers” John DiMaggio from “Futurama” and “Adventure Time”
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2012.06.22 08:00 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: AMA with Matthew Lillard to talk about tugging the FAT KID, putting the REDDIT alien in our movies credits, and everything else!

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Date: 2012-06-21
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Questions Answers
Hi Matthew - why are you doing another AMA on Reddit? (Your first one was great, btw) Thank god you asked so I don't have to whore myself all day and I can get this out of the way!
TUGGTHEFATKID.COM is where anyone on REDDIT can set up a screening of FAT KID. Any town, any theatre anywhere in America... YOU can host a screening of the film for you and your friends. It works like Groupon and once you get a critical mass of people, the screening goes off! And you make a percentage of the boxoffice! WTFuuuuuuck right?
I told the world we'd have 1000 requests the first week. We're at 371 yesterday and have till Sunday to hit 1000 for me to look bitchin' to my team.
I'm here to inspire this world to rally and see the film. It's awesome.
(here ends my RAMPART moment)
I'll check it out. Would you play this game or not? I'm afraid if i look at that link you'll send me to spaceballs land and I'll see dudes' fisting each other.
Was your dog recently hit by a car? Yes! on my birthday. ON THE DAY THE ANNOUNCED THE ACADEMY AWARDS!! GREATEST DAY EVER!! Destroyed by the worst thing I've ever seen with my eyes.
Yeah, that was my mom. she felt really bad about that. still does. sorry. I felt so bad for her. honestly. She was really sweet... and the dog is fine.
It was a direct hit! she went right over his tiny little body!!!! Great aim!
That dance you did in She's All That was one of my favorite parts of your career. That's about my level of dancing skill. Did you get to improv any of that?? Waffles or pancakes? How do you like your eggs? If you can dance like that you have a gift sir. That wasn't improved in the moment but I helped create the dance. (adam Shankman was the choreographer on that dance)
What's your favorite book? Hmmm..... I'm loving reading GAME OF THRONES right now. ENDERS GAME is maybe my all time favorite. DUNE. The Belgarion series is epic.
(total suck up move)
Loved Enders Game. Read it 3 times when I was younger. What do you like now? your favorite is?
Hey ML, where is the Reddit alien going to be in the movie? In the special thanks portion of the credit roll. At the top. Where it belongs !!! Without REDDIT we would never have made our kickstarter!
Snoo. What's snoo?
That's its name. The alien. Snoo. I want that dude in a sexual way. Does he put out?
We'll put out for you. Are you speaking on behalf of Snoo or Reddit? If the Reddit world Tugged the fat kid as much as they tugged themselves... we'd light the world on fire!
Hmmm..... move to Florida? Someone out there will pirate it soon enough and destroy my lively hood... don't worry!
(we may do a direct digital download like Louis CK)
1) How often do you use your celebrity to get chicks? Never. I have a wife and she's hot enough for me. (I will say it was epic in its time... I'm not cute and I did pull some ladies. Now I just use my power for wing-manning less famous dudes. I CAN be hired)
2) How often do you break into Shaggy's voice just for the hell of it? If you're a kid under 10 and you have kindness in your eyes... all the time.
Matthew, I just wanted to say that I enjoy all of your works. What inspires you on a day to day basis to get up and create? I will say you obviously haven't seen all my work. I'm bad in lots of stuff.
Inspires me day to day? Feeding my kids.
I was trying to be polite and not mention Scooby Doo. But SLC Punk was awesome. I got told I looked like Heroin Bob when I rocked my mohawk. You need to rock it again.
Thank you for your politeness. It's way cooler then meanness.
I love your work, Sir. I loved you in 13 ghosts. My sister was in love with you in high school (she's married now, but I'm pretty sure you're still on her "list") you were the best character in Scream, (I still quote "liver alone" lol) you were also an amazing Shaggy, etc. Now that I have my lips attached to your fantastic ass, would you answer me this, have you ever been to Canada? I can feel your lips on my ass from here... my ass is hot on the right cheek. I'm ALWAYS in Canada! I teach acting at VFS four times a year.
I love that I'm on her list! What's her name, maybe I'll be her on my list and if we ever meet we can totally have a crazy-time-make-out party.
Hey ML, I didn't know who you were, so I looked you up. I saw a movie called "SLC Punk", watched it and came to the realisation that you fucking rock. My question is, why are you so goddamm awesome? I'm laughing at my undisclosed location... I'm so GD awesome because I ate white break my whole life and played with Star Wars Action Figures for far too long. The question is... why didn't you know what SLC PUNK was?
Matt! I asked this on the last one (didnt reply :() So Id REALLY like to know: How did you get involved with Scream? (its my fav film from you ;)) where did the auditions take place and how did the process to get involved go? Was it hard? easy? I auditioned for Billy and they saw my face and thought "no way that guys gets with Neve Campbell" and so they had me go outside and audition for Stu. I got the part on the spot. I was out from NY for a week and I got a pilot, that movie and a part in IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK where I got to shoot Cher!
It was hard... i had worked forever to get to that point. Acting is easy, being successful is almost impossible.
Ok, I see. Awesome thanks for replying Matt! So the auditions for Scream were in NY? Los Angeles. City of Dreams.
Your last AMA was so epic, I'm sure a lot of the questions will be similar. Sorry if these are. Do you have any random hobbies that most people don't know about? Do you have any major aspirations for the rest of your life? Like, that you want to learn how to train pandas, or extreme riverboat racing or something? Do you do any special physical maintenance to stay, like, camera ready in everyday life? For example getting manicures, wearing makeup, eyebrow sculpting.. whatever famous people do? Do you even think about that kind of thing ever? What is your favorite style (including color) of sock, and why? Shit. that's a lot of randomness... do you really want to know? if you had to ask one of those... which question really burns inside you? I'll be back...
I am from Brazil and supported the movie at Kickstarter. Is there any way I am going to watch the movie in this decade? :( Hmmm..... move to Florida?
How did you like doing Without a Paddle? I think it's a pretty good film that hasn't gotten much props. I loved doing it. FUN as shit. Great guys... one of the best times of my life!
Before doing your first AMA were you involved in the Reddit scene at all? Or did you do your AMA and immediately realize what a lovely bunch we are? Unlike most AMA's you weren't only answering questions you were actually talking to people and replying to replies of replies, I thought that was cool. I had NO idea what it was. I love it now, when I have free time I comment of stuff. I love that this world changed mine. wouldn't be in effect if it wasn't for you guys.
And thanks for the props... I'm bummed we don't have more people today.
How does a good looking guy such as myself sneak into the industry hooded ninja style? You should flash bomb the entryway and have a partner Ninja cut the power on cue... then you need to make sure they don't see you pull the hood from your face. I would ditch it maybe in the kitchen or some shit... Also make sure your hair if perfect
Just checked my hair, it was OK but now its Matthew Lillard perfect. Thanks for answering! There is nothing perfect about me. especially my hair.
When are you and Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) gonna do a movie together? I don't think we are. We both need bigger names to get a movie made right now. We're both in a bit of a hole.
I don't really have a question, but i would like to say that i've seen a number of movies just because you were in them. SLC Punk is a classic, and you've always seemed like someone who I would just actually like as a person. But since this is an AMA, how many clowns do you think you could beat up in an hour? All of them. I'm like the Bruce Lee of Clown ass kicking. Especially if they have to wear their clown feet.... Makes em slow and shit.
How many fat kids faces have you licked in your lifetime? My lawyers say i'm not aloud to discuss in public.
So my country won't show that in theaters. Amazon, Netflix and Paypal are off limits. How do I watch it then? What country are you in? I have no idea? Get somewhere where you can access media? Or we may stream it via Al Gore's interweb at some point.
Serbia. If I could move, I would've done it a long time ago. Other countries' immigration policies don't like Eastern Europeans much. Most streaming is limited to either US or Western Europe. Shit. I'll send you the script and you and your friends can make it into a play?
Big fan Hoss. After you filmed Hackers, did you or the production company suffer any fallout/ramifications at the hands of hackers? I work in security, and it's always interesting to hear how the hacker collectivists respond to Hollywood portrayals of their passions. No. I think when we did hackers we were WAY before our time. They loved that the Subset of hackers was even being represented.
Hackers now are the Yakuza/Mafia of yesteryear. Treat with respect. Never fuck with.
Hi Matthew- thanks for responding to so many people during your last AMA, it's nice to see someone get genuinely interested in the Reddit community. We're putting her in the credit roll of the film. If people Tugg it they'll see her on the big screen!
Whats happening to fat kid rules the world for the uk? will it be seen in the cinema's or going stright to dvd/blu ray???? and also, you sir are a genius for making this film! Thank you for the genius part... I'm not though. Honestly. My friend discovered Pluto wasn't a planet.. he's a genius.
As far as the UK if the movie does well on TUGGTHEFATKID.COM we have a chance to get pickup int he UK! Fingers crossed.
Really enjoyed your interview/apperiance on Mohr Stories, how was it doing a podcast with Mr. Walken? I can only answer this correctly in my mind cause i can hear... "his, vo-IICcce".
Mohr is genius. Crazy fast and funny. And a big fat heart. True story. Tell him to Tugg a screening of FAT KID... if he doesn't I'll add selfish to the above list soon!
Did you know that Shaggy's real name was Norville Rogers before you decided to play Shaggy? I didn't. I do now. did you know Shaggy was originally a Vegitarian ?
Shaggy is one psychadelic ass mother fucker. He's never ass mothered anyone.
SLC Punk! Is one of my favorite movies of all time and I will be looking forward to seeing Fat when it comes to a theater near me. What I wanted to ask was do you keep in contact with anyone from SLC? Hey.. I don't but I did just reconnect with Michael G. -- Heroin Bob -- after not speaking to him for years. I think James Merindino the Dir. is in South America or some shit.
As for FAT KID anyone anywhere can see it... all they have to do is go to and tugg it to a theatre near them!
How are you liking warped tour? What is your favorite band on the list? I'm blown away! The bands are so hella cool it's bananas. I'm scarred of most of them... WE ARE KINGS. EVERY TIME I DIE are two that jump to mind. FALLING IN REVERSE. They look scary but are so nice.
Every Time I Die is so sick! So sick. Like they scare me... their pit goes crazy! People could die in that thing.
Congratulations! I'm going to now ask you something unrelated to your movie, because Nick Krause did an IAmA the other week, and I asked him this question so it'd be cool to have BOTH of you answer it. Did you read The Descendants, and did you like it/how much did that end up informing your performance in the movie vs. the script? I can't wait to see your movie! When is it coming out? I'm in NYC so I'm sure I'll be lucky enough to have a theatre close by that it'll be showing at, right? Have a good time at Warped Tour :) Our movie can go anywhere at anytime. It just needs someone to set it up. If you, if the wold Reddit world goes to TUGGTHEFATKID.COM you can set up a screening in your home town theatre! It's like Groupon for movies! And you can make money! Shhiiiiiiit. Lets make it go!
Are you going out on the entire Warped Tour this year? Will you be in Chicago, St Louis, Or Indy? We posted the dates on our FB page. But I won't be at any of those. No. Boo.
My film school friend and I have big plans to write a movie starring you because of how much we love/appreciate your acting style. SLC Punk, Scream... man I even liked Thirteen Ghosts. Anyways, what is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? The birth of my first child. No doubt. If you have a kid you know what I'm talking about.
How was working with Jay Mohr on Gary Unmarried? I'm a big fan of his since listening to his podcast and have been a big fan of yours since Ghoulies III. Is he a complete asshole in real life or just a funny bust-your-balls kind of guy. (and yeah just kidding about Ghoulies III...what the fuck man?) He's solid. A little crazy... but a solid dude. One of thee most funniest guys I've ever met. FAST as shit and cutting but a great guy but make no mistake.. I wouldn't wanna be on his bad side.
If it had been you directing Scooby-Doo or Scooby-Doo 2 what would you have done differently? Wow. really interesting question... ummm not much to be honest. It's a hard balance to strike... respecting the franchise and making a great movie.
I think the script that was originally written had more to offer in terms of the comedy playing above the kids heads, I would have tried to keep more of that. (the studio made them take it out). I would have... I don't know? It made a TON of money so by Hollywood standards it was a success. Just for me, it cost me credibility. In hind sight, I maybe shouldn't have done it.
What are your favorite past/current punk bands? I'm not really a punk rock guy. Honestly. I like the energy of it and what it says... but I'm not a active listener.
Then what music does interest you? If I say musical theatre am I going to get my ass kicked?
How many 'fat kids' auditioned? Also, why isn't Jacob Wysocki not listed as one of the top-billed actors on IMDB? 4 kid auditioned. It was a divine intervention we found him. I don't know why he's not listed at the top. He should be. I'm almost positive he has top billing.
FOR FUCKS SAKE! Lillards first AMA and I find out about 3 hours after he left, Lillard thanking everyone for the response to his first AMA and I find out 4 hours too late. BTW, even though I'm too late to ask anything. Thanks for doing this. I came back for you... now where the fuck are you? I'll be back... I'm trying to catch up with everyone... HOld that thought.
Maybe this has already been answered, but I just tried to request a Portland, OR showing (even entered the email address I never, ever give out to anyone but friends in order to avoid spam), but I got tripped up by this whole "promoter agreement" business. I really want the film to come to Portland, but am not so sure I want to agree to any legal thing. Is there a way to request w/o getting caught up in that? I don't know... I'm pretty sure someone is going to set one up there. Anyone can jump on any screening. They're all listed at
That was NOT a plug... NO RAMPART.
Thank you, Matthew Lillard! I just joined Reddit a couple of hours ago and it is extremely cool to have you reply to me on my first day. I will definitely be at any Portland screening. Word. DON'T tell people at the end of this thread... I didn't get that far down.
Matthew: Any plans to return to the horror genre? Not a one. It's gone too far for me. I'm old as shit.. i'm very fucking classy.
How many people do you need to get a screening? Depends on the day and time. Could be 30? could be 60!
My friend is in Fat Kid and I'm so excited for you both! I'm hoping to tug the fat kid my way :) NO hope there is... there is only doing. (hear the Yoda as you read)
Who is your friend?
His name is Dylan. I don't know if you need the last name. I know you. You're a solid guy... do you think more people will show up here or am I now a douche in the REDDIT world?
I think you've got a ton of support on Reddit. More people are gonna show. Hhhahahahaahhhhh wtf. Look at the veins in that dudes face. GROSS!
Wut. Shit. that was meant for the previous post. sorry.
The trailer on your original AMA was awesome. Definitely going to see this one. Thanks. YOU can do such by tugg the fatness. you didn't have a question... just sayin'.
Not a question - but just to say from across the pond that I'm super happy about Fat Kid - the community support is just fantastic. Also, you're really awesome! I grew up with Scooby Doo and when the movie came out I was absolutely psyched that Shaggy went beyond my expectations. Thank you. Across the pond! Go three Lions!
I will second that! I think there's a lot of people who hate me now. I think I've pissed in the pool.
Even though he's gone, if you guys have never seen The Curve, I highly recommend it. Psychotic Lillard is almost best Lillard. I think it's the sexiest city in all of North America. True story. We'll get a Canadian release... I just don't know when and where.
Come back to Seattle and I'll buy you an M&M McFlurry. In sir. You had me a Seattle... (i was going to say Come... but thought better of it)
I was going to ask you what Neve Campbell is like but I didn't get home from work in time :( She is epicly lovely. I heart her dearly.
I don't really have a question. Just wanted to say that it's awesome that Fat Kids is happening and I can't wait to see it. Also that SLC Punks played a huge role in my youth and is still one of my favorite movies. Thank you. That response to SLC is why I made FAT KID. True story.
Sigh. I'll never be online at the right time for Matt to say hi to me. I'm back and I will say hi to you now. "hi". I hope that makes you happy and you no longer have to loudly exhale.
TIL Matthew Lillard is a PR genius. If I was... I would be famous and shit. I'm not so much.
Come all the time! I didn't know you were here and was busy running a fucking network line for an asshole otherwise I would have been all up in here! I'm here. I hope he doesn't know your REDDIT handle.
(it sucks my name is mine because I can't talk shit about my wife and kids)
I wasn't able to say this last time but you are awesome and I really enjoy your work. Now question, just wanted to say that. Looking forward to Fat Kid. Thanks. It's looking forward to you. TUGG that shit and get it near you so your eyeballs can see it on the big screen!
Without a paddle was awesome. Totally agree. I'm in my underpants. That's hot.
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